Zalo Official Account (referred to as Zalo Official Account) allows businesses to connect and interact easily with millions of users. On Swiftblogging , Zalo is organized as a communication channel, similar to the Fanpage, Messenger, Website, Email channels that help you work and centrally manage right on an interactive platform.

Similar to Facebook Fanpage, Zalo Official Account also exists a tracking index of users called interested people. However, to get a number of people interested is not easy. In this article, swiftblogging sends you the most simple and effective ways to increase your interest in Zalo Official Account.

What is Zalo Official Account?

Zalo Official Account is a replacement for Zalo Page to better support the business of businesses on this platform. Although there are still some limitations, Zalo Official Account is being upgraded by the development team with many expanded features such as creating a booth, running ads …

For ease of understanding, you can imagine Zalo Official Account similar to Facebook Fanpage. The difference here is that instead of displaying posts on the user’s newsletter, Zalo Official Account uses the form of sending messages to interested people. With an access rate of 100%, the post will be delivered directly to the customer inbox.

How To Increase Number of People Interested in Zalo Official Account?

The number of people interested in a Zalo Official Account depends on two main directions:

1. Users actively search

SEO To The Top of Search

Compared to the SEO war on Facebook and Google, at this time, Zalo has not focused too much on SEO optimization, so the top of the search also becomes simpler. In order to quickly appear in the list of customers’ search results, you need to note the following:

– Name the business: What will you type when you want to buy cosmetics? Definitely must have the word “cosmetic”, right? So please name Zalo Official Account related to products and services that you provide to make it easier to reach customers.

– Frequently operated, posting useful information: If your site has 20 or more people interested when customers search for products/services related to the Zalo Official Account page, it will appear in the search bar. In particular, when you provide useful information, interest from that automatically increases.

Tips: To increase the rate of interest when customers visit products/services, you need to set up detailed categories and products on the Zalo store in an optimal and effective way.

Register Location For Business/Store

To attract more potential customers, the public location of Zao Official Account will be a great choice for individuals and businesses. This is a simple and completely free way for customers to find your business/store when you are nearby.

2. Proactively approach customers to increase interest clicks

Use The QR Code For The Zalo Official Account Page

QR codes have an infinite “power” if you know how to use them appropriately to attract people interested. Each Zalo Official Account has its own QR code when scanning the QR code, users will be directed to Zalo Official Account of the business. This is the fastest way for customers to visit Zalo Official Account and click interested. You can take advantage of this feature in many ways such as:

– Integration with offline sales channels: Accordingly, you will print QR codes on business cards, price lists, leaflets or anywhere that customers can easily see. To increase attractiveness, come with a promotion such as a 10% discount for customers who have scanned the QR code and click interested in the Zalo page of the business.

– If you want to pull customers to Zalo but the advertising costs are high and the efficiency is not as expected. Make advertising on other channels such as Facebook Ads … and insert the QR code to send customers to your Zalo Official Account.

– Share QR codes on social networks, blogs, websites, forums to attract more turns of interest.

How to get a QR code in Zalo Official Account as follows: Management> Account Information> Get a QR code. You can take a photo, print or get the link below the code to share.

Take Advantage of Zalo-Supported Plugin

– The button of interest: Similar to the share button, pressing the button of interest at the bottom of each article means that the customer agrees to receive public updates of Zalo Official Account.

– Interested widget: The Interest Widget allows people to easily embed and advertise any Official Account on their website. Your visitors can follow and chat directly with the Official Account.

– Chat Widget: Chat widget allows people to easily personalize and embed a chat window with the Official Account on their website. Your visitors can chat directly with the Official Account.

To install the Plugin, you can visit the link here

Creating Quality Content

Building quality content not only helps you increase new customers but also builds the best customer loyalty. It will be a pity if you have spent a lot of effort to visit Zalo Official Account customers but only because the post content does not bring much useful information that customers come out and do not click on the button of interest. So what is quality content? It’s best to look for content that customers are interested in and then create compelling posts that bring a lot of value. Investing in the content may not bring immediate effect, but this is a long-term, slow but firm and sustainable direction.

Invite Interested People

At Zalo Official Account interface> Management> Users> Invite people interested.

Each day you can invite up to 20 friends who are interested in your zalo Official Account. Because the number of invites is limited, it is necessary to prioritize those who are in need and true potential. However, this feature is only available to those who have agreed to make friends with your personal Zalo account.

Share Zalo Official Account Page To The User Log

Similar to inviting interested people, if you want to be effective, you must have a large friends list. To increase attractiveness and attract customers you should create a compelling personal Zalo account, so the rate of click on the article and click interested pages will be higher.

Share the Zalo Official Account Link

Each Zalo Official Account successful registration will be provided with a link, the default link is a sequence of ID numbers Official Account, admin only change the name when the account has been authenticated. Please share this link on online channels and social networks, websites to call users interested in your Zalo Official Account. This traditional way of sharing is simple but always effective in promoting the number of people interested in Zalo Official Account.

Advertising Zalo Official Account

To reach the right customers or filter potential customers by age, region, interests you can choose the form of running Zalo Official Account ads. This is a quick choice if you want to increase the amount of interest in a short time, but the cost to run ads is not cheap.

Combine Multiple Forms To Increase Interest

The above are ways to help you increase the number of people interested in Zalo Official Account of the business. If only a few methods are applied, the effect is very limited. To get the best results, you should combine the above approaches and devise a specific approach. In closing, I want to send you the story of a customer who is already using Swiftblogging who has successfully applied the above approaches:

Mr. Nghia is the owner of a business selling electronics products mainly on Facebook and the Website. Realizing the potential of Zalo market, he decided to expand the business model and create a Zalo Official Account for his business. Of course the first job after creating Zalo Official Account is how to increase the number of people interested as much as possible. Instead of using Zalo advertising channels with high cost, he decided to build a long-term but firm approach that is to combine personal accounts to develop Zalo Official Account. The steps are as follows:

First, he created many personal accounts and made friends for these Zalo accounts according to the list of available phone numbers and search for new potential customers with the feature “Search around”. After making a large enough number of friends, he made a post about product information, promotions … to the diary, worked hard to create an interactive message and in the posts he always included a link. Zalo Official Account for customer access and click interest.

Not only that, but Mr. Nghia also printed QR codes at stores and products sold so that customers can easily find his Zalo Official Account. On the website, there are always interesting posts for customers to click. After a while, Zalo Official Account had more than 9000 turns of interest and brought Mr. Nghia a large number of potential customers. At this time, Mr. Nghia integrated Zalo on Swiftblogging to centrally manage the number of messages coming from channels right on one platform. Like the Facebook channel, Website has integrated before, Mr. Nghia can manage people who are interested, send and receive messages, convert conversations into tickets to help quickly track and resolve incidents. Thanks to that, even though the volume of messages sent to a day has increased by 2.3 times compared to the past, Mr. Nghia can easily manage and handle problems quickly. “