Where And How To Find Business Opportunities (All)

Suggest ways where to find business opportunities, how to be effective. How to find new, small, big business ideas in different situations.

“Starting a business” in the mindset and imagination of many people are two young people in a garage or a student dorm chatting and discovering an effective business opportunity .

Then they find investors, after a few explanations, people give up their capital to reward within 10 minutes to draw tens of thousands of dollars and then hit the table. Quickly, they find effective business ideas and turn their ideas into money.

After that, the two young men “recruiting soldiers and soldiers” discovered and researched and launched policies on goods and services. As a result of instant food, emerging as alcohol and the company launched the market, they became millionaires, billionaires in just one night …

Such kind of stories are very rare in everyday life, if someone is lucky to start a business, there is no one who can read, and Business opportunities are also not looked at, just because everyone has a wealth of wealth to become rich.

It is difficult to start a business but the most difficult is to identify the idea of ​​starting a business, the subjective ideas are inherently not worth a penny, and the ideas that go through measuring and measuring are extremely rare.

How to produce a good start-up idea? In fact, this process of mysticism cannot be based solely on the mind, the mind has never been able to give a ten-tenth idea of ​​the ten, which has just left the furnace.

The idea of ​​starting a business is like being pregnant on October 9, so there needs to be a combination of mind and action, and need to think hard and take practical action. Under the fierce cross-movement between brainstorming and action the idea can grow like an embryo.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs are not as happy as pregnant women, do not have supplements and care. The most arduous start-up of business is in 1 or 2 years, starting with many storms and typhoons, making the fetus idea of ​​starting a business unable to develop, death in the abdomen, miscarriage, pregnancy happens everywhere.

How to seek business opportunities , create an idea that can overcome thousands of difficulties and difficulties to facilitate birth is a very happy thing, confirming the idea of ​​successful start-up two or three births basically equal to 0.

The attraction of entrepreneurship is probably in the process of producing this mystical idea. The idea is the biggest, most important and the most irregular link in the successful start-up process.

Entrepreneurs have to research lights, squeeze out thoughts, sincerely pray … Manh Tu said: “Who wants to assign great responsibility to anyone, before that will cause that person to work miserably, the core of fatigue, body they are hungry, their bodies are empty, their behavior is disturbing, helping them to rise “ringside” to do things that they cannot do yet. “

Explaining the meaning of Manh Tu’s saying is: “Starting a business is a great responsibility that the heavens entrust to us, in order to do this, we must have an idea first, to make the entrepreneur start to suffer miserably. In addition, it is necessary to take actions that make them tired of dying, not even giving money, without having meals so that they can go smoothly …

Use this way to improve their persistent ideas and personalities so that you can increase your ability to succeed in the start-up process.

Entrepreneurs are too tired because the idea is destiny.

Here are some ways to help startups judge ideas, only for start-ups. If you are still hesitant, unaware or struggling to sleep, you can read it. Please keep in mind that these methods are just a measurement tool, not something that can directly generate ideas.


To win a good start-up idea, the most important thing is definitely not money or “enthusiasm”, not necessarily “perseverance” but “knowledge”.

Note that it is not knowledge in books but knowledge accumulated in work and life. Without knowledge that is experienced by yourself, it will be very difficult to get inspired to produce a practical startup idea.

For example, HermanHollerith, the founder of IBM, his startup category is calculating the CRT click-through rate. If he did not study mathematics, did not work in the National Statistics Office, was busy all day just to have statistics, tired of dying, then what would be the invention “calculating CRT click rate” to improve work benefits?

Why didn’t HermanHollerith try selling hamburgers, grilled chicken wings or coffee? What about HermanHollerith making hamburgers, grilled chicken or coffee wings more successful than CRT?

George Lucas, the founder of cinematography-ILM, is the first invention to satisfy his own needs, because no film company in the world has been able to complete the movements. High difficulty in the movie “Star Wars” like him. So what to do? Of course, do it yourself, create it yourself!

How does apple computer appear? Isn’t it because Steve Jobs likes to eat apple?

Only familiar things at your side can instantly create a practical, organic relationship with you that can help you get the first feeling and judgment from you. have enough confidence to solve the problem, have enough ideas to create value, have the motivation to change the world, have the energy to find their true love.

How to detect The best business idea should come from what you learn, you interact with and familiar things that produce naturally and are loved by you.


Start working on the smallest things. Starting small doesn’t mean you don’t have big headaches. The big frantic events in the world do not start from small things and nowhere

You see a guy driving a broken car selling shoes, book bags, and T-shirts in a night market corner do you believe Walmart that year started with the same job? Well, how to recognize business opportunities comes from mediocre things, and can’t be “mini”.

In the afternoon, you can order rice and see the guy ship the sweaty rice you believe that someday this guy started a business of fast food restaurants over MC-donal? You are jubilantly dancing to play Mario, do you believe that Nintendo used to be just a small poker studio?

You open a small store on bynow and enter all kinds of big and small MP3 music players on sale, do you believe that some of them have a white device that has become the world ‘s most popular ipod?

Any way to find a big business idea starts with the smallest things, the smaller the thing, the easier it is to grasp, if you can find clear steps or find flashes. From those small things and making it more imaginative and colorful, you don’t need to worry about being able to expand or make it bigger, expand it or make it bigger just a matter of time. time and factor in multiplication.


People who are subconsciously “greedy” will often think that as much as possible, often misunderstand that more and more goods are easier to sell.

Someone who makes a search site, makes forever feel itchy in the heart for more free e-mail, e-mail and want to give more news, news that wants to add more economic Main, more financial and economic wants to add IM, MV, profile, blog, album, home, share, download, game … so we have a portal – electronic trading portal.

This process of course will also be able to reverse that from a portal we remove the game item, MV, news, E-mail … finally only the search item remains then make it better than the collection more smoking.

Someone said, the origin of the idea of ​​business is like the love between heaven and hell, one side is wealth, honor and glory and the other is a feeling of fear, lost and destruction. . Entrepreneurs are lonely people, cold wind rolls alone. If you use addition magic you will feel warmer, safer but maybe it is just an illusion that is your imagination. Entrepreneurs need to be lonely, determined not to move, risking a battle …

Google and Yahoo were all just search engines at the beginning. For them, what is the starting point of the business idea , and Now? Google is committed to loneliness and more and more attractive, and Yahoo does not do anything that is just “unimaginable” … Google is a nest nest and Yahoo is just a salad.

Unstable mind, lack of confidence often makes people unable to bear the feeling of loneliness, itchiness in the heart that always wants to be a web portal.


When you stand on the top of a high mountain, looking to the left is the mountain’s right side, all are mountains, mountains and mountains, mountains and mountains, but also mountains. Do not “stand this mountain look like this mountain”, citrus fruit coconut watermelon which one is better?

All are delicious, there is no comparison between them. In other words, starting a business with “high-tech” or “traditional” occupations? Create a website or open a small restaurant? No one is better or more fashionable. Starting a business no matter how small or big, any profession can be successful and are able to make money.

Raising your head to look up and see nothing, New Moon is in the underground dragging you, you can’t fly up into the sky, look down at the ground, look closer, lower your head to look down at your feet, look again Look, see if you can use a metallic fire to see through the surface of the earth, penetrate the Earth’s crust and see the molten lava billowing in the ground.

In other words, comparing the idea vertically can see the difference, see the superiority of each person. Do you know where the business idea comes from ? Not yet, come on.

Starbucks and C.Straits both do business in coffee but the flavors are completely different; Facebook and MySpace are all social networks but experience, users, functions have their own characteristics.

This world has so many talents, how many ideas there are, don’t think your ideas are special or unique. Even if your idea of ​​colliding with other people is nothing terrible.

Do not be afraid of people calling your idea “phony goods”, you can consider them as “fictional enemies” thinking hundreds of thousands of plans (again a plan that requires ideas) to eliminate it, make way for them to follow you creative “phony goods”.


-Ha ha, I thought of a wonderful idea but will absolutely not tell you.

Okay, bring your ideas into the insurance box and dig the soil buried. After 10 years, even if it does not get moldy or insects, it is still an idea, if there is no next step waiting when pulling it out, not only people think that your idea is not working. why are you even feeling that you have lost your face.

How to find a unique, new, effective business idea is an idea that needs to be constantly reflected, considered, overturned, constantly rehearsed and repeated. Stealing ideas is not easy, the idea of ​​theft and putting it in the head is still empty.

If you want to create an idea, you need to spend money and give up your enthusiasm, but you cannot guarantee that it will succeed. Such risky actions that the vast majority of people will not want to do.

You think that your idea is very effective, but you just said it to others will scoff at you. They all think that they are smarter than you, their idea is better than you need much to get from you, sometimes people are even more afraid of you getting their ideas.

Ideas can’t easily be taken away like that! The idea of ​​having at least a few hundred million or more in revenue can be taken away. In many cases, the real competition will appear after your ideas create waves in the market, once your idea makes a lot of money, it will lead to a series of thieves. steal.

What would be the thieves after taking your idea, what do they do when they have a business idea ? Are they sure to succeed and nourish you? When the new ipod was released to the market, the thieves did not pay attention to it, until it became a new hot hit, making them round their eyes and eyes, suddenly awake. Come to Bill Gates also copy fake copy of ipod, what about the result?

Protection of ideas also need to consider the situation, must know to grasp the duty. If there is no discussion with friends, feedback from colleagues alone you cannot think of a ten-tenth idea unless you are New-Lun, Nobel, English-Xanh.


Starting a business is to make money, the criteria for assessing the success of that startup are how much money is earned, at least this is the current accepted standard in the world.

As for how much money you make and how you will use it, it is your job, you can build a palace, a villa, buy a mountain mine, an island or a donation to do good work … At that time we will discuss the idea of ​​”spending money” later, and today’s topic is the idea of ​​”making money”.

The only criterion for testing that idea is either to earn money or not to earn money.

The idea of ​​starting a business is an urban war, unable to sit in the Ivory Elephant tower to think about the idea, starting a business that is not an MBA doing homework, having to “play real”, so have to put the idea into completion “real battle” scenes, always leaving ideas and “money” are closely related.

The more innovative money ideas will earn more money; ideas that don’t make money or throw away or continue to train until you can make money.

Want to guess whether an idea is able to earn money and make a lot of money, it’s best to use the method: “from bottom to top”, accurately calculate the unit price of the product, the cost of a single product, gross profit margin and net profit, then predict when you can sell the first product?

When can the company run a balance ?; Using addition and subtraction, do not use division multiplication. Add up the number of customers to add sales. Remember: using the calculation unit is the month, taking the milestone to calculate the increase in consumption and annual profit: the first year, the second year, the third year …

Of course, you can also try the “top-down” approach. First, go to the search website to see how much the total market size of your product is, set a goal, you can use the “year” as a unit without compelling a “month”, using multiplication. even split high algebra.

The goal of the first year accounts for 15% of the market norm, setting each year to be doubled (doing so is relatively simple, just dragging the formula in exel is okay), the second year is 30%, year 3rd is 45%, 4th year is 60% … you have exclusive access.

If you compare the results of the two methods “from top to bottom” and “from top to bottom” believe that you will have to perspire, because they are ten thousand miles apart.

If you want to use any data you want, if you are sure to hit a big win then use the data “from bottom to top”, but if you want to cheat the person who is going to capital, just take the number Data of the method “from top to bottom”.


* Persevering-Even if everyone thinks your idea is not good, but you think it is true, absolutely not give up, be patient with your idea, endure to the end to prove that everyone is wrong.

* No fear of mistakes – in this world there is no “cross-country” idea. Ideas need to be constantly revised. So in the idea versions 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 2.0 will definitely be more complete than 1.0 and 3.0 will definitely be better than 2.0.

* Believing it will be flexible – producing and developing an idea that is often “irrational”, it does not follow step by step step by step but not think through, it will be like crazy, stumble over and over. The mind is modified, the thoughts are so good, it is not necessarily right, the idea of ​​success is often due to the courage, enthusiasm and courage to touch and intertwine.


Again lead Henry Ford’s famous saying again: “If you ask customers who have not seen a car they want, they will say, ‘I want the horse to run faster.’ “.

Finding out the idea of ​​business, not stopping there, the idea of ​​entrepreneurship must be superior to the era, leading the mass, or in other words, the idea of ​​entrepreneur has opportunities that others are not yet visible, there are values ​​that others have not yet confirmed ..

But to achieve a successful “time” business idea is an extremely important issue. 10 years ago, there was someone who made the MV, the first result was a forehead; 10 years ago, there was also a WAP operator who is a wireless connection network today, resulting in a non-refundable capital …

The idea of ​​entrepreneurship is magical and miraculous.

The essence of the startup idea is just the grass, the grass root that grows in the head. The charm of that startup idea is that these tiny ideas can create material wealth, change lives and change the world.

Where the content seeks business opportunities, these new and unique business ideas still continue, will be shared with the future princes of the future in the following periods, invite you to continue keep track.


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