What is Online Business? The Secret of Getting Rich is Only 530k

Nowadays, shopping and hunting for goods from food to cosmetics, consumer goods often make purchases online on websites, online websites such as a shop, amazon, Taobao. Thus, with this adaptation demand has attracted many business people to implement the idea of ​​online sales, online business, online sales via the Internet.

It can be said that online business is a new trend that many people participate in because you only need to spend time posting items to sell through social networks, group meetings, websites who need to inbox find out. products and easy ordering. However, seemingly simple but not entirely like that, because the most difficult is to choose online business items for beginners first. So for those who have little capital, for the first time online business, which one should be suitable?

To answer the above questions, today’s article by swiftblogging.com will analyze the topic “What is an online business? The secret to getting rich is only 530K ” If you are interested in this issue, please find out the content below!

What is Online Business?

What business is online now? Which item is suitable? For answers to this answer, please visit Facebook, Zalo, online sales channels that are currently selling online items? Are all the goods sold in the market sold in online sales channels? Yes. However, not everyone who wants to do online business can choose to harass one of them. Because to identify the online business for you, you need to learn the factors below to get the most accurate answer:

– Which item do you know best?

– How much capital do you have?

– Which commodity is needed in the market today?

– Which is the hottest online business today?

If you can answer the above questions, can you answer your own question “What is an online business now?” Specifically, the hottest business products today you can refer to:


At present, many garment factories offer cheap prices, so if you have knowledge of clothes, beautiful face fashion trends, then carefully study this field, identify your audience. towards ( male, female, young, middle or middle class …) and find suitable establishments to import goods. Remember, you invest a lot, import goods in large quantities will enjoy a high discount, but it also faces risks if you do not push fast goods will be in stock, be careful when choosing products and Please enter the quantity.


It can be said that many women even men need to use cosmetics, so choosing an online quality cosmetic product ensures you have a lot of guests. In addition to the products produced in the country,  Vietnamese people also prefer to import imported goods from Japan, Korea, England, America, and Thailand … so you can ask someone to know or connect intermediary shipping services. about.


Most people use shoes and wallets to use in their daily routines. So these items always attract many customers to join. At present, there are many wholesale markets in the consumer market, footwear shifts, poisonous, strange and cheap. So you can link these places to import goods to sell online or find new buyers to finish the order goods.


Besides the beautiful face, beautiful face, people also want to nourish the body, so you can trade any food item you love, specifically you can sell candy, food functions, regional specialties, fruits according to gifts, food for Tet holiday … Usually, you can find suitable items to negotiate wholesale prices and then sell on personal and group pages to get the number of guests Tissue goods are ordered on. Also, you can also sell snacks online directly processing fast food products for young people like milk tea, chicken feet, beef squeeze sour cup, fried chicken, whole rice, rice rolls, … time Service time all day, week time depending on your time.

The Secret of Getting Rich is Only 530k

Many people think that with 530K, what business can be? Even shopping is not enough. However, with capital 530K you can do business, believe it? Currently, there are many hottest business products in the market. Customers refer to a few ways of doing business with less than USD 530,000:


At wholesale markets, many people sell second-hand items that spread out. You can go there to pick out the style items, bring them to the suit, take pictures and sell them. The important factor here is that you know how to choose beautiful things, you know how to coordinate in different styles. Currently, second-hand clothing markets are priced at around 10,000 USD to 20,000 USD; You bring back to create the unique set of photos taken on the fan page (your shop name) to sell for a range of USD 100,000 to USD 150,000 to earn high profits. With USD 530,000 you can buy about 20 to 30 clothing products. Sold out for money to go hunting for second hand.


If you are skillful, you can make beautiful quality handmade products such as artificial flowers, handmade bags, bracelets, embroidery paintings, handmade coconut oil, model houses – cars … With quality new items  You can post to Facebook, Zalo or create a website to sell handmade goods that will attract many interested customers. In terms of freight charges are very simple, the accessories for making handmade products are very cheap and less than 530,000 USD, moreover, you receive the product in the order form before making it very satisfactory and convenient.


Making keychains, printing badge images according to customer requirements is very simple, specifically, you just need to link with the manufacturer to print photos, make a negotiating badge with reasonable product prices. Then you post information (startups) on the groups, face page, also introduce your business items to attract buyers. This online business without capital is indeed very simple mainly in the flexibility of finding your customers. If you want to have a lot of orders, contact the student-student classes, the big and small shops to introduce the product, if they give the need to print the keychains, the badge will have a large amount of money will be higher.


Jewelry items are always hunted by many girlfriends, especially hand cotton. You only need to link the wholesaler to import the first batch of only USD 530,000 with beautiful earrings, quality of taking photos, live team post on facebook for sale. Usually, each pair of hands you get is about 10,000 USD, when selling with the price from 20,000 USD to 25,000 USD very high, without costing the business premises, the more time you don’t spend much time selling at the market/center.

All of these high-profit business items are very simple, you can do business at home or anywhere. If you are using a facebook page with thousands of friends to follow, then promote your strengths always thinking of the question ” what should you sell on facebook” to find the most suitable product to make money online Great for me! Good luck!

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