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11 Tips To Increase Conversion Rates in E-commerce

In this post, we discussed 11 important considerations that brands often overlook in developing a commercial website. 

Swiftblogging hopes to receive more suggestions and sharing from businesses that have succeeded in optimizing conversion rates of e-commerce and keeping customers to stay longer with the brand on 11 topics. down here:

1. Share Customer Reviews

In order to increase conversion rates, the reviews and reviews of customers who have used products and services bring great efficiency.

As in the case of Consumerist, they statistics that up to 70% of online shoppers review reviews and product reviews before making a purchase decision. Looking at this number, it can be understood from another perspective that, among all decision-makers, up to 70% are affected by product reviews in one way or another.

It also means that positive customer reviews often lead to an increase not only in conversion rate but also in average order value and the number of times a customer continues to buy.

And depending on the field and product they are trading in, brands have many ways to present customer reviews and sharing.

2. Streamline The Payment Process

After optimizing the above, the brand has a fully functional website, appealing to customers aesthetically; The content on the page answers the issues that customers are interested in, at the same time, the positive reviews of the purchased goods make visitors completely trust and enter the payment period.

However, if the checkout process is not streamlined, all previous efforts will return to zero. According to Baymard, 28% of customers have abandoned their shopping carts online due to the complicated payment process. or cumbersome.

Therefore, there will be some cases where brands need to consider reducing steps in the payment process. For example, there should be an option that allows new customers to pay as guests (instead of asking them to register for a new account).

Note: If you want to have more information and note about new customer preferences, build an interesting campaign – the application of psychological insight to motivate customers to share personal information after making a purchase. original row or convertible.

Payments should be one of the least interesting and smoothest parts of your customers’ shopping experience. To do this, brands need to pay attention to the process of payment really flexible, minimize the information that customers are required to fill out the form.

3. Diverse Payment And Delivery Options

As we all know, modern consumers can and have many options to complete the payment online: PayPal, Apple Pay, e-wallets and many other forms are replacing credit cards.

That also means: brands should pay attention to the payment method that the target customers like and tend to choose and be sure that they can meet their needs and desires.

In addition, delivery time options should also be considered. Typically, options will have a correlation between price and convenience; that is, customers can pay more if they want faster delivery and vice versa, lower shipping costs (or free) with a slower delivery option.

4. Re-approach The Customers Who Have Abandoned The Basket

If the customer has chosen to fill the cart but suddenly leaves, neither completing the transaction nor rare. In this situation, we will have two options: ignore them and focus on the remaining customers or find ways to attract them back, complete the payment step. If you choose the second option, please:

  • Determine why they are leaving and try to fix the holes
  • Take full advantage of the role of popup exit pages, on marketing campaigns and email marketing
  • Strengthen and enhance the value of your products in the eyes of customers

A customer only really loses if you don’t try to pull back. Offering appropriate and insightful offers, surely a person who abandons a shopping cart can also become a loyal customer.

5. Customer Service At All Channels

Despite great efforts to provide in-depth information on brands, products, and processes, but in the course of completing a transaction, certain customers will still have questions. Simply because they are not as knowledgeable about products and services as you.

Business Ideas With Low Investment and High Profit

Although limited through the FAQ page or live chat on the website, 24/7 support via email or social networking sites is also the channel that brands should consider. In addition, to make the process of using these channels most convenient for visitors, brands need:

  • Ensure contact information is easily found on the website
  • Minimize the number of steps in the information search process
  • The knowledge base needs to be intuitive or with the help of a tool

The easier it is for potential customers to get the answers they need, the more they trust the brand and the more likely they are to become paying customers.

6. Commitment To Customer Information Security

In early 2020, the European Union officially issued the General Data Protection Regulation, which urges online shoppers to be more alert about ensuring personal information as safe as possible.

Statista also shared that 17% of customers have abandoned baskets due to website security concerns. So to drive conversions (and minimize shopping cart abandonment rates), brands need to prove to their potential customers that their data is safe in your hands.

The simplest way is to make reliable and certified commitments to this on sites that require customers to share information:

  • A study conducted in 2013 by Baymard shared that confirmation from major credit card companies, PayPal, Norton, and Google that have created the most trust in the eyes of consumers.
  • As shared from the beginning of the article, increasing overall conversion rates is more related to detailed and specific changes on the website instead of making extensive changes.
  • The reason is that the problem at specific touchpoints – thought to be small but often annoying and leaving customers instead of completing the final steps of the journey to become a paying customer. This is also the reason, even if every other stage of the journey is perfect, just the inflexible payment option or delay in customer support can make them immediately leave.
  • That confirms the need to take time to carefully review the touchpoints in the buying journey and check to see if it affects customers who are ready to make buying decisions. And if it is possible to manage small steps to increase conversion rates during a buyer’s journey, the brand’s overall conversion rate is likely to be very different.

7. Understand Customer Psychology

In order to keep visitors on the page for a long time and be able to navigate them every step of the conversion funnel, the prerequisite is that the brand needs to understand customers: what they like, what they hate; what makes them feel comfortable or disappointed; what motivates them to take action and what makes them “one go and no return”.

Customers should be at the center of everything the brand is doing. In terms of navigation, you absolutely need to make sure visitors find that the website structure is not too difficult to understand and can easily do whatever they want, such as:

  • Browse product catalogs as well as specific product pages
  • Find products quickly
  • Content is intuitive and easy to understand
  • Easy to understand navigation so that they complete each step of the buying journey

Basically, the goal when designing a brand website is for visitors to never have to wonder: how to find the product I need? If you have to ask that question anytime during the navigation process on the page, that’s when customers are about to leave you.

In addition, aesthetics are especially important when research has shown that 75% of an individual’s perception of a brand (based on quality and reliability) comes from the aesthetics of a commercial website.

This also means that, even if navigation, the buying process has been optimized or you have spent a lot of money to increase your brand awareness, you are probably still facing a battle. difficult to increase conversion rates if the website looks like this.

However, to make aesthetic comments – a concept that is very abstract and very much dependent on the perspective of each person is a very difficult task. We will point out some websites that are highly rated:

8. Create Valuable Content

It’s undeniable that a powerful content marketing strategy can do wonders for e-commerce businesses. The data collected by the Content Marketing Institute also confirms the role of content marketing in helping:

  • 3x increase in leads compared to paid search campaigns
  • Creating trust and increasing buying trends for 61% of consumers
  • Conversion rate increases by nearly 600% (compared to companies that do not use content marketing)

Of course, it is not enough to just create any content and expect that conversion rates will quickly explode. And there will not be a common scenario for businesses, instead, the branding content must be what customers want to read, want to see, specifically:

  • Help them solve a related problem – become an expert in their field
  • Demonstrate the value of the services that the brand offers
  • Stand out (more quality, more creative presentation, etc.) than countless other similar content

For example, home decoration brand One Kings Lane uses its blog to provide interior decoration tips and anecdotes from the home decoration world:

While such content often does not directly lead to an increase in conversion rates, it will provide added value, creating an impression in the eyes of potential customers so that in the near future they will be able to buy from the company. your.

9. Attract Visitors With Popup

Popup is currently becoming one of the optimal options for collecting customer information. But, just like with content marketing, your advertising sites need to be creative and strategically presented to attract visitors in effective ways. This also means that Popup should:

  • Provide valuable information to encourage conversion
  • Installed on the time of appearance so as not to interrupt the customer experience
  • Consistent with the brand identity and the ability to “talk” with the target audience

10. Create A Quality Product Page

As you know, when someone has moved to the product information page, that means the opportunity for them to become a customer is very close. There are many reasons that motivate users to click on a product page.

They are looking for a specific product, comparing prices between brands, or are they simply clicking on the web? Or, are they looking to make a purchase or are likely to do so, as long as the product page provides what they need.

In any and all of these situations, at least, an informative product page will allow visitors to interact more with your brand – and also potentially lead to high conversions.

A number of elements (required or optional) for a product page, including:

  • Product title and description
  • Product photos and videos
  • Customized options for products: size, color, etc.
  • CTA – location and message
  • Additional information

11. Exploiting Price Strategy

It is obvious to e-commerce sites that the price of a product plays a decisive role in whether or not customers buy. CPC Strategy estimates that 87% of online shoppers say the price is the deciding factor on whether or not they make a purchase.

However, it should be noted that this figure is not to prove consumers are cheap ham. Instead, they tend to search for the most reasonable price for an item on different websites.

In other words, there is more to exploiting a pricing strategy than just overtaking the competition and perhaps the best way is to value the product based on the value you provide to the customer.

This means putting yourself in the shoes of your customers to evaluate products and determine the price they can accept in exchange for the item in question.

If you can devise a price-based pricing strategy scientifically, you will not only optimize the opportunity to generate more conversions but also be able to make a higher profit for each sale.

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