There are ideas to get rich from trading and doing small business with effective and unique capital, which is a way to get rich fast in today’s market. Finding such rich investment models so that we can start a business is something that I will share with everyone in this section.

20 Ways To Get Rich Fast

1. Selling Colored Powder Paintings

It is a new type of painting in life in Vietnam, mainly using pigments to paint. Artists only use pigments to create unique and fancy shapes, if you want a long-term business, the best way is to hire someone who can paint.

2. Tofu Stall

Simple, easy to make money, is one of the fastest ways to get rich at this time. The price of imported soybeans is not high, but the selling price per piece is much higher. Pursuing this career, every day you can earn from 500,000 USD to 1 million USD is easy.

The chosen location should be near the market, near the places where many people pass by. The average store area is 20-30m2. Soybean tools and materials need to be safe and hygienic.

3. Cosplay Business

COSPLAY has just been introduced into Vietnam, is an entertainment activity usually for young people today. By drawing and decorating themselves into fictional characters from history…Cosplay is just entertainment created by gathering a group of people to interact with each other, in addition, these people also participate in organizing sessions. party…

It is completely possible to do business in Cosplay services, by renting services by the hour or by contract. Selling clothes, decorative items, colors are also in this business idea.

4. Baked Fruit

Is a new way to enjoy fruit in modern society. When the fruit is baked, there will be a rich taste of oil (fat) mixed with the sweetness of the sugar in the fruit, creating a very strange and characteristic aroma when enjoyed. When baking fruit, you can skew 3-5 pieces of beef, goat, and lamb to make the dish more flavorful. In addition, you need to pay attention to the color of the grilled fruit skewers, because beautiful colors can attract people to choose.

To sell this strange dish, you can rent a street or sidewalk space. The average area is only 30m2 (2-storey house will be better).

5. Rent Novels, Love Stories

The sisters aged 20-28 are passionate about love stories and love novels. Such a large market, but now mainly stories on the internet. Few people deal in books of this genre. Many people don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy a novel and just read it once and leave, so the solution of renting a story seems to be an interesting way to invest.

Knowing the secrets of getting rich in the field of art you can exploit this idea very effectively. Doing business to get rich in the field of art and literature is a rich start-up idea that can generate millions of dollars in the Vietnamese market.

6. Pottery Shop “Playing”

Usually, people make ceramic products to sell and trade. But we will not do that, this way of doing business is that you set up a pottery workshop for entertainment and fun. The main object that the pottery workshop is aimed at is children, both increasing their intelligence and relieving the pressure of studying. In addition, the subjects are students, students are also very interested in this fun and entertaining way when they can create a ceramic product to take home.

Each person who comes to entertain you can collect from 30,000 USD-50,000 USD or collect a monthly fee, in addition, we can sell more beautiful ceramics at the factory to increase income.

7. Delicious Bakery Shop

Selling bread is almost already made by many people, but have you observed that they sell very small? Someone makes a trolley selling pate bread, milk bread, … that’s only a temporary solution, but if you want a long-term business, you need to rent a clean and beautiful decoration booth, choose a cozy wall paint color. match the color of the bread.

In the process of doing business, it is necessary to promote the old recipe for making homemade cakes, because there are no standard recipes for bread on the market today. Thanks to the history of the recipes that convince customers to buy the product, bread sells mainly in the morning so you need to organize your work to have the cake sold on time.

8. Dairy Shop

If you choose the right place, how to introduce and promote business products to the right psychology of the people around, your daily income can be from 500,000 USD -2 million. That is, we only sell in traditional stores, when opening an online store, the revenue can increase more, even the profit from selling milk online is more than the profit from customers by geography. . It is important that your product is safe and of good quality.

The store should be located in a place with a lot of people passing by if it is possible to rent a place where there are many knowledgeable people, the better.

9. Group Classes at Home

The teacher not only teaches homework, teaches taking tests, teaches lessons for the next day, we can also teach using computers, teach drawing, teach piano, etc. I’m still in middle school, high school, or kindergarten.

Do not teach one person, but will teach a group of 5-10 people, because firstly you will earn more money, secondly, children studying alone are easy to get bored, if there is a group of friends to discuss. , having fun together will have more interest in your class.

Most of the families who send their children to home school in this way of education belong to the rich and the economic families. So you will not need to worry about income. Pay attention to the subject you teach for better quality.

Tuition fees also depend on the region where you live, in Hanoi, each teaching session for 2-3 hours can earn 400,000 USD-700,000 USD. What matters is the quality of the lessons we give them. If you don’t have any special skills, you can hire someone to teach, and pay them, but usually, everyone who owns it needs to know a little about the expertise of the industry they will do business.

10. Exam Preparation Service

Levels 2, 3, and 1 always have to study for exams to be able to go to class or take exams to choose good students. Their parents are willing to pay to send our “customer-god” to school. Different from the new forms mentioned above, this form is like a tutor, but we will not go to the student’s house, but we let them choose how to study but must make sure that the amount of profit is equal to your wishes.

What we need to do is to prepare the review exercises, for the practice carefully to help your students get high scores in the exam. If you apply this method, you need to hire about 2 people to take turns or you must be able to teach the subject.

The subjects that tutors make the most money in are English, Mathematics, and Chemistry. As long as you help them get high marks, they can safely open classes for a long time. Because of the fact that the subjects in this period are often not applied much in later life, except for English (or other foreign languages). So your class only needs to orient students to get high scores.

11. Midwifery Services

Initial investment capital is about 30 million, including renting office space, buying basic equipment. Recruit 3-5 people to work as midwives. Note that after recruiting people, it is necessary to train them in working skills, need to recruit people who have been clearly trained in schools, how to ensure the safety and health of pregnant women when entering the real shift.

After giving birth, you will need to monitor your body for 2-4 months (maybe longer). So we can open more business consulting and health care services for mothers after giving birth. This profession is currently quite a “soldier” in the market today.

12. Nutritious Breakfast Food

In places in the city, people pay great attention to nutrition for the body every day. Maybe they eat very little but must ensure enough nutrients for the day. The dishes we can trade such as nutritious meat porridge, mussel porridge, fruit juice smoothies made from vegetables and fruits that are safe and hygienic, cakes made from specialty rice, and fillings inside. Must be delicious to attract customers to come back to eat next time.

13. Foodservice Company

When it comes to diseases, no one wants to, but in reality, every day thousands of patients live in the hospital. Such a large set of customers, if we know how to market and sell, surely succeed.

To save money on food delivery costs, you should set up a store near the hospital area, so you can both sell goods thanks to a good geographical location and sell food if you advertise online.

14. Hand-Knitted Utensils

Products such as flower baskets, storage baskets, racks, rattan chairs, conical hats, rattan tables… are typical items for this way of doing business. Hire 3-5 skilled people, a workshop located in an alley is fine, but if you have a space, it’s best to use it as a stall to sell the products you’ve made. If your home is in the countryside, you should only set up a factory and look for a contract to supply wholesale, wholesale, or you can also retail online, but the problem of shipping will be limited if there is an order. with a long geographical distance.

15. Rent a Flower Garden

If you have an unused land garden, an area of ​​​​about 300m2 in the suburbs of the city, you can completely turn your land into a beautiful, green flower garden and attract young people to visit and relax. slightly after hours of hard work and study. For each guest entering the flower garden, you can collect 10,000 USD-20,000 USD.

16. Growing Aquatic Flowers

Is a flower, or ornamental plant that lives in water. Usually, these ornamental flowers are grown in vases or glass tubes for easy viewing. To raise and grow this kind of ornamental flower, you need a few botanical skills. Aquatic plant flowers are very safe and natural, that’s why in the past 1 or 2 years there has been a trend of buying aquatic plants.

17. Selling All kinds of Milk

Milk is an indispensable food in daily life. You can open a store that specializes only in dairy. Depending on the target customers are children, pregnant mothers, the elderly, etc., you will enter the appropriate types of milk.

Attention should be paid to checking expiration dates and inventories to avoid backlogs.

18. Essential Oil Shop

The next idea suggested in this topic is to open an essential oil store. Essential oils are very popular in India, you can learn and import them from here.

Our target audience is women. Essential oils are often used for beauty, skincare, bathing, or perfumery. For women, essential oils are indispensable.

You just need a small shop, simple but delicate and luxurious design. Everything in the store should use glass, with a mirror. Essential oils already have a natural scent, and this will be one of the factors that make your store attractive to customers.

19. Selling Products for Couples

Double business is the next idea I want to share. Psychologically, when couples are getting to know each other, couples + groups of close friends will like to buy similar items such as shoes, hats, shirts, phone cases, jewelry…

Hopefully, my sharing will help you find the right business and business ideas for you and bring the highest efficiency.

20. Book Translation Center

The demand for books translated from abroad is increasing day by day, based on that, you can realize the idea of ​​opening a book translation center and receiving book editing.

With this idea, you should invest in online channels with marketing strategies to introduce your services to attract the most customers. In addition, a team of experienced personnel and good technical skills will support you to better implement this idea.