There are many types of businesses that you can run right now. Both in the form of short-term business or long-term.

This is because the business has become a lifestyle in itself for modern society. And if you have a plan for doing business, having a long-term business idea is one that you must prepare carefully.

Successful Small Businesses

Almost everyone who has a plan to do business has a long-term business idea because they want the business they have to last long and be an inspiration to many people. It’s just that not everyone knows what long-term business ideas are.

If you are one of the people who are confused about determining what kind of long-term business idea you want to make, here are some long-term business ideas that you can inspire to start a business:

1. Selling Building Materials

Selling building materials is one of the long-term business ideas that you can inspire. Because the building is one of the primary needs that must be met for life.

For this reason, because the needs are high, the business benefits of building materials can be even greater when the service you provide is maximum and the price is competitive.

2. Workshop

Just like selling materials, a workshop is one of the long-term business ideas that you can inspire to start a business.

Because now motor vehicles have become a primary need for a modern society which always demands to move quickly. It’s just that, to get started, it takes special personnel who are skilled and understand the engine.

3. Selling Credit

Business credit is another long-term business idea that you can inspire. Just like a garage, credit is the main requirement so that communication can run smoothly.

That is why more and more credit kiosks are being opened. Although the profit generated by each credit sale is not too large.

Several successful credit business methods will make your credit business profit stable and increasing, which you should try.

4. Basic food

Food is one of the primary needs needed by everyone to live. Although varied, the price of basic food is one of the things that are commonly considered by the community to meet their daily needs.

Here’s your next long-term business idea. This is because the need for groceries never recedes, especially if you sell it at competitive prices.

5. Online Based Business

Online business is one of the long-term business ideas that are quite promising today. Doing business online can make your work anywhere, even whenever you want.

There are many examples of online-based businesses such as dropship. Doing business online is one of the benefits of the internet for the economy that can support economic growth in the fast-paced and sophisticated era as it is today.

6. Franchise Business

You can recognize this business by recognizing the characteristics of a franchise business. There are many advantages that you can get if you pursue this business.

One of them is the ease in gaining public trust because usually the franchise business comes from large companies and is well known by the community.

However, even though like that, the advantages and disadvantages of this franchise business must really be learned by you so that when the business is already running, you can minimize losses and maximize your profits.

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7. Culinary Business

Culinary business is one of the long-term business ideas that many people are interested in doing. Both parents and young people are competing to create a dining concept that is different from the others.

That is why more and more new types of food. With its unique name and service, culinary business always has its own attraction in attracting new customers every day.

8. Steam Wash

In addition to repair shops, Steam business or vehicle washing is a type of business that is needed by many people. Especially in the rainy season where vehicles get dirty easily.

This business can be a long-term business idea if it is managed properly. For example, the placement of a business located in an office or residential area that is occupied by busy people so they do not have free time to wash their own vehicles.

9. Distro

The distro is closely related to the clothes of young people who have their own ‘style’ and are different from clothing products sold in other clothing stores.

The fundamental difference between distro products and other similar products is the trend. Clothing sold in distros is always up to date on the development of fashion.

That is why the target market is more for young people who always want to be different and become the center of attention.

Distros, including the type of business that is suitable on the side of the road so easily found.

Even in some places, distribution businesses are usually opened in modern shopping centers such as malls where many young people usually gather with friends.

10. Coffee shop

Coffee shops including long-term business ideas that are quite a fast turnover of money. In fact, a coffee shop is one type of business that has good business characteristics.

In addition to the culinary business, a coffee shop is a place where many young people usually gather with their friends. However, one of the weaknesses of the coffee shop that you should anticipate at the beginning is opening hours.

Coffee shops usually open almost 24 hours every day. So, if you are interested in getting started, it’s a good idea to find partners to take turns watching.

11. Freelance Writer

Perhaps many do not think that freelance writers become one of the long-term business ideas.

In fact, the possibility of this business being large is very possible because the need for information is very fast and one way to get information is through a website or blog that is presented via the internet.

The need for information makes many website owners or bloggers looking for ways to get lots of articles so that their viewers are awake and they find a solution through freelance writers.

Although including ways to start a business from scratch which is rarely discussed, in fact, if the quality of writing is very good, the price of freelance writing services can be quite high.

Long-term business is one of the business ideas for retirees. That is why usually long-term businesses are owned by those who work to prepare for retirement later. And if you have determined a long-term business idea.

12. Selling Fast Food

Maybe you are a little confused about how to sell fast food or fast food into the list of business opportunities that have not many competitors.

But in fact, businesses selling fast food do have few competitors. Especially if you sell unusual food during rush hour such as morning or evening where the majority of people start their activities.

By choosing the right place such as in a station or office area, fast food business can be a quite profitable business.

Because usually employees who only have a little time will be helped to have breakfast with your efforts. In fact, fast food can be an online food business idea with a Delivery Order system.

13. Selling Ancient And Antique Goods

Although many people look for, in fact selling ancient and antique goods can not be done by just anyone. Because only those who understand ‘antiques’ can open this business.

That is why selling antiques includes business opportunities that have not many competitors.

Selling antiques has a fairly large prospect for success because more and more people are just in need of antiques or vintage items.

Due to the increasing number of antique enthusiasts, it is not uncommon for antique businesses to have the characteristics of a medium-sized business where this business is managed with a better system and has quite a lot of employees.

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14. Selling Recycled Products

Selling recycled or recycled products is a business opportunity that has not many competitors because usually to start this business you have to come into contact with waste or unused items and only a few people want to come into contact with waste.

Selling recycled products is not the cause of the declining economy but rather makes the economic level increase because it includes creative businesses whose impact can reduce the amount of waste.

In addition to having to come into contact with waste, the challenge faced by entrepreneurs of recycled products is creativity. They must have high enough creativity to be able to attract more markets.

15. Selling Smartphone Accessories

In the digital era like now, where everything is demanded to be fast and efficient, owning a smartphone has become an obligation for the community.

This is because smartphones are considered to be a solution to solve problems faced by modern society. That is why the demand for smartphone products continues to increase every time.

But now not only smartphone products have increased demand, but the accessories have also increased demand and become a business opportunity for those of you who want to start a business.

One reason the demand for smartphone accessories is getting higher is because of the desire to make smartphones look different than smartphones owned by others.

In fact, because of the high demand, smartphone accessories can be a business idea that is quite profitable social gathering goods, you know. Interested to try?

16. Online writer

Because of its simplicity, online media has become one of the most accessed media by modern society to find information.

Both include hard news information and soft news information. However, even though it is increasingly needed, online media have their own problems. They don’t have enough writers.

The online writer is a business opportunity that has not many competitors because it requires special abilities.

However, behind that, online writers are one of the most sought-after businesses because they can provide written works with special specifications needed by online media.

In fact, an online writer will not mind writing a Roasted Chicken Business Idea for online media that need it. If taken seriously, being an online writer can be a pretty profitable endeavor in the future.

17. Elderly Nurse Services

Some say that the elderly are not much different from small children. They need special attention.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands how to care for an elderly person. That is why elderly nurse services include business opportunities that have not many competitors.

As mentioned above, the elderly have special needs and special people are needed to help them meet their needs.

Elderly nurse services are still quite rare, even very minimal competitors because it requires special education for someone who wants to pursue this business.

That is why not many people open this business. In fact, the services of elderly nurses include businesses that are rare but needed by the community. Interested in opening this service?

18. Opened an Online Course

To get additional knowledge, a person usually has to take a course. It’s just that, now not everyone has enough time to come to the place of the course because they have a fairly busy schedule.

And the opportunity to open online courses can be a profitable short-term business if you understand how this business works.

To open an online course you only need a little ability to surf in cyberspace such as creating a Video Conference link as a means of teaching.

Apart from that, the way to teach or teaching materials is not much different from the course as in general.

It can be said that online courses are efficient because they can reach anyone and anywhere as long as they are still connected to the internet.

If it goes well, you can even start classes anywhere, including when you are on vacation. Fun is not it?

19. Pet Store

Only people who understand pets can open this business. Even though the pet shop business is a type of business that is quite sought after because it provides the needs of your pet such as food, accessories, even medicines, and others.

Although including the type of business that is much sought after, in fact, pet stores, including businesses that are only opened in special places.

That is why this business, including business opportunities that have not many competitors.

In running it, you can try how to start a school shuttle business where you can provide a customer’s pet shuttle service as a sign that your store is ready to provide maximum service for them.

20. Dating Agency

The matchmaking business is not one of the causes of a sluggish economy because it involves everyone’s need to have a partner.

Although the matchmaking business, including a business that has been around for a long time, this business proved itself by surviving because of the increasingly high demand.

One of the causes of this matchmaking business includes business opportunities that have not many competitors because it requires some skills such as psychological ability because it must unite two people who do not know each other to be able to live together.

Traveling Cleaning Services

Mobile cleaning services are a new type of business even though the Cleaning Service business has been known for a long time by the community. Mobile cleaning business opportunities that do not yet have many competitors are mobile cleaning services that serve residents’ homes.

This business is a type of business that is needed lately because you only need to pay a sum of money to get cleanliness at home or your neighborhood.

You do not need to come into contact with trash, do not need to sweat, and will greatly assist your activities. These mobile cleaning services are usually sought after during festive days when many household assistants return home or go home.

21. Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

Oyster mushroom is one type of mushroom that is safe for consumption. Even lately many foods that come from processed oyster mushrooms such as crispy mushrooms.

However, even though the demand is quite a lot, in fact, the production of oyster mushrooms is still not enough to meet that demand.

Oyster mushroom cultivation, including small businesses that can be done in the village because it does not require a large enough place in its cultivation.

Even though in the village, because of the high demand for oyster mushrooms, you don’t need to be confused about how to market your mushrooms because customers will definitely find you.

22. Creative Business

Creative businesses including long-term business ideas that have been occupied by many young people in India. Call it like for example business which includes a creative business based on macaroni which is processed to be spicy.

Creative businesses, including the type of business that can attract many customers because of the way of presentation or way of promotion that is different when compared to other businesses.

23. Sell ​​Breakfast

Selling food for breakfast is an example of the first profitable short-term venture. By its type, a short-term business is a type of business that turns money quickly and includes a small capital culinary business.

In the fast-paced era like now, instant food has become one of the most sought-after types of food because it is considered efficient, especially by office workers in big cities.

The reason is traffic jams and binding jobs make their activities more limited in the morning.

If you want to sell breakfast food, there are several types of food you can try to sell. For example, various fried foods, wet cakes, or heavy foods such as steamed rice, ketoprak, or snack repacking business.

For the first try, it will probably require substantial capital.

However, this capital will decrease over time because usually there will be other people who leave food to your place of business for sale and it will save capital but increase your income.

24. Credit Business

Opening a credit business becomes the next profitable short-term business. The reason is, to support good communication, now almost everyone needs credit.

Opening a credit business becomes one of the businesses that are suitable alongside the road because it will be easily seen and bring in new customers and includes a suitable business in front of Indomaret.

Even though many need it, in fact, there are still many people who are sanctioned or hesitant to open a credit business because the profit gained from each sale is relatively small.

In fact, not infrequently the profits generated cannot cover business expenses. However, if you are interested in trying, there is a way of quota agent business that you can try to maximize this credit business income so that you can avoid losses.

25. Open the Vegetable

Vegetables are food ingredients needed besides rice. This is because vegetables have very useful content for the body that is not owned by other food ingredients.

Also, consuming vegetables regularly can maintain your body’s immunity so that you avoid the attack of various diseases.

Another business that you can make part-time when selling vegetables is selling old coconuts.  Even this old coconut business method is easy and can be applied directly.

The high demand for old coconuts can be a business opportunity for you that you should not miss because it is quite profitable.

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26. Dropship

Dropship is one proof of the benefits of the internet for the economy. That the internet can support even a source of income for those who use it.

However, special knowledge and skills are needed to run this business. For example, a dropshipping business that is currently ‘trending’ because it is a type of business that does not require a large capital.

Although the Dropship business does not require large capital, in fact, special expertise is needed so that your sales will increase because the dropship business is a type of business that has many competitors.

However, if this business is successful, you no longer need to do other time-consuming jobs because as a Dropshipper (as a Dropship business actor), you can work anywhere and anytime you want. Fun is not it?

27. Tourism

Who would have thought the tourism business, including the type of short-term business that is profitable? However, even though, not many people go into this type of business. One reason is limited knowledge of the potential of their respective regions.

To start a tourism business that you should know and explore is the beauty of the positive side of your area. Where is your location for tourism? Where is the museum? Where is the historic site? Where is the cheapest lodging?

Without knowing that you will not be able to run this tourism business. Because of the limited knowledge of the causes of business failure is always the most frequent.

Although not many people focus on this business, in fact, the tourism business is one of the types of businesses that are sought after both domestically and internationally.

So, study the area where you live, look for the uniqueness of your area, because your area could have enormous potential and you will benefit from it.

28. Course or Tutoring Business

The next profitable short-term endeavor is the Course or Tutoring (Bimbel). But although it is quite profitable, there are some special moments where this business has a high enough demand.

And if you open this business at that moment, you can also get greater profits as well. One of these moments is when UTS or UAS elementary school children.

Business courses or tutoring, including the type of business that is engaged in education and has the characteristics of potential businesses to run.

Because everyone needs education and sometimes even many elementary school students who are not confident in facing the school exams so really need this type of business.

However, even though it is like that, it takes special expertise that understands how to educate as well as the basic sciences needed by the teaching participants.

29. Creative Industries

Creative industries are a type of business that is currently being developed. Even more and more business operators.

Because this business creates unique products and is very useful even has its own beauty when compared to other products.

This is what makes sometimes products that come from creative industries have quite high prices.

The creative industry is a business that has a short-term production function because creating a product does not require a long time and even to sell it quickly because the demand is quite high in the market.

30. Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping

Tax preparation and bookkeeping services come with low overheads, without the need for fancy premises or expensive equipment.

Also, there is a good salary for those preparing and booking quality taxes to stay at the standard rate.

If you have not done well with numbers, then taxing people and keeping their finances up-to-date will not be business for you.

Those are 30 examples of business opportunities that have not many competitors that you can make an inspiration to start a business.

Some do require substantial capital to get started. But not a few others who only need the courage to start capital. Good luck and hopefully useful.