The Next Generation Can Easily Earn 500 Million A Year

This period is a period of talking about issues related to 9x generation, especially talking about making money. However, this is not the main topic or the title of the article, nor is it an interesting story.

After all, in the mix of classes, everyone knows a lot and there are a lot of friends around me who have high levels of education and graduated from technical schools. There are people who are on the starting line, there are those who are in the process, there are also those who go through all the stages of making money.

Therefore, there are many ways to make money just knowing where you are and how to develop a relationship rather than a decisive relationship. There is a saying like the “idea of ​​defining a path”.


Combining these years of personal experience, I understand one thing: If you do good things in a familiar field, you will have a relatively accurate idea.

These ideas can make you in a specific area with a short time to master core skills. As long as the industry you join is on the rise, you will be able to grow. Not to mention that it was not too windy, it was also an industry not too bad, its limit was not too low.

Finally, we can see that not everyone can stand in front of the storms to overcome. Even if it was captured, it would not be possible to grasp it completely at that time. There is nothing unfortunate when this hour and every hour has the opportunity for you to catch. The important thing is that you yourself can understand what you can do and capture the next opportunity.

This era is too impulsive if someone can claim to distinguish which is alive, which is rich. Either way we have to become rich.


If your annual income is 500 million USD (including basic salary, allowance, year-end bonus, income from investment, etc.) as a standard, there are in fact many 9x generation , graduation soon can be achieved without much effort. It is not something about hatred, mainly because of luck and that is what our 9x team needs.

I know a young woman who calls her A. She is considered an educated girl, her high school teacher jokes that if the state does not organize essay contests, At the beginning, there is no need to take college entrance exams and be sent directly to the top universities in the country. Of course, this is a slightly exaggerated statement.

However, in terms of writing, she has a bit of talent lost. So when she went to college she studied two diplomas in parallel, one of which was journalism. Thoughts and thoughts between the two branches cannot be mixed, cannot use writing to earn food.

After graduation, A has caught up with the period of financial dividends on the Internet, opportunities for her are still quite a lot. The opportunity to make money in this industry to a great extent is influenced by A.’s writing ability. At that time, marketing and promoting industry supported each other, the need for relative content. strong and the Internet itself is the king of content.

A person who can both understand the gold industry and understand the communications network industry, two industries that support each other plus the originality of content is popular in the market so the fees are very much high. Therefore, A’s senior internship stage has earned 10 million dong a month and the salary can double after each month.

Despite the fact that there is a bit of luck, I do not agree with the so-called theory that “standing before the wind to the pig can fly”. I always felt the saying that a person could fly in the wind to comfort everyone. The person who can say this statement is definitely not a pig.

That year, when A was only an intern, but a good understanding of gold made it possible for the company to rank her as a top team. The main industry is still new, everyone is crossing the river by feeling the stones. As long as people are smart, they will spend a lot of time and thinking, and professionals can progress quickly.

For the media, the university that A studied has a degree in journalism, and it is also the first major that the media needs. With the initial ability, A is quite confident in writing and this is also a big advantage compared to others. So, in short, A is a person who is doing good things in a growing industry, and A himself is also booming.

If it is another person, even if you can catch up with this wave, you can’t do it. At least of these A is considered the fastest. In fact, in general, A is a very ordinary person. You have to let A do something else, there are many things that really can’t be done, even worse than normal people.


Not only the previous generation, 9x generation now also has many people earning 500 million a year. Typically, a college friend of A’s named B. Currently B is working as a freelance playwright.

As a child, B wrote short stories and won awards, B sold 100 million royalties to a film and television company in Hanoi. That year in class A and B seemed to be a very hot character and admired by many people.

B is a typical girl for the second generation, also a senior Japanese drama fan. While in college, she spent the whole day writing novels in the bedroom and participating in various essay competitions. She won dozens of awards in big and small memories. After graduating, she worked as a professional screenwriter in Hanoi.

Later due to being too far away from home, the nature of her work did not need to go far or go to work, so she returned to her homeland and became a freelance writer. Because her work is really good and she has been in a famous film and television company for two years so many people still want to look for her until now.

Recently I heard her say that she is currently writing the script for the movie online, the signature after completing the movie script cost 200 million copies, which is many times higher than the production. movie.

A similar story about a young man born in 1992, after graduating from high school, ran from Hai Phong to Ho Chi Minh City to do real estate. At first, he sold high-end houses, then sold storefronts and after a few years the situation worked very well.

After earning a decent amount of money, he bought a three-bedroom house in the central district. Then he did not want to work for others, he and his friends went to a nearby place to open a small outsourcing company, selling a house to carry out the new real estate business. . He said that when the market enters the best he can earn billions of dong a year.

Last year he sold his home in the most county area and earned a net profit of 100 million. Plus the amount earned by selling a house, the average of his annual income is about 600 million. If he lived in a town or city directly under the province he could live a decent life.


In fact, no matter what you do, if you do well in your field, the probability of success will always be much higher. Each field has its own level of professionalism, a person who can work alone to the extreme is not easy.

First of all, you must be familiar with the field you pursue, from this area you must have talent to earn food, which makes you surpass 80% of successful people. Finally if you want to achieve this you still need some luck.

In this area, for example, we can only be in 10% of the rest. This is normal. And the 9x generation wants to earn that 500 million is only a small part. This is not considered a rich generation based on inheritance or an unreasonable occupation. Based on the 9x generation population, A is estimated to be 1% of them.

Although in this era the tricks are also rekindled and create gaps in industries but also work hard in your own abilities. After a few years look for your own excellent and optimized points, even if you can’t become 1%, try also to create a small airflow of about 10%, or 20%.

After all, in a time of unpredictable social change, wanting to be rich is also quite difficult.

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