What To Do To Get Money Fast Now, 30 Ways Helps You Make More Money

What to do to get money fast now? Each of us has more or less had a day to discuss how to start a business. Now in this social age, doing something small can be called entrepreneurship. There are many people who have raised their small businesses to a level that is business.

If your business is in your own small business then never get lost in the world of entrepreneurs. Business also has its game rules, don’t forget the basics of doing business.

Here are 30 basic rules to help you do business or make money now that these are the experiences and things you need to know to equip yourself on the journey of making money.

  1. Business is a contribution to public activities of society, so profit is a reasonable reward.
  2. Do not constantly target customers, not entangled in problems related to customers.
  3. Good or bad positions are more important than big or small store sizes, good or bad quality goods are more important than good or bad store locations.
  4. Goods that are ordered do not mean that the business will be good, but if the store is messy, the goods are not clearly classified, the customers will not want to go.
  5. Let your partner trade with you as your relative. Whether you get customer support or not decide the ups and downs of the store.
  6. Marketing before selling goods is not equal to serving while selling. This is the only rule to create “permanent customers.”
  7. For the blame of customers, follow the “Buddha’s words” even if the error is anything, you should accept it.
  8. Don’t worry about lack of money, lack of funding, and lack of investment.
  9. Purchasing must be stable and simplified.
  10. Spending one dollar on a customer versus spending 100 USD on a customer has a great impact on the prosperity of the business.
  11. If you do anything to get money through your business , don’t force customers to buy goods. Not selling products that customers like but selling good things to customers.
  12. Need more working capital. One hundred dong can be circulated 10 times, when necessary, it will be converted into one thousand dong for traveling.
  13. When customers come to return the goods, the attitude compared to the time of sale needs to be more harmonious.
  14. In front of customers should fulfill the responsibility of a salesperson, even if the couple is arguing is a way to chase away customers.
  15. Selling good products is a good thing, and it is a good thing to promote good products.
  16. Having a sense of confidence and a firm responsibility: If I do not participate in such sales, society will not have a full activity.
  17. Be kind to the wholesaler. If there was a request at the time, it was necessary to honestly acknowledge what was originally said.
  18. Even if the gift is just a piece of paper, customers still feel happy. If there is no gift, give the customer a “smile”.
  19. If you need to hire an employee to work for you, you must have a reasonable benefit and benefit for them.
  20. Continuous innovation. The layout of the store’s scenery and space is also one of the secrets to attracting customers to the store.
  21. Wasting a piece of paper is also at risk of rising prices of goods.
  22. When the goods are sold out of the store are in a state of shortage, which means that customers have been ignored and this is also a negligence of the store. Now we should seriously apologize and tell our customers “we will try our best to make up for the missing goods for you”. Need to save customer contact method to send goods.
  23. What to do to get fast money through sales Need a strict fixed price. Discounts will cause confusion and annoyance to damage sales.
  24. Children are blessings. For customers who bring accompanying children with special care for children or with special care.
  25. Always thinking about profits and costs during the day, need to develop work habits regardless of day and night and do not calculate profits and losses at the moment.
  26. Need to receive the trust and praise of customers: it is only a good thing to sell it.
  27. Salespeople must bring one to two items to advertise and guide customers.
  28. Stores need to have a spirit of active work and let customers feel the store is full of life, customers will find themselves at the store.
  29. Every day, you should read the ads in the newspaper at least once, no matter what product customers order, there is no need to be embarrassed.
  30. Traders have nothing to call a recession or a recession. no matter what the situation, you can’t help but make money.

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