Work from home is a situation where work is done remotely between workers and employers.

Work from home can occur due to various reasons such as having to take care of family internal affairs, obstruction of the road to the office, natural disasters, or disease pandemic disasters.

Home Accounting Bookkeeping Jobs

Various jobs must be given up to be done remotely and other types of work cannot be done. One of them is an accountant. Can an accountant work from home?

That question often arises in the minds of companies and employees. Some allow and others not because accounting data is very confidential and difficult to access mobile. But is it true?

Indeed, accounting work can be done remotely with notes, the company has tools that can store data in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere.

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Some accounting consulting companies such as Deloitte and Ernst & Young have implemented a work from the home system for their accounting employees.

Even the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the trend of accountant jobs tends to be remote. To understand more deeply, what accountant jobs can do work from home?

1. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper can do its job remotely. The main task of a bookkeeper is to make financial reports based on all financial transactions both debt, receivables, and trade transactions that occur in a certain period.

Also, the bookkeeper must arrange employee payroll.

The task of a bookkeeper can be done remotely if all financial units have used accounting software that is connected to various financial elements.

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For example reporting purchases that already use purchase invoices or debt reports electronically.

How about setting a payroll? A bookkeeper who also records salaries besides assisted with accounting software.

They are also assisted with HR software to record time tracking such as leave, overtime, and also other elements such as tax breaks, THR, and loans.

2. Accountant

Different-like, with a bookkeeper, an accountant is tasked with making non-transactional financial statements such as budget, income, and cash flow.

An accountant is also in charge of reporting financial statements to stakeholders to decide the direction of the organization or company policy.

An accountant must also maximize communication with all parties, an accountant can use ZOHO to communicate with clients.

Flock to communicate with other employees, and accounting software such as journals to access accounting data.

3. The Auditor

The auditor’s work can also be done remotely. The main task of an auditor is to review, correct, and straighten out both transactional and non-transactional financial statements that occur in an organization or company.

The key to an auditor is data and communication. If your company is already a big data-oriented, of course, an auditor can work easily using only a laptop and coffee at home.

4. Public Accountant

Public accountant or CPA (Certified public accountant) is responsible for making and reviewing financial statements and also corporate annual tax returns. Although. A CPA can also do his work from home.

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5. Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is tasked with analyzing, assessing, reviewing, and making decisions on the business or organizational policies of investments such as securities and bonds.

This type of accountant can be done at home without having to have direct interaction with other people.

Actually, all types of accountants can work remotely while the company already has facilities and accounting tools that support employees to work at home.

As mentioned earlier, one of the tools that support accountants employees working at home is accounting software. One of the best accounting software at the moment is Journal.

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Features embedded in the Journal such as bank reconciliation, electronic invoicing, financial reporting that can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

6. Overland Solutions

This Kansas-based firm has a distant position for experienced auditors, bookkeepers, and accountants.

An associate’s or bachelor’s degree with a concentration in finance or business is preferred for most positions, as well as auditing and bookkeeping experience.

7. Belay Solutions

Belay usually uses virtual assistants, but they also hire more specialized positions like virtual book owners.

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Job assignments include payment of customer invoices, bank statements, logs and data entry, preparation of 1099 and payroll processing. Candidates must have five years’ prior experience.