Tik Tok – Startup of new advertising rival of Youtube, Facebook officially revealed in Vietnam

After a year of “hidden” activities, Tik Tok – the world’s most valuable startup has officially announced its presence in Vietnam.

Entering the Vietnamese market late last year, but Bytedance’s short video social networking app TikTok has just had its first official sharing after a year of “hidden” focus on user development and fever among young people.

TikTok Singapore has an office to support the Vietnamese market with a staff of around 70 people.

Ms. Diep Que Anh – Communications Director of TikTok in Vietnam and emerging markets, said the number of employees will continue to grow to several hundred people. That’s not including forces in other countries but serving the Vietnamese market.

“After only one year, Vietnam is our largest user growth market in Southeast Asia,” said Que Anh, who said TikTok covered Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Not revealing users but she is optimistic about the average data that every Vietnamese user spends 28 minutes a day to see TikTok. Inside, Frame hours 18h – 20h every Friday and Saturday weekly is “golden hour” with the most hits.

With a series of applications that cling to viewers to sell ads, this is quite a big advantage. However, TikTok representative said the platform is still in the stage of not selling advertising and running commercial marketing campaigns.

“There are brands that have advertised issues, but we have no intention of doing business at the moment,” Que Anh said, waiting for the “maturity” of the market.

With many users, TikTok was initially impressed by the short video sharing application (15 seconds per video with normal accounts) for young people.

The initial contents are mainly liposuction, dancing, joking with cute stickers, fancy effects. Therefore, this application is quickly responded by users of students’ age, but has not caused sympathy for more mature people.

Ms. Diep Que Anh (standing on the left corner) said Vietnam is the fastest growing market in Southeast Asia by Tik Tok.

Ms. Que Anh acknowledged the application is trying to “age” the content for a wider user coverage. Many speculate that this may be the goal TikTok must complete to become a promotional platform that satisfied many brands.

The origin of TikTok is an interesting topic. The company that owns this application is Bytedance, founded in 2012.

The Telegraph reported that, in October, after an additional $ 3 billion capital call from SoftBank, KKR & Co and General Atlantic, the value of Bytedance has reached $ 75 billion, officially surpassing Uber to become the most valuable technology startup. world.

The Telegraph and many other newspapers call Bytedance a Chinese technology company. However, answering Vietnamese press,

Mrs. Que Anh said that “Is TikTok a Chinese startup, it is difficult to say because the main office in Los Angeles (USA) and products have been present in 150 markets”.

The power of TikTok in the global advertising market is growing rapidly. The list of “Best of 2018” by Google recently said,

TikTok is the only social networking application named in the top 5 most favorite applications, while Facebook, Instagram or Youtube are no longer on the top.

Some reports estimate the number of users of this application globally by the middle of this year about 500 million.

In Vietnam, the most successful content movement of the 2018 application attracted more than 10.000 videos with 32 million views.

Particularly in only 2 weeks of the 2018 AFF Cup final, there were more than 120,000 content videos related to the final were posted, attracting 54.8 million views.

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