What Business To Make Money in The Summer of 2019-2020

In the summer of 2019, 2020, what business is effective to make money  , it will rank the most potential summer business ideas. And you can apply  these trading methods  at other times of the year.

The South has 2 sunny and rainy seasons, the North has 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Easy-to-trade items can be used for trading during the hot season in the south and summer, late spring and autumn in the north.

Summer or hot season has a lot of items for business, and in this article Thamus will rank the list of best-selling, potential and high-profit products. There are a number of items that can also be traded in the countryside, so pay attention to which products are suitable for your living area and save.


Trading in fresh flower dishes is not much different from a regular food store. However, flower dishes need more sophisticated and elaborate decoration and display than rustic dishes.

The sophistication of the petals on the plate creates a sense of carriage, elegance, class and nobility. People who enjoy a dish with fresh flowers have just experienced the sweet scent of flowers while living in a quiet space, gently helping customers forget the worries and fatigue.

Fresh flower dishes are very developed in some countries in Europe, however in USA and many Asian countries, this special dish has not developed and it will be a business opportunity for those with ambition to get rich. like us.

USA has a lot of flowers that can be used to make this special dish, the cost to buy these flowers is not expensive, there are hundreds of flowers that can be used to create different dishes such as: Chrysanthemum, Rose, Lotus, Jasmine, Flower Bach Hop, Hoa Tu Kinh, Peony and many other flowers can be used as ingredients for flavor eat.

Each season can use different types of flowers to decorate the dishes to match the space and weather. This low  and medium-sized business model is considered as one of  the most effective selling businesses  in all four seasons of the year, not necessarily summer business.

Petals can be prepared directly by the chef in the dish, or used by the customer to be served with the main dishes to decorate on the plate, however, you should help the customer make the decoration work, both ensure the sophistication and brand guarantee for the restaurant. Regarding the processing of dishes with fresh flowers, dish decoration is the responsibility and work of the chef so the recruitment of kitchen staff is very important.

Chefs to prepare special dishes made from flowers must have the personality and nature of an elegant person, love beauty and love the profession. Only people like that will help you create more unique dishes, and you have absolutely reason to tell customers that “we have a chef who is genius in culinary processing,” However, a good cook will become your competitive advantage.

This unique new business idea  has not been exploited much in USA, so you will struggle to find recipes for food, especially in the branding process. Although it is a new model, it is because of this that your special store will face many difficulties to introduce and conquer the market.

Questions about this special idea that you comment in the comment section, will now learn how new investment  should do business this time in the summer of 2019 .


Consumption of goods in the hot days of summer and autumn, winter is very large, so there are many products become trend (fashion) during this period. Salespeople can import trend-oriented products to sell small items or open a store selling goods that are fashion and trend.

The products that are common trends are: Fashion, cosmetics, movies, entertainment, education, software applications, mobile apps, mobile phones … These are some of the regular product lines. The product will create a trend for a certain period of time, maybe 3 months, 4 months, 7 months or even a fashion item, that lasts only 20 days.


Fashion goods bring very high revenue and interest, if selling a common psychological book is only about 15,000 USD profit and the quantity sold every day is 10 books, when selling the newly released book of an actor well known for sure you will earn up to 20,000 USD because the cost of importing goods will be reduced because the number increases 40 books per day.

Or an imported lipstick made marketing worldwide and become the most popular lipstick in the world, of course you will sell as many goods and your profit as much more.

A fashionable product that is highly profitable is because of the huge number of buyers and the business scooping strategy that is most effective at the time of the trend. High or low selling prices are easily accepted by customers.

Samsung launched a new phone and sold it at a high price in the first 1-month period, but from the 4th month onwards, the price of the phone is likely to be reduced, because now a product Other launches of Samsung or other mobile carriers will attract the attention of many people, thus reducing the trend of the old Samsung phone.

The more products attract people ‘s attention, the easier it is to decide whether to buy or respond to the product / service, and if there is a commodity person, the spreading effect will occur. That is why a fashion product sells a lot and profits / sales bring about big business.


Your task is to investigate and research the online business market  in the summer of 2019, 2020 as well as media customers to discover which specific products will be the trend and become a strong trend over a period of time. .

You must have a set of standards for each industry and indicators of standards to know which items are trending to become fashionable. Real estate project analysts are very wise and they earn a wealth of money from their talents, just by providing them with real estate project consultancy, investment advice …

So the first thing you will do is study the market analysis and evaluation profession, if you only do small business in a product industry such as fashion, technology cosmetics, entertainment, you will have to scrutinize carefully. Under the moves of big guys like Samsung, Dior, Kelvin, Adidas, Levis, electronic newspapers … they are pioneers so the information they give is the latest, informing about the actions the movement they will do.

The more you know the market information, the better you will understand the trend of the product, from which you make a decision about  what business to invest less  and from whom and deploy online sales plan online. , sell in the shop on the street or sell in any way.

Travel companies do not always have customers buying tours, because the characteristics of travel services are seasonal, in which summer and autumn have the most travel services. Seasonal sales and fashion sales (trend) share the same trait that is momentary, the product does not always mean supply less than demand or buyers need to sell.

Okay, if you want to ask any more questions about this idea, comment the question back to in the comment section, now it will take a new investment.


Tourism business is very suitable in the summer, so the accompanying accessory products are also sought and ordered by many people. If you ask  what the best selling summer is  , it is impossible not to mention travel accessories.

If a medicine box is sold for USD 150,000, its import price is only USD 50,000-USD 70,000, or a bag (backpack) is sold at a price of USD 300,000, the high price is only USD 150,000 , An antique pillowcase costs USD 70,000 but can be sold for USD 140,000, …

If it comes to the profits from the travel accessories business is not inferior to the profits from the tour sales. Although the value of the tour can be up to USD 4,000,000-USD 7,000,000, each traveler is willing to spend USD 1,000,000 only to buy the necessary accessories for the trip.

Travel accessories business is considered as a  way to get rich from small business , you do not lose much capital but the consumption of the market is too big to help your capital to turn around quickly. However, there are important notes as follows before starting this product:


Customers who want to travel always want the product to bring the trip to be unique, different and unlike anyone, especially in group tours. When visitors observe the product on the website, facebook, they extremely hate those who sell the same product but there are people who have high prices who have low prices.

Thamus will analyze their buying psychology to show you: Customers want to travel, they need some products as accessories for their trip and now they go to many websites, fanpage to sell for reference. and look for the accessories they need.

Customers are in a good mood, now they see a product sold on 2 different websites at different prices and higher than the price of the 3rd website. In this case, customers will extremely hate 2 websites. First, because the profitability makes the happy mood of customers fall to the bottom.

They want to travel to play, why bring profit factor into their fun journey? Of course, if any customer thinks like that, you will definitely have to ask the sales question again,  so what do you sell for the summer of 2019, 2020 ? That is, you are at risk of failure.

Therefore Thamus suggests that you find new products that are not available on the market for sale only at different times, of course, with many tourist accessories hunted, the selling price should be reduced because it will also There are many business people because they are easy to catch, easy to steal formula.


Travel accessories are a product to meet entertainment needs, if buyers are passionate about travel or they are excited about the upcoming trip, they will definitely be willing to spend more money to buy extra items. to sue. A ball lover will be willing to give up 1,000,000 USD only to buy a ticket to watch the players, or music lovers are willing to give up 700,000 USD just to enter the tea room to meet their idol.

When you are passionate and love you will not find any reason to explain “stupid” action when buying goods. You will not believe that someone who left USD 20,000,000 bought only eyeglasses, is also crazy enough to jog 2 km just to buy 1 box of Yogurt with Aloe vera, but that is the truth that Thamus met and now Thamus shares with everyone.


If you sell a battery with a risk of explosion, it is really a bad thing and you are violating the law, or an electric charger or belt, but you suspect safety, so should trade these products, so no matter  what business to make money, it  is necessary to ensure safety for customers.


When Santa gave you a gift on December 24th, you feel very happy, when the shopkeeper gives you gifts to this customer, they are sure to be happy. Buyers are in a good mood because they will be traveling soon, if they give them gifts, the joy may double and the customer will appreciate and recommend your product to others. simply because you make people happy.

Gift giving does not mean that you have to prepare a gift box, we will choose one of the travel accessories that come with other accessory items, or discount directly for a product, or hold the event. gift test …

Okay, you want to ask more information about  the idea of ​​getting rich with  this capital , then comment in the comment section.


The indoor display is one of the most effective small business trends today, you can apply this idea in the summer of 2019-2020, 2021.


It is not only possible to trade mini bonsai in the house but also sell it in the remaining 3 seasons of the year, however in the summer the demand for cooling is very large but if the fan, air conditioner and Tools that create more space cooling water will affect health. The knowledgeable people who live in cities, towns and towns understand very well the harms when using too long cool things like Thamus said.

Displaying mini bonsai, indoor aquatic plants, both air-conditioned and cooling space, ensure health, so we have a large number of customers buying mini bonsai in the summer.

The price of mini bonsai is not high so low income people such as office workers, students, students and workers in the city are able to pay to buy 1-3 mini mini bonsai. Moreover, the number of customers is office staff and very large students will ensure a stable amount of goods for us. Mini bonsai is not the latest business product at present but great purchasing power and profit will make you excited.


There are many friends interested in this question and comment, email Thamus. The first is to find the source of goods, the source of the goods, the price of the source, how the delivery policy … You will have to investigate the market yourself and find the source, that is the job. surely you will have to do it because only you know the area you live in.

The next step is to find a store that is large enough to display mini bonsai, the location to open a business shop must be located in the downtown area, you cannot apply this small trade at countryside. The location of the store is located next to the university, the housing area is centered around many office workers, intellectuals, small, near-4 and 4-area areas where many people often go back and forth.

Designing space and preparing necessary tools and utensils to hang bonsai, you will spend a considerable amount of money on the store design, so the task of choosing a location to open a shop is very important. If you make the wrong choice, you will have to move to another place and we will spend more money.


The bonsai has been displayed on the shelf, on the hanging rig, you only completed 30% of the work, now you will have to traditional and online Marketing for your store and bonsai products. The purpose of marketing in the early stages of business is to increase the presence in the market, the more people know your store and they remember especially impressive, the Marketing task in the first phase has been completed.

Marketing in the beginning is important because the content of the marketing plan will affect and imprint in the minds of consumers in the first place. For bonsai the variety of products and selling prices are two important factors even when sold on the internet and the street.

Each person will own a mini ornamental pot, and so each customer will expect them to find a bonsai with the characteristics most suitable for their scenery, so the diversification of products helps sell a lot of goods. and if the selling price is lowered, the decision to buy is quicker and easier, money will flow to your pocket more.


Most women like natural flowers, so you will realize that most customers who come to shop are women, they may not buy many other bonsai products but they especially like pots small flowers. So we have reason to investigate buying behavior for small flower pots, if you realize that the number of flowers consumed gradually increases, so you can import a variety of different types of flowers.


You can advertise, you can do SEO for websites, small bonsai products and you should focus on exploiting a specific number of customers where you place your store. For example, you can choose the customer who is in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City or Cau Giay District, Hanoi …

Limiting customers, ie geographic market limits, help you control the business situation in that area, from which you research data and make the most appropriate and effective sales policy most with the buyer object there.

Thamus has just shared  what Business is all about to make money in the summer of 2019, 2020 , and many other effective summer sales products, and Thamus will write more for everyone in other articles, on Now we study like that and the related questions you comment on in the comment section for Thamus.


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