The Fastest Startup Method For Ordinary People

For ordinary people, how to start a business is easier. This topic Thamus wrote, after Thamus talked with a business owner in the construction field.

This boss did not go to high school, worked for a few years in the country, then went to labor export in Taiwan for 5 years. After returning home with a small capital, business experience and market knowledge are not much. However, now he has become the “birth of the boss”, Boss is in the field of management and construction project construction for commercial centers, and high-end residential areas in Hanoi, cum more The transference and assignor of the project gets a commission.

From this story of Boss in the construction field, and knowledge level at a deep level of Indian entrepreneurs is still limited. Thamus wrote this topic, wants to have a proper orientation and a signal for the average person to start a business, who has no deep professional qualifications, little capital and little business experience.


Suppose you are not handsome, you do not have much money, your way of talking to women is not good, it will be very difficult for you to find a girlfriend who is beautiful, beautiful, and directed. In business, you are “a man who loves money” but you have no effective tool to meet your dreams, you will not have many options to make money if you are a normal person (ie people with little capital private, less business experience and professional qualifications.


If you want to earn more money, a large amount of money, while still working, the answer is “impossible” or “impossible”. Because, you are a normal person. For others, “impossible” can turn into “not sure”. But because you are a normal person, it is difficult to work for a large amount of money to work as a hired employee.

The only way for ordinary people to make big money is to sell certain products. Only by trading an item, can you make a large amount of money. But if you are trading a product, but still not rich, have not owned a large amount of money. Salaries can tell you exactly: Your product is not good, or because your product is not selling properly.

And there is a quickest method to help ordinary people start a business, the method of complying with 3 3 is enriched as follows:


For business people (merchants), good products are not good product characteristics but must meet 3 important requirements:

Satisfying the needs of a large number of consumers in the market; bring about big profits; No need for big brands.

① New markets can bring you more and more money. If the product does not fit the needs of most consumers, the amount you earn will be less.

Big profit proclaims a good product, instead of selling 2 new products with a profit of 100,000 INR, you only need to sell 1 other product but have a profit of 200,000 INR. The bigger the profit, the more reason you have to survive in the market.

③ You don’t have a big brand, you can make more money. If your product already has a brand, maybe two-thirds of consumers in the market will choose a more famous brand than you, and so you only have a small market share in this market.

For the average person to start a business, choosing a good product will depend on these three factors, rather than just a quality product feature. If you listen to consumers and competitors, creating products with great characteristics / characteristics, you will fall into a passive position and abide by the rules of others.


Currently there are only 2 forms of sales: online sales and traditional sales. Depending on specific products to choose the appropriate selling form.

But saying that is simple, need Thamus to write this topic. Among the sales methods such as: Direct sales, sales by advertising, sales through seminars (conferences), sales calls, using sales relationships, ..

There is an effective selling method, so far online sales thrive, this selling method is more effective. That is the method of agent recruitment (wholesale and retail), they help you promote and sell directly (indirectly) products to customers.

Agents are entitled to profit policies, sources of goods, selling prices, very preferential quantities, if agents realize great benefits, they will join as distributors for you. But you will need to do important tasks, train and guide knowledge / skills / skills for your agent. By doing this stage, you have finished selling.


Before doing business, you are a normal person. You need to make sure that, in the process of doing business yourself, you constantly cultivate your thinking / skills. The purpose of this move helps you become a different person, no longer a normal person.

Thamus has just shared with you the topic of effective methods to help ordinary people start their businesses. If you are in this situation, you can share your problem with everyone. See you again on other topics of know-how, success and entrepreneurial experience.

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