Share the 40 smallest easy to trade items today for those who are looking to trade with a small amount of capital to make money. So the ideas, how to do business with little capital and sell well nowadays.

Hello, Thalib Tantary is sharing with you effective small business ideas. However, Thalib Tantary has noted that for you to achieve successful business results, it is that we need to do more. If you have a good idea without taking full advantage of the opportunity, chances are that your opponent will catch your model in advance to rise to a unique position in the market.

Okay, now I’m going to share with you 40 ways to get rich from trading to making money.

1. Ornamental Plants, Flower Seedlings

The investment trend in rural areas has been strong in the past few years, and products such as ornamental seedlings and flower seedlings are particularly suitable for cultivation and production in the countryside due to the large area of ​​land.

Currently, bonsai and Mini ornamental flowers in the city market become song items, because they both bring natural air to the room or residential area, while also having the effect of relieving psychological stress and pressure. Work.

We know the flower market is always bustling, but if you sell mature flowers or ornamental plants directly, the competition can be great. But if you open a plant that specializes in the production of seedlings, flower seedlings may seem simpler. This is because a seedling producer can trade a large number of seedlings to growers.

Focusing on plants of high spiritual value such as flowers and ornamental plants is a fairly effective business direction in today’s new era. And moreover, the amount of 1 type of bonsai (flower) consumption can meet the general needs of many people.

The implementation of this model with the production facilities of flower seedlings, ornamental plants should be invested in suburban areas, or in rural areas. After having finished products, you can sell, sign contracts with people in big cities, or in other provinces.

 2. Place of Sale For Rent

Bring flowers to the market for sale, you will definitely have to sit up a convenient seat to “put stakes” there from morning to night, day after day. But with this second idea, you do not need to bring flowers to the market, you will bring your goods to a rental store to sell.

3. Nutritious Breakfast With No Fat

Trading in breakfast food is a traditional idea, so what to sell to make money with this idea? If you add two words “fat-free” after the sentence “Breakfast”, then your product will be more professional, easier to convince customers, especially in city areas.

Modern life has a lot of nutritious food surplus. Today’s children have many children who are in grade 4 and weigh about 40 kg; Or for adults, the women by using foods with many nutrients make the body gain weight quickly.

Obviously selling fat-free food is a good way, and you can do this in an area near middle schools, high schools, universities, offices, selling online to home customers. rich…

4. Foreign Language Training Center

There are many teachers of foreign languages, but the quality of foreign language teachers is not many, the profession of teaching foreign languages ​​is English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Portuguese … although many people We saw great benefits and got involved, for now, foreign language training is still a viable business in the future.

Despite the competitiveness of major foreign language centers, not many will exist after the business period. This is because the brand and quality of the few foreign language training institutions have attracted all learners to move from medium quality to high-quality institutions.

If customers do not switch to quality training services, they will be left behind on their foreign language learning journey, and of course, they will be inferior to their friends in terms of present and future life. near far).

If you do not speak a foreign language, you do not need to worry about doing this business. Because you already have employees who do many things on your behalf, but of course you should also learn to serve the management of your language training center.

5. Cook For Customers At Home

Invite your friends over to play. It was dinner but didn’t want to go to the restaurant for dinner. Both the host and the guests want dinner, and there is no interruption in conversation just because it has to be together to prepare and cook.

And then a chef appears to replace the host and the guests cook a “big guy” meal is the best thing. You are that chef, and we will collect money from the cooking service at the customer’s home.

The guests have their own requirements for the meal, and you will have to prepare the ingredients and cookware according to their requirements. The client will not be involved and irrelevant while you are working in the kitchen, so you will have to work independently or have more staff dispatched.

Actually saying “Chef” only “mouth to mouth”, but to cook common dishes will not need too high level. But in terms of profession, you must know how to cook to gain customer trust and build a brand for your service.

Marketing for home cooking is mostly done on the internet. Using ads, Pr on electronic newspapers, forums, SEO, or selling via Facebook are all applicable ways. But don’t forget to build a unique brand for yourself, that is the most important thing when we trade goods and services.

6. Book Rental Business

Books made from paper are never outdated, in Western countries with technological developments many times larger than ours, but people in developed countries still have the habit of reading paper books, many articles also talked about the issue of reading paper books of the President or famous people from all over the world.

Paper books have many different benefits that e-books, soft documents (format in Doc, PDF, HTML …) will not have. In short, paper books are especially necessary for the current technology era, although the reading habits of many people have changed to using phones, computers, and specialized readers.

The necessity of paper books helps book shops to survive, and book rental services can develop even more when concepts such as “Sharing economy”, “Buying together” become a trend. save. Book rentals only pay less, but still, have access to 100% of the book’s content.

Developing a book rental business online is an effective way of thinking, but you will encounter a problem from a book rental service that is copyright. You will have to control the copyright of the book during the rental process. Not only with this idea, no matter what item you should trade now with a small amount of capital, you also have to pay special attention to legal issues.

7. Fresh Milk Shop Business

In the past 10 years, fresh milk has become a beverage similar to an essential product in consumers’ lives, even in rural areas, the demand for cow’s milk with or without sugar has increased significantly.

There are even times when many people think that formula is better than breastmilk, but in fact, many physicians recommend breastfeeding in the early stages of birth.

Those are signs of the strong development of the dairy industry in India in recent years.

The dairy shop business needs an average capital of between 150 million and 200 million, if you have more investment capital you can open a store on a larger scale. However, you need to pay special attention to the taste of the store. Because your clients are mostly indigenous people (or the same District, the same ward/commune).

Clean store decoration, unique and creative designs can attract more attention from customers. TH True Milk has a very special white-green color tone. If you are walking on the sidewalk and see 2 light blue and white seasons and the image of a milk box printed on their billboard, you will definitely remember TH True Milk.

8. Introducing Maid Service At Home

Brokerage service for families who do not have time to clean up is an effective idea in modern society, although it is not a new way to make money, the demand is constantly increasing. The trend of hiring companies is not enough to provide enough manpower, and culminating in the holidays where many families need to hire short-term helpers.

To introduce your service to customers, you can apply internet advertising in the initial stage, but in the long run, you need to do Pr and SEO to make your maid translation more effective.

Once a certain reputation and brand have been created in the internet environment, selling activities will be easier. However, the quality of service is shown through the maid, and you need to do the training closely.

9. Automatic Laundry Shop

It is still a laundry shop but we will have an automatic service, clothing products will be wet washed, dry cleaned, wrung, perfumed automatically from start to finish.

During the laundry process, if customers want to be able to do their own laundry and do laundry, so the design and import of machinery and equipment should ensure safety, simplicity, and ease of use. Laundry shops are suitable to open in densely populated areas, hospitals, hotels.

Investing in the home laundry business can be done on a large scale, it can also be done on a small scale. Investment capital can be from 100 million to 900 million.

10. Car Rental Cold Storage

Logistic is currently a very potential industry because this industry is essential in economic development, Logistic has many different fields such as Packaging, transportation, warehousing, paperwork … … Cold storage transfer is one of the services in the logistics industry, and the demand for cold storage trucks is now increasing.

For activities of transporting food products: Vegetables, pork, beef, frozen meat, seafood …. especially need the assistance of a truck with a refrigerated storage system. If not on a long-distance transportation journey, food will be easily damaged due to environmental impacts, reducing business profits.

Cold storage car rental is a unique, especially necessary and indispensable business idea in the transport industry, as the number demand increases due to the increasing demand for transportation, and most importantly, there are not many people doing the shipping services with special design such as hot, cold, good storage conditions, but if you have a small business, this idea will be limited, due to the amount of initial investment from Medium or higher, you should carefully consider adding potential customers before deciding to open a new model.

11. Online Psychological Counseling Service

The new human society is always under great pressure from many different sides: work, family, love, personal interests, dreams, choices, failures…. Each problem has its own set of problems and requires people to solve them to survive.

The pressure is too great, doesn’t have much time or because of the convenience and fastness of the internet, online psychological counseling services develop. Psychological consulting services in India have not been exploited by many businesses, while this is a hot business at present and in the future.

Similar to other ideas that develop on the internet environment, but the way we do Pr will favor life value, the message we convey to customers also expresses the feelings of love, family, the public department …

It can be said that doing Pr and content Marketing for this capital-free online business is unique, because the psychological consulting service itself contains emotions, values ​​to convince customers, if the story of Content Marketing the more emotional it is, the more mesmerizing it is.

That is why websites like Child Web ( receive great attention because the value and content presented on this website are often associated with emotions. Childhood Web is currently one of the largest parent forums in India, if possible you should go to this website to learn how they develop the website, through which you will find a direction for online psychological counseling service.

12. Wooden Utensils For Meals

Dining utensils made of wood material are used a lot in today’s life, if before, chopsticks were picked from bamboo, now eaters use a lot of chopsticks. made of wood; Or as rice bowls, wooden bowls are now widely used for safety or because they are light, natural …

Although wooden utensils can deteriorate faster than ceramic, brick, terracotta, stainless steel, and aluminum. But the trend of using wooden utensils is an option that consumers think is safe and simple.

13. Tutoring Classes

You can do business in the countryside with this model or in the city. By opening a tutoring class for our students. Because studying in the classroom is limited in time, there is a child who is unclear about how to do the homework or students who want to learn before the program, want to learn more advanced knowledge.

The purpose of the class is to help students improve their knowledge, improve their ability to react to exercises, exams, or simply review the learned knowledge.

A class can be divided into many small groups, each learning group will solve problems that groups of students do not understand or need to learn more advanced knowledge.

However, there will be a limitation that you will have to have professional qualifications and skills in pedagogy before opening classes. But if you do not have this ability you can hire staff, it could be a fourth-year student preparing to graduate, possibly the teacher teaching in the school.

To promote this business opportunity well, you need to do more research on learning programs and content. Currently, subjects that improve social skills, soft skills, piano skills, singing, foreign languages ​​are very high. is focused on by the sub-ranks.

14. Open A Store Selling Wallpaper

This item is a best-selling product today and has been developed in India for a long time, but has only been interested in many customers in the last 6-8 years.

Wallpaper is a product to meet spiritual needs, so when the consumer’s income is not enough to meet the material life or is physically lacking, the buyer is not willing to give up. money to buy in goods that meet spiritual value.

This is similar to when you have a lover to date if you don’t have a pretty girlfriend you probably won’t go to the cinema alone because you lose money when you don’t have enough money. buy 1 more phone for work. But if you have a girlfriend as beautiful as a fairyland, so beautiful that it can’t be more beautiful, you will definitely be willing to spend money going out, shopping with your girlfriend. Because you understand that we are spending our money for the necessary purpose, which is to get our girlfriend to go home.

Maslow’s needs pyramid indicates that, if there is a need for material, health, eat, sleep, rest…. If being answered, people tend to look to other more advanced needs to satisfy their (intangible) spiritual values. If you are a business person, you should delve deeply into this Maslow demand tower.

Returning to the wallpaper product, this item is suitable for business in the city, because their people focus more on cultural values, spiritual life. And moreover, the city has many high-rise buildings and apartments of all kinds.

Wallpaper business is very competitive, but instead, the profit is high, the initial investment cost is from 100 million to 500 million, if you have a lot of capital, you can invest 1 billion to 2 billion.

15. Photo Albums, Photo Books, Online Photos

Photo albums have long been developed in European and Western countries. In this country Photo albums (photo books) are designed delicately and professionally, we can say the “beauty level” of the photo albums that companies (individuals) do for customers on a fantastic level.

The photo albums for customers can be travel photos (a collection of photos in the tour of guests), collages, personal photos, commemorative photos, wedding photos, daily life photos … printing technology, advanced image processing technologies that when printed image products are very similar to real spaces.

The development of technology and the photography industry as well as photo album translation have created a part-time or full-time job for many people in the field. They can open a private office, or work part-time for the company.

Making photo albums does not cost money, but if you want to open a professional store, you also need to invest a small amount of capital, the two most important things are: Computer, photo printer.

16. Products As Souvenirs For Babies

This idea is not so prominent, but the business effect is very high if the project developer can plan well, b-stay for the market of products. Baby products are huge.

Products for children can be mentioned as bracelets, bracelets made of silver or other materials, toys, clothes, hats, shoes, books, souvenirs suitable for babies’ ages.

You can sell online or open a traditional store, but if possible, you should combine these two methods to increase sales for your mini shop. And it should be noted about models and types of products to ensure uniqueness and diversity.

17. Health-Enhancing Products

The quality of life of Indian people has been improved day by day, consumers pay more attention to health, fitness, and health improvement products have been selling well in recent years. Functional foods are a category of products that fall under this concept.

In the consumer’s mindset, they do not want to use the drug at all, because they know that it is the person who has the disease to use it. But many people are concerned about health-promoting products that are not medicines.

Trading in dietary supplements is also a director, but you can explore more products, and don’t forget to delve into the conditions that need to be met to get a business license.

18. Eyeglasses Market

If you go deeper into the research of eyeglasses, you will receive a very favorable price, but the price of eyeglasses is high. During the market survey on this item, Thalib Tantary asked a small saleswoman how much profit they would get in a 400,000 INR glass, they said it might be 300,000 INR, but sometimes it was also lower. is 270,000 INR, which means they have a rate of return of 75%.

The eyewear market in India currently has not yet developed its full potential, especially for fashion eyewear. Because Indian consumers’ habit of buying luxury goods is still not strong, while low-priced fashion eyewear also has to reach 1,000,000 INR/ 1 piece, the average price is also 3,000,000 INR.

19. Content Marketing

Content Marketing, Original Content, Pr article, SEO article, sales article, product introduction, advertising … are the concepts that only use content (content) to help businesses develop business. indirectly or directly.

Articles introducing products have a direct effect on selling, while Pr articles will indirectly help businesses consume goods. This service in India is currently in the early stages of development because the marketing infrastructure is still problematic.

However, you will have an important difficulty, that is you need to know how to write, because writing Pr is much more difficult than writing an essay, so at least you must have writing skills to be able to do it. job.

20. Old phone Buy & Sell

In the current Indian market, you wouldn’t have imagined how old the old cell phone is. The most obvious sign of that is the brick-and-mortar Nokia phone line, now Nokia has been transferred to others, but the “old-fashioned” phone lines of this company in India still attract a large number of buyers.

For no other reason, just because customers like the simplicity of old phones and they make the buying decision. Also, the low price factor influences the purchase of used phones.

21. Open A Store Selling Condoms

Referring to this product perhaps many people still feel shy. With the lives and needs of people today, this product is no longer too unfamiliar but has become very popular.

Opening a condom shop will be an idea that will help you with a small amount of capital to start a business and make money.

In terms of location, we should choose premises near an area with many motels and hotels, the ability to reach target customers will be higher. About the product: there are many types of condoms with different quality and price. You need to take the time to learn more details about each type to be able to choose the quality source for your business.

With this idea, you need to prepare yourself for capital of about 20 million. This is the amount of money for you to pay for the rent of the premises, importing goods, decorating the shop. The area of ​​the store does not need to be too large so you can rent a space of about 15m2 for business. If the business is favorable, you can make 2-3 times the profit of your capital.

22. Sales of Old Clothes

In India, it can be said that the demand for reusing old products is huge. Clothing is one of the products that customers are interested in regularly.

You can open a second-hand clothing store. Depending on the target customers, you can choose different lines of old clothes for business. These could be good quality and branded old clothes, or just cheap clothes.

Combining online business by regularly live streaming sharing newly imported outfits, redesigning old clothes into fancy models that are not in touch to attract customers. The profit you earn can be from 7 million to 12 million / month.

23.  Online Socks Business

Online business is still a trending business form that many people choose. Even large companies and corporations cannot ignore this form. Therefore, an online business idea with a small capital will help you make a lot of money.

Trading stocks online is the next idea I want to introduce to you. In India, the current demand for fashion concerns is huge. All is also one of the small accessories, but always carefully selected to match each outfit.

With the idea of ​​selling socks online, you need to have yourself a capital of about 30 million to start. Invest in online channels, import goods, run ads. Regarding the source of goods, you should look for a variety of models with a different qualities to meet the needs of all customers. Importing from Guangzhou is also an option for you. Try this idea if you are looking for a small-capital business idea!

24. Sell Handmade Materials

We often mention the ideas of selling handmade goods but ignore the materials to make those items. In the topic of today’s analysis, I will introduce to you an old idea that is still an effective business that is to open a shop selling handmade materials.

Most of these ingredients can be purchased at major domestic wholesale markets or imported from the Chinese border gate. Materials such as a sponge, wool, thread, embroidery ring, cotton, fabric…. always buy and buy by lovers who love to make handmade things. With a capital of about 100 million, you can open yourself a small shop selling handmade goods.

25. Home Appliances

Rural areas are one of the potential markets that we should exploit to make money.

Housewares are items that are used regularly in the home. Psychology of customers in rural areas, they will like to choose to buy cheap products but still meet their needs without paying much attention to quality. Opening a shop selling cheap household goods in the countryside is the next suggestion I want to share with you.

Before going into business, you should research the suppliers to compare the price and quality. Trading in household appliances has little profit on each product but combined it will be a big profit.

So the difference of a few thousand also determines whether you make a lot or not. So looking for a supplier is the first thing you should care about! If the business is good, a month you can earn 8 million to 13 million. When the number of visitors is stable, the profit will increase accordingly.

26. Selling All Kinds of Rice Paper

Mixed rice paper is one of the snacks that many people love, from children to adults, from students to office workers. With great customer demand for this item, you can start a shop selling various kinds of rice paper with an investment of about 20 million.

Diversify types of rice paper such as mixed rice paper, tamarind rice paper, burnt rice … … for customers to have more choices. Also, you should combine with wholesale elimination of rice paper to increase your fixed customer base.

A string of rice paper mixed in 10 bags imported for about 15,000 INR/ 10 bags. You can sell 3,000 INR/ bag, 10 bags are 30,000 INR. That would double the interest. Do not ignore this idea if you are looking to start a business with a small amount of profit!

27. Women’s Jewelry And wigs

Taking into account women’s need for beauty and self-care, we can come up with the idea of ​​opening a shop selling cheap wigs and jewelry.

We will target young customers, middle-income women. The psychology of this group of customers is that they like to buy a lot of beautiful jewelry at low prices.

Therefore, you should choose to source products at wholesalers at wholesale markets or buy at the border. The advantage of Chinese products is that they are cheap and beautiful, so they will meet the needs of this group of customers.

Don’t forget to combine your online business to find more customers and increase your income!

28. Open Phone Repair Shop

This is an old idea, but you can still exploit it. The demand for using phones always exists and tends to increase. Since then, the need to repair phones has also increased.

You could invest in taking a phone repair course to start implementing this idea. An iPhone phone repair course costs about 20 million. Then you need to invest 40 million more to buy appliances and equipment and combine to sell more phone accessories to increase your income.

This will be an idea to help you with a long-term and stable business. Consider this suggestion if you are planning to start a business.

29. Online Video Editing Services

Taking a video maybe anyone can do it but making it an engaging video is different. If you are skilled at edit video then use it to earn extra income. With just a computer with the right configuration, you can get started on this job.

Introduce this service online, on community sites to find customers. Depending on the request and content submitted by the customer, how much will you value that video. If you work hard, you can earn a few tens of millions a month.

30. Tofu Business Idea

The last idea I want to share with you is to open a tofu shop. Should open near the market to reach customers more often. Also, you can provide this product to vegetarians or temple cookers. Your income can range from 500,000 INR to 1,000,000 INR depending on the number of visitors per day.

31. Sales Space For Rent Right In The Cafe

This idea I suggest more for those of you currently or preparing to run your own cafe.

My suggestion is: in addition to space for diners to enjoy your coffee shop, you will spend a part of the area for others to rent for business. The “other people” here may be online business friends who want to find a small place to display their products and introduce their products to customers.

You can let the “other people” do business on jewelry, handmade products, brocade products, books, … … at a friendly price.

With this idea, you can both earn a little more income from renting out space in a café. Just help you create more interesting experiences for customers when they come to drink coffee.

Not only that, this can be seen as a symbiotic cooperative relationship for mutual benefits. The “other people” will exploit the number of customers coming to your cafe. And you can also exploit the number of customers coming to buy products of “other people” at the shop.

If you run a coffee shop, consider this idea.

32. Cereal Breakfast Business

Instead of the usual breakfast business like before, this time I want to share with you the idea of ​​a cereal breakfast business.

This means your product is a cereal bottle that has been prepared and delivered to customers. Our target audience is those who still want to eat breakfast to get enough nutrients but still want to maintain a good shape. It can be said specifically here that it is the female.

Cereal flour is made from intoxicating roasted nuts such as green beans, soybeans, red beans, brown rice, walnuts,…. Making cereals is very simple, so you can go online to learn more to learn how.

In addition to preparing cereals, you just need to prepare more sugar and milk. A little tip for you is that you should not sell plastic cups but instead, you will sell stainless steel or iron cups.

Customers who come to buy the first time will pay extra to pay for the glass, and the next time it is just to bring the cup. This idea is both helping to ensure the quality of the grain to retain its deliciousness after taking it away, and at the same time being environmentally friendly.

33. Open Home-Made Yogurt

With a capital of just a few hundred thousand, you can start a home-made yogurt business.

On how to make yogurt, there are many video tutorials online or you can ask people who know how to make it for yourself.

There should be a variety of different yogurt flavors, such as strawberry yogurt, passion fruit yogurt, mango yogurt … With this idea, we will do business online to save costs but reach more customers.

You will take pictures and post them to sell on your personal page, and share articles with local community groups. To avoid the case that customers buy less and still have to ship, you should set a limit. For example: start receiving ship when buying from 10 bags or more; freeship if you buy 30 bags, jar…

34. Provide Car Rental Services

In this section, we have two small ideas:

Firstly, you can provide motorbike rental. Target customers here are local tourists

Second, it is a car rental. Today, the number of people learning a car driver’s license has increased significantly, but not everyone can afford a car. Therefore, many families when going away or many people who need to go to work far away will need to rent a car. With this in mind, if you start a company, you will need a lot of capital. Therefore, if your home has 1-2 units, you should take advantage of the first to save costs.

35. Open Carpentry Classes For Children

Parents today are very concerned with practicing soft skills and encouraging their children to have more experiences. Taking that opportunity, you can open a great children’s private carpentry. Provided you have experience in carpentry to be able to guide the children safely.

From this idea, we can exploit many other ideas aimed at children such as teaching cooking, teaching pottery …

36. Holding Hands in the Family

This idea sounds strange, right. Here’s the idea that you will use clay and the necessary ingredients to shape a client’s fist or feet. Then pour in the high batter to harden and when removed you will see a fist shape. This product will be kept as a souvenir.

Our target audience is families with young children. These families often need to make this product on their special days such as birthdays, cradle, 100 days…. You will provide home service. It can be said that this idea is quite new in India. You can refer to.

37. ​​Trading Old Electronics, Old Home Appliances

The cost of buying new appliances and electronics is often very expensive. Therefore, many people choose to save money with the idea of ​​buying second hand. You will be the middleman to collect these old electronics and appliances, then repair and clean them like new. Next is to sell to people in need.

With this in mind, you should have experience in repairs. The items can be traded such as old TVs, old washing machines, old refrigerators …

38. Manufacturing And Trading House-Made Cell Phones

If your house has a tradition of making rice noodles or if you do not know, you can find out. Then started with the idea of ​​both self-production and home-made cellophane business. This is a popular and traditional ingredient of Indian people.

Your target audience is grocery stores. Working as a farmworker requires a lot of effort and time. Also, you need some time to convince customers. Therefore, when choosing this idea, please consider it carefully.

39. selling Grilled Heart, Rice Bowl, And Chicken Legs In The Evening

An idea to make money right in the day for you here. That is the idea of ​​selling grilled tripe, grilled rice bowl, and grilled chicken legs in the evening.

You just need a trolley designed with a stove, grill, and glass cabinet next to the grill. In terms of hearts, sausages, after buying chicken feet, they will be cleaned and marinated. When open for sale, just grill is.

Business locations: should be in crowded places such as residential areas, market gates … There should be additional dishes such as vegetables, cucumbers.

40. Repair And Buy Old Computers.

Another idea you can refer to is opening a repair shop and buying and selling used computers. With this idea, you must have experience and skills in computer repair. Also, you can hire staff to work for you. The shop does not need to be too large but must have enough tools to serve the repair.

Okay, Thalib Tantary shared with you 40 ways to do small businesses and sell to make money. Do you have any questions about the idea, Marketing comment in the comment section for Salary?