The Best-Selling Consumer And Consumer Goods

Consumer goods are often used items in daily life. The demand for these items is very much. Are you wondering which consumer and consumer goods are the best sellers in the market today? Try the following suggestions by through this analysis!


Footwear is a product that provides protection for the feet, beautifies the costumes and supports the daily travel of each person. Everyone has a pair of shoes and slippers in the closet, but not much. In the past, consumers often bought only one pair of shoes, and used it until they were damaged before buying a new pair. But today, footwear has become an indispensable fashion accessory for anyone, so the need to buy more shoes is very much. Shoes also change according to the fashion trend, so when you see new products, customers will need to own it.

There are many famous footwear brands with very high prices, so those who love many shoes cannot buy them. Therefore, we will aim at the segment of low-income people and choose to import shoes with designs, styles similar to those of branded shoes but with low quality and price.

For this customer segment, they often have the psychology and demand to buy cheap, beautiful and trendy products. So you can import goods from wholesale markets, shoe distribution agents, footwear factories, or if more diligent can go to Chinese border gates to import goods. Despite the cost of traveling, you can import many items at extremely low prices. On average, a pair of shoes cost about 70,000 INR- 100,000 INR but they sell for 150,000 – 200,000 INR or more.

You can double your profits from the low-cost footwear business for the low-income segment. This customer is usually students, students, or workers. Therefore, the business location should be near schools and industrial parks.

The investment capital for the sale of cheap footwear is about INR 5 million that you can start. With this capital, you will do business by spreading canvas on the sidewalk near schools and industrial zones for sale. If you want to open a store, the investment cost will be much larger.


Household items include products for daily life such as shoe racks, leaves, dryers, electric rice cookers, pots and pans, food containers, …. If you ask which popular consumer goods sell well, we can’t help but mention household goods.

Customer demand for this product is very much. It is not necessary that housewives need to use things in the kitchen that anyone who feels they need the product can buy it. You can start a home appliance business by way of an online business, becoming a collaborator with larger-scale household appliances. Online business saves you costs and does not have to hold goods. You only need to register as a collaborator, then post with the content describing the product attached to the image on your facebook page to introduce the product. When someone orders, you will verify and summarize orders. After that, take the goods from the main warehouse to deliver to the guests. Thus, you do not need to hold the goods. Or there is another way that you enter according to the quantity you want and actively sell.

In addition, if you have investment funds, you can trade home appliances yourself without becoming a collaborator. For this way, you need to have a warehouse to store goods, find a place to supply goods with cheap prices. Warehouse, you can take advantage of a small room in your house or rent an old house that costs about 500,000 INR / month. So you can start a business.

Trading in home appliances very words. A product if the wholesale price will be 10,000 INR – 15,000 INR. If retail sales will be from 30,000 INR – 35,000 INR / product. Accumulating from many products will earn a large amount of money. On average, a month’s income from selling household goods is about INR 30 million.

The investment capital for this business is about INR 30 million for the first time. After having a stable number of customers, will import more goods, the amount of imported goods will increase. If you are looking for a popular consumer goods, consult this idea. This is the business model that brings attractive income.


Business pubs located in food items. The need to eat is always there. After tired working hours, want to gather with friends, customers will choose to go to restaurants, pubs.

Depending on who the customer you are targeting is to determine the business model. With the popular pub model, the customers we target will be low-income people like workers and students. Therefore, in order to reach customers, you should build a shop and do business near industrial zones or universities, colleges and vocational schools.

If you have the budget, you should build a shop in a fixed way. There is no need to be too formal, or special design, but just need to have a roof, tables and chairs, when the kitchen, toilets, warehouses, etc., to do business. Or if you only do business in a pub in mobile form, you can find a sidewalk that is allowed to trade and set up a canvas to cover the top, the bottom, arrange tables and chairs, use a trolley with a specially designed glass cabinet. Specially, there is a kitchen to prepare food. With this mobile way, the drinks are often very simple like fried duck eggs, fried noodles, water level, …

We see a lot of popular bars growing like mushrooms, but there are also many shops that fail. The first main reason is that there are too many competitors around, when only going on a 700m route but also a pub located close together. Secondly, because of the price of the food, to compete in the pubs, each contest makes the price lower than the opponent’s, so if you don’t pay attention, you will lose customers like playing. Next is the quality of the dishes. If the food is not good, does not guarantee quality, vegetables withered, bad meat, … it will not be able to keep customers coming back. In the end, it is the service attitude, when the shop usually has many employees at the shops, it will show an unpleasant attitude, which makes customers feel dissatisfied and will leave. Therefore, for successful popular pub business, it is necessary to select suitable business location,

Vietnam is one of the countries with the highest rate of alcohol consumption in the region and the world, meaning that the demand for pubs is very high. So, this is an attractive business idea to implement.

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