Where Does Online Business Start?

I want to be an online business collaborator. But don’t know how to do it and start it. Hope you can guide me


Hello Waytolearning! Online business is increasingly booming and developing, forecasting in the future it can replace traditional business activities. Online business environment is becoming “more fierce”, while the number of sellers is too much, buyers can easily find information about products and prices and compare businesses together to Make the best choice.


Becoming a sales collaborator of online businesses is one of the quick ways you can access this business. However, you need to be clear: Online business is not only a business activity on social networking sites or Google but it also involves many other activities such as affiliate marketing, email Marketing, Viral Marketing, shipping, supply …

In particular, social networking is a channel that helps you get quick access to online business, on social networks, especially Facebook, you can find sources of goods and sell your products. You can join groups to find wholesale goods, business cooperation groups … to find suppliers of products.

However, Online business is not as simple as you think, especially if you don’t have experience, you may face many difficulties. It’s not always that you post sales on personal pages, classifieds, group associations … someone asks and buys your goods. Sometimes, for many days, no one cares about the product you are selling.

Especially today, in the online clothing and cosmetics business … there are too many suppliers, the market becomes saturated, the sale of products is not easy.


To be successful, you need to be different: product differentiation, price difference, prestige difference … (difference in a positive direction). You have to make consumers see why they should choose you and not choose another provider. Therefore, when choosing to be a collaborator of a company, a certain business, should pay attention to the product they trade, should not choose too big business products with high selling price and discount The stage for low collaborators.

You should choose a brand-name company, their products are well known in the market. To be accepted as a collaborator of large companies you need to show them the advantages and advantages of yourself: an understanding of Online business, customer persuasion skills, hard work …

Avoid pitfalls in the online environment. To be safe, you should not deposit money or any collaborator fees … In the beginning, you should not hug the goods but become a broker to help sellers and buyers meet to enjoy commissions. from sales.

When you agree to become a collaborator of a certain business, you should consider whether it is reputable or not. You can search for information about businesses reading reviews of customers and business partners about that business. In particular, you should also consider the quality of products that the company provides to you (In order to be able to do business online in the long term, the quality factor is the top factor you should be concerned about because it affects directly to your reputation).

You should also consider discounts, incentives, commissions, bonuses, employment contracts … and all the related policies that companies offer to collaborators. Because it is your right, negotiate and negotiate for the best solutions.

Good luck!

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