What Is The Difference Between Rich And Poor, Analyzing The Weaknesses of People?

In the world, it is the game between people and people. Making money is an option to choose a game, you play this game well and earn money that is making money. Although saying that 360 lines are good, the choice of playing games is very important.

We should choose projects that do not need capital or low cost. On the Internet almost all of our needs are fully met. Life is like a drama, dramatic drama is like life. Playing good games, achieving your own achievements and helping other people have the same feeling of success.

The poor do not know which deals are good for themselves, meaning they often do transactions that reduce their value. For example: playing games, watching movies, drinking and singing karaoke, mainly dealing with their own time, attention and money.

The rich, every transaction must benefit themselves. For example, pay to invest in a few courses, learn some models to make money, read a book or exercise.

Every minute of every second, you’re doing business. Rich people use transactions to help themselves get richer, poor people like nonsense, trade and trade their own lives.

The emotions and feelings of the poor affect their own lives. They are afraid that they will be alone in their own projects, so they can only receive part of the salary.

Rich people can only take a salary as a shame, set their ambitions, have to do their own business, and never take wages, even if they starve. Rich and poor is the difference between each mode of thinking.

The poor are afraid of losing money, being emotionally attracted and the rich rely on their intelligence to invest and receive a reward reward. The poor always do not want to invest, they always want to respond directly. Rich people through investment, take risks to make money.

The thought of the poor is how much money I can make today. The rich man’s way of thinking is the money we earn today. The rich are more concerned about the money they earn, the poor care about the small number, deceive themselves.

The poor use money to buy useless things, while the rich use money to buy property. The most important asset is the advanced thinking method. Similarly, the poor use waste to pay attention and waste time.

And the rich, use money to buy the attention of others, and buy other people’s time. Buy the attention of goods, the more time the rich get richer, the poorer the poor.

Thinking of the poor is that I do not have money, I can not afford to pay tuition, I do not have money, I can not start business. The rich man’s way of thinking is that I have to save money to pay tuition, I have to find ways to save money, accumulate and prepare for opportunities.

The poor waited for the opportunity to come and said that I had no money and could not grasp this opportunity. When the opportunity comes, the rich can take their money, accumulate it well and start seizing the opportunity.

I was exposed to a girl who spent a lot of money on shopping and it was a terrible thing. On the internet full of such types, I was young to spend money, a young woman after marriage said so. It was disgusting. When you absolutely disgust the speech and thoughts of the poor, you can start getting rich.

Poor people avoid money problems, rich people find ways to solve money problems and learn about related issues to learn and learn from experience. In the long run, the amount of poor people and their ability to manage their assets is getting weaker. While the rich are struggling to move forward, their financial management capabilities are getting stronger and their understanding of money is becoming more complete and they are getting richer.

Rich people often join groups, rich people often have mentors to train them. Why are the poor not willing to learn? Not willing to do the project yourself? For fear of loss, loss of money, loss of tuition and loss of initial investment.

The poor cannot continue to persevere, why? Because perseverance is a kind of consumption. And the rich are the opposite, the model of the rich is to invest, insist on investing, and insist on learning high-level human thinking, even if it loses money, they must continue.


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