Tips and Strategies For Marketing New Products Are Effective For Sales

In order to become a good seller, it is necessary to master some sales skills. So, what are the effective sales techniques and marketing of new products?

Here are marketing techniques and techniques summarized by sales experts.


In the war, there was no war without preparation, this was similar for sales. Many product marketers often misunderstand that selling means finding a way to go, in fact it is not so.

I remember that we have been training for nearly a month, from product knowledge to failure analysis, from company history to sales skills, step by step from beginning to end. At that time, our colleagues often joked with each other and said they all became robots.

I remember that in order to fix the music effect the best, I didn’t have a customer, I took a week of testing and major error checking, I finally got a satisfactory result. Every time I take a break, I always want to go to different shops to find out the market.

Today’s customers always enjoy places where there are interesting promotional campaigns such as where to buy cheap, where to get discounts, etc. So if you don’t understand the customer psychology, you will be very passive in facing customers. .

Second, you can learn the skills of other advertisers. Only by taking advantage of each company’s strengths can you correct your mistakes and failures to become better.


There are a lot of books about promotion techniques, and basically all of them will talk about the enthusiasm of advertisers.

But in reality, many advertisers cannot grasp its nature, thinking that enthusiasm is smiling and talking to customers. However, this is not true. Everything needs to be moderate, if excessive enthusiasm will have a negative impact.

Enthusiasm is not simply expressed through external expressions, it is important to do it with your heart with the most sincerity. Sincerity means knowing what customers think to meet their needs with the company’s products, so they can benefit.

I often tell the public that competition is fierce and it is clear that it is not easy to repeat the purchase of customers’ products. In the age of information explosion, how can we let customers remember you, remember your product? You must learn to make customers imagine and feel real benefits.

Currently I have a marketer who is doing very well in this area, very careful to observe life and apply it to sales. Given a simple example, we introduced a new type of electric pressure cooker, characterized by safety, energy saving and environmental protection.

Marketing staff explained how attractive customers are to how expensive gas is today, how slow it is to use electricity, and then get the customer approval.

Next introduce products to customers, make a time-saving calculation and the amount of money customers can save in a month when customers use this product. Finally, customers buy products and leave happily.


Sales is a process of integrating resources. How to rationally use different resources to help sales effectively? This is just as important as a promoter on the front line of sales.

When I was a marketing staff, I often used a very effective method that was with my acting colleagues. Especially for some customers who are very interested in buying, when we have difficulty in price or other issues, I often ask the manager for help.

On the one hand, show that we really value customers, even managers come. On the other hand is more convenient in negotiating.

As long as the manager gives customers some benefits, the customer will be willing to pay for the purchase. In case the manager does not have a manager there, I will play the role of a salesperson and manager to satisfy customers’ purchasing needs.


The most frightening thing about selling is pulling mud with water and not making a decision. In my experience, at the sales website, the customer stay is best in 5 – 7 minutes!

Some advertisers are not good at observing customer opinions. They cannot seize the opportunity to boost sales when customers are willing to buy. They still go on to manipulate products that lead to failure in sales.

So we have to keep in mind our mission is to boost sales! Whether you are introducing a product or doing something else, you will eventually sell the product. Therefore, as soon as you achieve a sales advantage, you must immediately adjust your thinking, emergency braking and try to close the order.

Once you miss the opportunity, it will be more difficult to arouse the desire of the customer again. This is the most common mistake of marketers at the beginning.


There is a saying in sales that the cost of developing a new customer is 27 times the cost of maintaining an old customer! You know, old customers bring more benefits to the store than you think.

When I was a marketer I was very interested in maintaining good relationships with customers who sold, which also gave me the acquisition of customers.

In fact, it is also very simple to do this, just be careful to help the customer pack the product, send a goodbye, if not too busy, you can see the customer to the door or to the elevator. Sometimes, some insignificant moves will make customers feel touched!

Once, I forgot to give promotional gifts to customers. When I discovered that he had left the mall, I immediately picked up the gift and chased it. At that time, customers did not know what was going on and there was no language to express their feelings at the time.

Customers then introduced me to a lot of businesses and we became good friends. The company I am serving now is also introduced by him.

These are traditional marketing techniques that are applied most by businesses today, but despite the longevity of these methods, it is inevitable that certain limitations, but the most important thing is businesses choose the right method for them.

Today when online advertising is growing strongly and gaining a large market share in the advertising industry, promoting brand image and communicating with its customers is gradually turning to more online trends.

A successful business in today’s era is when they have the perfect combination of building a traditional online advertising strategy to reach potential customers, and boost sales.

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