What Business Online? 30 Online Selling Items With High Profits

As human life grows more and more, people gradually come into contact with modern science and technology civilization. The fact that a young man owns a lap tap in his hand, a smartphone is no longer strange. From devices with Internet connection via wifi, 3G / 4G networks, people can go online to search all information of social knowledge, life, technology, entertainment are simple, easy and fast. fast. Especially, when the Internet technology has developed, there are many companies, businesses and retail units choose the business trend – selling online products to advertise products and reach many objects. customers, increase high income profits.

So what business online now  ? There are many online businesses selling high-profit products that are easy to implement, do not cost too much initial capital and can be implemented at all sizes (large, small, medium) as desired. If you are a beginner of online business but do not know which items are suitable for online business, which items are highly profitable, then please refer to the online business items that are the hottest trend now below!


Online business is an important type of online service that attracts many customers to participate. For example, if you have a social network account Facebook is a personal page or Fanpage with thousands of thousands of people watching; So when you post an online offering that will attract many buyers, in this transaction you can consult online with the buyer about the model, negotiate product prices, close the application, ask for the address Bank transfer, contact shiper fast delivery.

You can do business online anywhere, in particular you can do online business at home or online business at work in your spare time. So if you choose to do business online, it will save a lot of time and money but the input source is no different from selling products at the store.

Following, Waytolearning.com advises 30 online selling products, you consult and find an effective online business to implement online business plan in the coming time:


The demand for electronic products and technology products of people is increasing. Specifically, for families with a stable income they will purchase appliances such as phones, Laptops, Cameras, Camcorders, Cameras, Hard Drives, USB, Keyboards, Backup Chargers, TVs … Therefore, choosing these best-selling business items will help you earn high income.


Online business of household goods is a trend chosen by many people who intend to do business. Because most families often “shop” for household goods and change constantly to satisfy the needs of home decoration, so this is an opportunity for customers to wear these goods. So what should we trade ? You can sell products such as baking machines, rice wedge machines, bucket buckets, sinuses, plastic tables and chairs, blender, kettle … Currently, there are many places to produce these items, can contact to sign a contract to buy products at wholesale establishments to import and sell products online.

Usually when you enter wholesale goods, you will get very cheap prices, you sell these products at market prices and get high profits. Initially you can choose  online business on Facebook  then when you have the capital you can open a parallel store to sell online will help you gain the desired profit.


Mobile manufacturers continuously offer a variety of modern models of mobile phones, attracting many buyers. Besides, to take care of the “mobile phones” to become more beautiful, warm, and eye-catching, users will decorate accessories such as bumper, toughened glass, telephone hooks, photography sticks, anti-stand. Support phone, headset, backup battery, phone cord ….

Usually the price of back cover, tempered glass … is super cheap if you import only from 5 to 20,000 INR, if you retail to the market price from 50 – 100k, so 1 day you sell for 20-30 customers It is normal to earn 1-2 million INR / day. To attract customers, sell quickly, publish beautiful, intuitive images for customers to choose, and often create mini games to give gifts will collect high hits.


Do you know there are a lot of online business people who earn high profits? Usually every super nice bata shoes, various shoe designs are only 50-60K / 1 pair for wholesale traders. However, many shops selling footwear investment in taking photos and attaching brand names have sold to the market from 200,000 INR to 300,000 INR. And on average every day customers sell between 50 and 100 pairs of both wholesale and will probably collect nearly 10 million per day.

It can be said that footwear is a must-have item for everyone, and for you to always change constantly according to fashion styles and trends, so at least every month you have to buy a pair. So your source of durable customers will be very high. The important thing is that you don’t have to worry about wearing shoes for a long time, so there is no damage, you just need to put in the packaging, the box is to ensure long-term quality.


Clothing is an indispensable need for everyone, so if you sell online fashion will reach a lot of customers, just need your product quality, follow the fashion trend, with reasonable price guaranteed Tell people who go to office, students, workers will buy your goods a lot. In order to have a good source of cheap goods, you need to find a way to get the goods directly at wholesale outlets, at present, Indian people like to wear clothes in Guangzhou so you can link directly to buying goods. Online channels that ship goods will be more profitable.

One advantage for those who choose c yoke online business, you probably do not need to invest capital. Your job is to link wholesale clothing agents to receive images of those wholesale shop products to post on your personal page, when customers buy you contact the shipping agent you will receive% commission per product. Products. This is a form of online business without capital you can do for yourself.


The beauty needs of women are always concerned, every month girls often shop for themselves beauty products such as lipstick, cleanser, cream, foundation, chalk, concealer. points, sunscreen, But due to their busy life, they don’t have much time to go to the store, so choosing to buy online in their free time is just a few clicks to choose the home and main delivery product. So online business will help you have a stable source of income.

Often cosmetic products have high profit rates, do not need much capital and very low risks. Therefore, you can contact wholesale wholesalers to import goods to sell very well, you need to know the utility, enter brand name products with affordable prices to sell quickly. The average income of every online shop owner is from 2 to 5 million, so for new customers, choose a small business and then open a bigger online store to keep customers longer.


Online business of handmade products is a reasonable choice for those who are skillful and skilled, you can create many high artistic products such as fake flowers, cards, bracelets, sand paintings, … you make sense many ideas to create many valuable products. This work is very healthy, you can take the initiative in your free time, create a brand for yourself, when you create a work, you can name and take a real photo to post it to your friends and community. If you are satisfied, you will receive your item, so offering a reasonable price must be based on many factors such as: Material, effort, time and technology to deserve your effort but not must be too expensive.


For those who love mini bonsai such as stone lotus, cactus, money, orchid … try online business this ornamental item. This business idea is very practical, suitable for beginners. Very little online bonsai business, you initially enter some main trees, then post them for sale; Besides, learn and look at the price of some garden plants, when customers buy you can pick up and deliver immediately, this way of selling returns quickly and without capital.

Regularly post pictures on tree markets, fanpage, group associations in your city area to have more customers and easy delivery. Currently, the types of plants in the garden are very cheap only about INR 20,000 to INR 50,000, each product you sell for twice the price is enough to make a big profit for you. In your free time, practice buying seedlings, so that you have a nursery and make more profit.


Currently on the market there are 2 types of watches, 1 genuine and 1 fake. About the trend of online goods trading , many people enter fake watches; Because these goods are many times cheaper than real ones, the designs are not much different. Usually if you enter a large quantity, the super cheap price is only a few tens of thousands / 1 unit. So look for a variety of watch models to post on your site for sale, you can liveteam for customers to see more closely. Thus, for every watch item you can sell for twice the price, the income is quite high.

For those of you who are passionate about watches, you can thoroughly understand the information of genuine products, you can open a store to attract more buyers and set up website overflow, fanpage for brand design. Post sale online in parallel.


Junk food business is very suitable for students or housewives, milky mothers, because these people have a lot of time. So when you have free time, please post information about selling snacks such as fish ball, chicken drumsticks, sausage, fried spring rolls, full rice paper, chips … so that online customers need to eat late , or the office staff at the company can ship easily. Your job is to collect orders, prepare pre-existing materials and start processing fast delivery within 30 minutes. This way helps you recover both the money and the profit very quickly.

This small way of doing business online will save you a lot of costs like premises, decorations; Moreover, with this type of business + capital is very convenient, you do not need to spend a lot of investment. Remember that your food is delicious and attractive with reasonable prices, as well as hygiene quality, ensuring you will source long-term customers.


With dried fruits also helps you do good online business, the advantages of dried fruits often have a very long shelf life if you know how to preserve them well, you can trade dried fruits like me. , apples, chestnuts, cashews, roasted beans, jackfruit – guava – sweet potatoes etc. These dried fruit items are not picky buyers, because this is a nutritious delicious food. So you should actively post a lot of status for sale at group meetings to have many quality bill.


Do you know the trend of buying feng shui of people today a lot? Some people believe in spirituality with the idea of ​​buying for themselves the feng shui items such as  : Bhikkhu (Ky Lan), Thiem Thu (golden sucker toad), sprouts, fortune cats, quartz stones … in order to want to want business, career, good luck with money. So there are a lot of people who have been trading these kinds of goods, if you are knowledgeable about spiritual beliefs, please contact spiritual sites to buy these feng shui items for sale online.


Many people are quite insecure because the current food lines are of unclear origin, some types of food impregnated with preservatives, affecting human health. So, if you open an online store, sell clean vegetables selling products very well. This business model is new so many people are quite afraid, however, if there is a careful investment, marketing strategy to reach specific customers will help you maintain long-term trade.

Specifically, you will contact the growers to grow vegetables, check the quality of the products, take photos and post them on the fanpage I set up, the online customers will contact you and will order clean vegetables to use. You deploy ship service to your place for convenience. Besides connecting long-term customers regularly deliver clean vegetables to weekly and monthly.


You have a lot of capital, so what if online business investment should sell? The trend of buying foreign portable products is no longer strange to people today due to the quality perspective and attaching “max” foreign goods. So if you have someone you know in a foreign country, or know of flight attendants, you can ask them to hand out some electronic products such as phones, laptop … or cosmetics, clothes, functional foods. … As your request. Normally, the prices of products in foreign countries like the US, Japan, France …. The price is much cheaper when importing to India, (due to high tax) if you choose a portable form, it will avoid tax, so if you sell the market at good prices, the quality will attract many customers. than.

Due to the small amount of hand-held business, it will cost you if you open a store. Therefore, you should create a personal page with many friends, or create fanpage, online website, post products you want to sell personal pages or forums that will attract many buyers. With this form, you can choose the pre-order form and delivery within 2 weeks back, so remember to take the deposit in advance to avoid customers changing their mind. When doing this business, you can earn profits every month up to tens of millions, even hundreds of millions (if large-scale online business).


Cereal flour is a nutrient that provides protein, fiber, skin regeneration to keep in shape, and can prevent the risk of blood clots, blood clots and strokes. Especially in cereals, there is phytoestrogen which can help protect the body from cancer-causing agents, as well as the risk of cardiovascular and diabetic diseases. The five-component composition is mainly from seeds, with up to 20 types of natural nutritious seeds such as macadamia, oats, almonds, cashews, red walnuts, white walnuts, chia seeds, lotus seeds, black sesame, brown rice, white beans, green beans, red beans, soy beans, chrysanthemum beans, big red beans, big white beans, green black beans, sticky rice, sticky corn …

Because cereal flour with many nutrients should be very much interested and bought for use. So, you can easily buy finished roasted seeds and bring them to a milling shop to grind them into cereal flour, which is easy and quick to make corn flour. As for how to sell cereal powder online, you will target women and mothers who are lactating; You often post to your meeting and personal pages to receive applications. You can make ready-made cereal flour or receive applications from previous customers and then make the following cereal flour.


In addition to eating well, the young people today are also interested in: physique must be toned, body has strong muscles – it is the “beautiful” standard. Therefore, many types of California Fitness, Yoga, Gym … were born. However, because many people do not have time to go to the gym, they have to buy tools to practice in their free time on the company, at home. Therefore, online business  of bodybuilding tools  has great potential for development at present and in the future.

First you find the source on the Internet with keywords such as: Tools, Fitness Equipment wholesale price; Wholesale yoga – wholesale yoga – specializes in providing wholesale yoga – yoga supplies … to choose good quality products. Next you design websites to promote products on the online market. Because consumers’ habits are now looking for information online and shopping online. Building a “virtual” shop is also an opportunity to attract more potential customers.

About capital you can be flexible, if you have a lot of capital you can enter several tens of millions of money to just open an online shop and open a shop at home. For those of you who do not have a lot of capital, please take a picture of a wholesale shop posted on your personal page, fanpage attracts buyers and orders later.


The need to use clean food is very concerned, so, with box houses, apartments, townhouses … many families have a need to plant clean vegetables right on the house balcony, gaps. So, the business of selling online products of vegetables and seeds is very potential.

One advantage of this item of vegetable growing tools, this tree seed is very easy to transport, has a long time of use, so you don’t have to worry about damage. Moreover, online business capital of growing vegetables and seeds is relatively cheap, you can also get cheaper prices when receiving a lot of quantities.

In addition to fanpage care sales for good; You need to test the growing of vegetables, fruits, and fruits + video recording about the performance to increase attracting customers to buy your products.


Talking about toys for children, there are many different models such as toys for babies & children, educational toys, motor toys & Outdoor, dolls and stuffed toys, toys Characters & role-playing, Entertainment Toys. These attractive toys are always loved by children, and for parents who often buy them for their children to have fun and a part to help them develop their minds and thinking in children. Therefore, those who intend to do business online for this baby toy are carried out today.

There are many toys for children, so you need to be wise when choosing quality, beautiful items, suitable for each age range. In order to import toys, you need to find out the source information from wholesale markets, on online wholesale websites for toys to import at the most affordable price.


Opening a bookstore is not a new business trend, but if you switch to an online book business, you will discover many interesting things. Initially, you want to do online book business, make it small with a capital of about 30-50 million, then gradually increase to medium – large scale to increase your income.

There are many different types of books, many categories, many categories, so you need to determine what kind of books you sell, for whom to import that type of book. Should choose the best-selling books, which are of long-term value, never degraded such as family books, guidebooks on how to get rich, business books, novel books, etc. In addition to selling new books Please add an old online book to attract more buyers. Should carefully understand the information of books on price, quality and attractiveness. You should get books from publishers and book stores to enjoy a high discount.

To reach all customers, you create website, facebook fanpage, Google, Zalo, Instagram, post interesting books and remember to lead a little content title to stimulate book enthusiasts. . Remember to always consult customers online, perform carefully the orders processing process online, listen to the phone, send books, work with shipper, post office, … for clarity and reputation


Travel, phượt has become a tourist trend loved by many young people in the last two years. So if you intend to trade in phượt, online travel will bring a lot of income for you. Usually, traveling and trekking items will include protective items such as shoes, masks, helmets, multi-purpose towels, traveling gloves, helmets, helmets, reflective jackets, etc. And if you determine to sell these items, quickly set up online social networking sites that regularly post pictures on fanpage, instagram, in phượt groups to reach many customers, besides you have You can pump money to increase like for facebook fanpage .. advise customers and delivery.


It can be said that most people have a need to communicate and call to exchange information as quickly as possible. Therefore, buying sim cards and cards to supplement daily consumption accounts is very frequent. Sim card business is an online business product that is never afraid of capital loss. Specifically when you associate with the sim card dealers to earn wholesale prices. Then setting up the website and the MXH sites selling beautiful digital sim, and online online recharge, you will earn a very high discount. In particular, if you know how to do business online “hunt” a beautiful number of feng shui sim, your age, reselling the price is even higher than you are.


Selling bags online is a “lucrative” commodity equivalent to fashion clothes, shoes. In particular, bags are always hunted by many young people for HOT models. Therefore, the online bag business is never afraid of “stumbling” guests. However, if you do business in this item, you need to understand carefully the market, the models, the quantity of how many to import is suitable for 1 batch of product launches.

Specifically, you just need to set up a Facebook fanpage to invest in ads to increase the target audience in your selling area. Often, beautiful handbag designs are imported from Guangzhou – China. So you can contact the website Taobao, alibaba, Tmaill … to choose the model to enter directly; In addition, you can contact wholesale dealers to get the cheapest price. Remember, just enter nice goods, right “HOT trent”, the price is reasonable, the amount of your goods goes very quickly. On average, when you sell goods, you will benefit from 50% to 60% of each product.


Since the new online business started to rekindle up to the present time, fashion clothing products have always led top as the most chosen business group, not only easy to sell wide customers but also for high interest. This is also a commodity with high competition, the speed of self-elimination also makes many people wary before deciding to follow this business.

So to be able to do good business, achieve results right from the beginning, you must always identify who your customer group is then to import and implement customer marketing strategies. Because it is a fashion product, you must regularly update the model, the new trend catches the trend to attract the largest number of customers.


Following clothes are cosmetics from handmade cosmetics to cosmetic products, this is considered a fertile piece of cake with high profit but not much capital needed, the resale price is not too high and the discount is relatively high. The important thing is that you need to find a reliable and quality source.

When your sister’s beauty needs still exist, you can still trade cosmetics online. But because there are so many competitors, the number of customers is spreading evenly so you should investigate in advance what customers are in need, missing anything to import more goods. More importantly, you should choose products that are different and should include product reviews such as ingredients and effects such as before and after customers use the product.


In the last few years, athletic shoes have been used not only in sports practice, but these shoes have been chosen by young people to double in many situations such as going out and working sometimes as a whole. feast.

Capturing the growing demand, many young people turn to online sports shoes business. There are two main lines: one is cheap, beautiful, fashion the second group is high-end branded shoes.

In order to be able to do good business in this item, in addition to competitive prices, you need to regularly update new shoes, mix with shoes …. Invest heavily in advertising on social networks like facebook, zalo, instagram … this helps you easily reach potential customers.

A pair of white athletic shoes takes the price of only 100k but is sold at prices from 180k to 220k. The interest rate from this item is not inferior to any product line.


This is a very potential commodity, with a small amount of investment capital but high interest. When selling online, the amount of money that business people spend the most is advertising money to reach potential customers. From high-class silver jewelry to the line of cheap stone jewelry with fine alloy materials … all kinds of jewelry can be sold easily.

Small capital with high interest rates, especially less risky in business. The failure of online jewelry accessories business is to find quality goods, regularly update new product models, competitive prices, stable after-sales service.

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