What Is Creative Start-Up? How To Do Business in a Lean And Unique Way

When you first started a business, how do you know if your business idea is really feasible? This requires you to verify to know the answer.

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Regarding the topic of business idea verification, I believe you have seen many articles in this area. Today we continue to explore the topic of business idea verification, but this article will focus on tactical aspects, telling you which specific strategies and methods can be used to quickly Quickly verify your business idea.

Verifying business ideas is not an abstract concept, it is simply some question to know if your business idea is creative or not?

However, verification of ideas is not entirely done through a simple question and answer. You need to have such a pure goal in every idea verification project: to create a better, smarter and more powerful product based on user feedback.


Initially, a very simple idea of ​​verifying a business idea was to find related issues with a search engine (Google or Yahoo).

On the search engines, the search volume for the problem you are trying to solve is very good evidence to verify that the user has a need for the solution you want to provide. If people search on the search engine “How to improve X?” Or “What is the simpler way to do Medicine?”, This is a good sign that users are interested in the idea. friend.

Another benefit of verifying ideas through search engines is that they have the digital weight behind them. Search engines are built around numbers and they show you the answer they think is best for you.

The term related to the problem you are trying to solve and the solution you offer is higher, the more people search for the problem you want to solve through search engines and those who need the solution you want to provide. more.


Where should you go to find people who can conduct interviews and product research? It depends very much on who your target customer group is. If you are considering creating a product for the elderly, finding a response from college students on the university campus is a bad thing.

So, first consider who your target customers are and where they usually appear (this is a useful exercise because it forces you to think about your target customers and their behavior) and Then go to the Local Customers and the target has been limited.


When we talk about customer verification, we also need to answer another question: How many people do you need to contact to receive product feedback? Verify the idea of ​​entrepreneurship is a digital game. The more people you interview and research, the more you will understand the feasibility of your business idea.

But be careful not to get stuck in the feedback loop. The purpose of customer verification is to quickly collect answers and then apply those responses to development products. Rather than asking all the possible questions from every potential customer you might encounter, neither collecting feedback for feedback.

Be sure to verify thoroughly when conducting business idea verification, but you also need to know that after receiving useful information for you, you can immediately apply this information to the product.

Don’t forget: Verify the idea is an iterative activity.


When you go through background checks and customer surveys, don’t forget to ask your potential customers about the solutions they are using and solve the problems they currently face. This helps you to do competitive surveys earlier.

Many entrepreneurs tend to “be the first and only company in this field”. They believe that if they are not the first person in the world to think about solving this problem, this is not worth continuing to do or this idea has a problem.

If you want to participate in a market that already has competitors, that means you can choose the right direction. The existence of a competitor is itself a form of proof. This shows that the problem you are thinking is really a good problem, because someone (a competitor) is actively thinking about how to solve it.

In fact, if you don’t have any competitors in this area, it’s best to think carefully about your ideas. There are two possibilities here. The first is probably: the problem you are trying to solve completely does not exist. The second possibility is: You are a visionary genius, the only person in the world who has discovered this problem and tries to come up with a solution.

Do you believe in yourself in these two possibilities? The second possibility is relatively small but there is another possibility that the problem you are trying to solve is problems that others are trying to solve, but they have not solved this problem creatively and effective. This ability is higher than the second possibility mentioned above.

The sooner you know who your opponent is, the better you know what you need to do to stand out from your opponent and eventually become a leader in your field.


Above, we mainly discuss some ways of verifying ideas, such as search engines, prospective and suspicious customers survey interviews. These are important ideas, but if you only verify your ideas by communicating with potential customers, this is still too theoretical.

Because sooner or later you need to bring your actual product to market to see everyone’s real reaction. The product mentioned here is not a versatile product version. You can create a simple website that allows people to learn more about your product after signing up.

This will help you better assess the problem you are trying to solve and your target customer understands the solution you provide.


Another way to move from simple Q&A verification to an idea to accept real market testing is to create a test version of the product specifically.

The trial version of the product does not need to be a fully functional version of the product, but can be tested and tested in real-world market conditions by creating a minimum feasible product version. .


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