Why Do Honest People (Good People) Often Have Little Money And Poverty

After a search round we can see many famous investors who represent digital currency playing bitcoin, who represent classic Internet players, who represent hunters. Priming on the market, there does not seem to be a good person really seeking the benefit of an investor, mainly just to harvest personal interests.

So why not have an honest person, or why are honest people often people who can’t become rich?

There are two stories below:

There is a person who is driving by our unit, through a friend who introduced me and drove for me. Once I had to go on a business trip for a week, I let him rest for the week. The next Monday I returned to India to work, I called him to the airport to pick me up. Unexpectedly, I had to wait for him for two hours at the airport, when I asked him to know that he was at home playing cards and forgot about the task of coming to pick me up.

At that time, I decided to fire him, though it was related to driving anyway, if he brought such a working attitude sooner or later, based on his emotions to work and being too easy on life is not a good thing, once soft feelings will occur many problems. This is not a temporary or rare case.

Soon after, he drove in a drunken state, after which a traffic accident caused another driver’s injury. The police came to detain him and told him to deal with the insurance because he was guilty of driving when he was drunk, and most of the time, he would feel ashamed. Causing him to make more and more mistakes is entirely because I’m too honest and I regret it.

Let’s talk about another story, two rich people who lost 100 million to go to a village to do charity for the poor. One of them sent money to each household so they had venture capital and improved their lives.

However, the people who received the money used that money lived a good life for a year and found a reason to say that it was impossible to do business. Most people in the village demanded him money and if not for money they were angry.

The second wealthy man came to the village, set up a prize, mortgaged his property, borrowed money to pay tuition to study business with him, borrowed a loan and had to pay a medium interest. Yes, even if the business is good, the loan can be free. On the contrary, learning badly will result in housing revocation and work for good learners.

There were people in the village who became rich, some were still poor, but some poor people became more energetic and targeted.

Most of us go to work that is considered stupid by others but we still find it useful to make life more beautiful.

When faced with a fraud, it is not the greedy self-interest that is too honest. Friends borrowed money, knowing that the borrower’s reputation was not good but also lending, there was no question that outside the table came out and said that he was honest.

Colleagues who work badly and do not report, are eventually blamed by leaders, colleagues also do not appreciate it but still think it is honest.

In short: for the kindness of a person who speaks to others, helping others is paying for their confused mood. Once the heart is tender, don’t talk about honesty, put it away, close your heart and be honest. It is not honesty but your confusion. Such a mind, how can one become rich? Or become an unpopular rich?

If you don’t care, don’t interfere, don’t want to be involved, you don’t need to become too good. The reason is because a good, honest person will not be able to lead soldiers, and it will be more difficult to train a soldier to become strong.

Those who are affectionate people cannot do big things, it’s hard to do ruthless things. Those who are too respectful of gratitude will not be able to manage their finances and are easy to love and forget the benefits or money. Those who are too kind cannot do great things, it is difficult to distinguish between hypocrisy and true heart.

The more good people they are, the more devoted and selfless they are, because for good people, they do not only for themselves but also for others. When they have the opportunity to cooperate, they want to receive less benefits than others, when they have the opportunity, they will not compete with others, leading to missed opportunities to change destiny over and over again.

Although such people in every aspect of their lives choose the best side to grow and they definitely give up many external things and interests. They put out their energy to do everything in the best way and the people around do not need to do anything.

However, they are rich hearted people. If it is necessary to change or give up their honesty, do you think you will turn into selfish people in life?

Everything has been decided, you have your good side, he has his bad side, even if he is given a wealth by the god, if he lives in evil, he is rich. not long. Even if you are poor, your child will live in a happy life if you have an honest heart.

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