The Secret of Getting Rich And The Enrichment Lesson of 6 World Billionaires

The inventor of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg wants to change the world, Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to build a big city on Mars. People who succeed in careers do not rely on deception and inheritance.

Billionaires are a truly enviable name, but it is not a luxury in life to create their reputation, but how much they are charitable.

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Many rich people are well educated, humble and loving, they are really good people who are worth learning. According to Bright Side, the following qualities have helped many people get wealth and success.


The goals, ideas and dreams help us to be full of energy and make the right decisions when things don’t seem right. Steve Jobs, one of Apple’s founders, is just offering a mobile phone. His goal is to bring a phone that can be as powerful as a computer and easy to use.

Your work goals should be specific. For example, if you like making cookies and you want to do it often, the best way to make money is by making cookies. However, “I want to make bread to make money” is not an accurate goal. The exact goal is “I want to open a bakery and sell the cakes I made.”

If you dream of traveling around the world, it’s a mistake to set a goal of “I want to travel around the world.” The exact goal is “I want to earn AUD 20,000 for the trip mine”.


How will you travel the world? What transportation will you use when traveling around the world? What’s your plan? Which path will you go through? When do you start? and so on, the questions arise when you begin to fulfill your goals.

Elon Musk wants to migrate to Mars. After implementing the plan, he found that the main obstacle was that the cost of flying to Mars was too high. Therefore, he is currently busy looking for more economical means of transport.

Habits of planning for short-term goals and long-term goals help identify your weaknesses and key issues to pay attention to. Maybe after you make a plan, you will find that your goal is not to earn twenty thousand dollars and then use the train to travel, but to find people who are like-minded to go around. around the world.


Can you have heard about emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is a more manageable ability than repressing one’s emotions. In other words, expressing emotions in appropriate situations can help successfully repress emotions that can impair mental health.

So don’t be afraid to express your true feelings, at least this will make you reduce the number of times you see the doctor.


If you are not obsessed with your career or the goals you are pursuing, the path of success will be long and may be endless. Here is a favorite story of Mark Zuckerberg.

One day in 1962, John Kennedy visited the NASA Space Center. At one of the offices, Kennedy found that a cleaner was very focused on sweeping the floor and didn’t even notice him. Kennedy told the cleaner. “Hey, I’m John F. Kennedy. What are you doing here? ”The man answered,“ Mr. President, I am working, so that humans can land on the moon. ”

The enthusiasm at work cannot be distracted by everything. If you don’t love your job, it’s hard to change your attitude. If you can’t give up your job, at least you can find something you trust, like the cleaners at NASA’s Space Center, that will bring you to success. At the same time, you can think of your current position as a springboard to achieve your goals.


If you need to buy a new dress, you can buy it. But before buying, consider how much this dress will help you achieve your goal.

Jobs said, “Spending a dollar smartly is harder than making a dollar.”

You do not want to travel around the world? You can buy a more suitable, comfortable sport shoe or take a foreign language class to help you get more busy. If you do everything in a targeted way, spending habits are not difficult to overcome.


Time is a precious resource, we should cherish time as much as we cherish money. This does not mean that every minute is busy with work.

Zuckerberg said: “I want to remove meaningless things from my life. In my opinion, if I put some energy into those stupid and frivolous things (like choosing clothes), I can’t do it well. ”

We all have something more important than choosing clothes. It’s better to have less talk, spend less time on social media, don’t work halfway, because all of that will waste your time.


A person cannot succeed in everything. If you’re going to open a pastry shop to sell cookies but don’t know how to make a cake, then you don’t need to learn a new skill. It will be more effective if you are looking for a cookie maker.

Musk believed in the solar system, but he understood that he did not have the strength to support everything. That’s why he’s looking for Tesla to partner with SpaceX and hand over the SolarCity project to other professionals.

Habits consider priorities not only useful at work, but also useful in other aspects of life. If you have a lot of things to do, don’t do everything, focus on doing one thing. Everything that wants to succeed not only leads to failure, but also consumes your energy.


The development of society has simplified many things. Online shopping, automated appliances and modern communication facilities all save us time and effort. However, some of the problems in life are often not caused by the external environment, but by ourselves.

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, said: “The desire to complicate the problem is your enemy. Complex and easy, simple and difficult. ”

Some people have complicated their lives because of guilt, then they want to please everyone. This is the trouble caused by obsessive-compulsive disorder. The problem will arise when we are afraid to owe others, but sometimes we feel that others, or even the world, owe us.


Jobs said: “Your time is limited, which is why you should not lose yourself to others. Don’t be immersed in dogmas, don’t let others’ words cover your inner voice. ”

Pursuing the difference makes billionaires achieve today’s achievements, the rules of obedience and resignation make it hard for us to overcome and fail.


For modern billionaires, charity is a top priority. Many rich people pay people who need help, or finance art, education and medicine.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett launched the “Commit to giving” campaign to donate 50% of their income to charities. More than 150 billionaires participated in the event, including Zuckerberg, George Lucas, Victor Pinchuk and Vladimir Potanin.

Zuckerberg said: “Millenials are the most donated generation in history for charity. But charity is not just about raising money, you can also donate time. “

Investing your time, energy and interest in others means investing in them. By helping others, people feel necessary and have peace of mind.

Of course, the above principles won’t help you get rich right away, but success doesn’t necessarily make a lot of money. Because happiness means doing what you like and making decisions that you want to make. Right?


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