Traveling is a hobby for almost everyone. Each week people at least do some traveling to get rid of their fatigue from routine.

However, have you ever thought of traveling but also earning income? Working as a hobby was the dream of all people. One of them is running a travel business.

Traveling needs or even traveling are becoming secondary needs at this time. Traveling activities are not only to eliminate fatigue, but corporations also need to travel for business activities, awards, or human resource development activities.

How not, the streets are also highly recommended one of which is to gain experience and have a new perspective on the world.

Even the trend of ” Buy less, experience more ” and also a minimalist life become guidelines used by some people today to do more traveling.

Travel Business

Travel business is actually an easy business but full of big risks. Easy because the true business of travel does not require large assets. You can do it anywhere. Travel business is also a business that will never die because humans certainly have a need to entertain themselves, especially through the streets.

Another advantage is the travel business is a business that has a broad scope, even now you can approach the corporation for outbound needs, and also leisure, namely business travel followed by travel.

Another advantage is that the travel business can be run without capital. Usually, your service users will pay a deposit as a guarantee for a travel agreement.

But from the many advantages, the business of travel has considerable risk. You need to pay attention to the safety and security of service users. Once this risk occurs, it is not only your reputation that matters, but you could end up in jail. Experience the streets were important, but safety and security is number one.

To avoid problems done when running a travel business such as being in debt, canceling cooperation, inconsistencies, and also a messy program, you also need to pay attention to a few things before preparing a travel business.

Pay Attention To The Destination

Not a business travel name if you do not specify a tourist destination. You can arrange tourist destinations depending on your target audience. If you are targeting leisure tourism, you can determine the area according to destination trends or points of interest of the traveler.

You also need to pay attention to factor 5A as follows:

  • Accommodation:

Does the destination have suitable accommodations to use.

  • Accessibilities:

Access ease of transportation to the destination, whether the distance between tourist sites is close together, access to other destinations whether it takes a long time or not.

  • Activities:

Defining activities when traveling is a must-do. activities can adjust to the culture and geography of the destination.

  • Amenities:

Supporting facilities at the destination is suitable for tourists, for example, restaurants, hospitals, or toilets.

  • Attraction:

This is also an important part of tourism, the destination must have landmarks or cultural activities that can be enjoyed by tourists. For example, Tourism in Bali which has attractions in the form of surfing and also watching the sunset.

Build Trust And Professionalism

Trust can be built by making your business professional. word of mouth when pioneering is indeed fine. But you also need to create a portfolio, company profile, register with an authorized body, and also register with an association.

joining an association can also help your business connect with potential clients. The legality of business is also useful when you want to offer services to corporations.

Building trust can also be done continuously connected with your consumers. You can connect with your customers through social media or after-sales services. Building trust also by providing knowledge to prospective customers about several destinations.

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Number One Permanent Services

Business travel is also a form of service business that prioritizes service. Services also affect the security and safety of your service users. Service is also not just about how you serve when offering services.

Service you can provide in the form of features and benefits in your package. for example, additional facilities for honeymooners.

Maximize Promotions With Endorsements

Promotional discounts or special prices for repeat orders are common. You can do endorsement as a promotional media. Utilizing a Key Opinion Leader or Influencer to promote your business.

For example, you can work with capital artists by taking them for a walk and then asking them to promote your business through their Instagram or YouTube.

Digitalisation of Travel Business For Better Coverage

You can create websites, promote using Google Ads, or Search Engine Optimization, monitor business developments using Google Analytics, and also create order applications to facilitate ordering.

Digitalization is important in the industrial era 4.0 to facilitate your business access to better market coverage. You can also do marketing through YouTube channel vlog content.

Build Collaboration For Better Profit

Who says travel businesses don’t know Business-to-business models? You can work with travel agents. in collaboration with record equipment products and travel equipment because, in fact, a travel business can be an advertising agent on other products.

For example, you can ask your service users to use endorsement products, then soft-sell by creating video content recorded with endorsement cameras as well, and crazy again you can collaborate with local destination governments to promote their tourist destinations. tingling delicious, right business trip?

Create Attractive Packages And Offers

Packages make your audience have choices. the more package choices there are, the more likely they will use your services, especially if the package is attractive. Packages are also useful for classifying the features of your trip, whether it will be addressed to the leisure or businessman.

Packages are also a tool to deal with income differentiation. With revenue differentiation, the velocity of money will not stop if the business is critical. You can take advantage more through travel packages by adjusting your needs and budget.

Don’t Forget The Importance of Financial Management

If you are ready to run a business, or your business has begun to run, then don’t forget to manage finances well.

Finance is the main factor that makes the business will continue to run perfectly, orderly management from the beginning will prevent the business from financial leakage and mismanagement.