In the digital era like today, there are still companies that use the telephone as a marketing medium. There is indeed a variety of marketing, but the telephone is one type of marketing that is currently a little less popular. With more and more internet and social media, most marketing has shifted to social media or the internet.

Some consumers find product marketing using the telephone to be annoying in the era of the internet nowadays. But still, some companies use telemarketing as a means of marketing products.

One reason why telemarketing is still used by companies is that telephones use a 2-way communication system and this 2-way communication strategy is more effective than others. Especially if the marketing process is carried out is to offer a product. Of course, 2-way communication is needed to find out the reciprocity of potential customers who get an offer.

Therefore, telemarketing marketing strategies must use the right strategy so that potential customers continue to make 2-way communication.

Also, the right telemarketing process with the right range will certainly facilitate the product marketing process.

The marketing strategy prepared for telemarketing must be absolutely right so as not to damage the company’s image and make the company lose consumers.

Telemarketing Mistakes

Telemarketing is one way of promotion that is still considered effective in addition to placing advertisements in general media. The definition of telemarketing is to market or socialize products or services via telephone.

Telemarketing itself was originally a popular term in the 1970s. Historically, telemarketing was carried out to promote a product by telephone.

In addition to promoting products, telemarketing is also used to offer something to potential customers.

At that time, telemarketing was dominated by women. The reason is that in that year, women were classified as workers with low wages.

And more women have a soft and polite voice. Because in that year the advertising industry was on the rise, the telemarketing profession was even more numerous.

Nowadays many companies use telemarketing services either outsourced or directly handled by the company.

Telemarketing work is also quite easy because it can be done in the office or elsewhere as long as there is a telephone network.

Although telemarketing is relatively easy, there are several pins that need to be taken care of to avoid mistakes such as:

1. Time

Contacting potential customers at the wrong time will upset potential customers. This mistake is quite often done by telemarketing. Calling potential customers at the wrong time will make the phone ignored. Every prospective consumer must have a different activity.

You cannot choose one time for all potential customers. Some consumers are free in the morning there is also noon. Understanding the right time to call potential customers can make the telemarketing process more effective.

2. Database Improper

Another common telemarketing mistake is an incorrect database of potential customers. Usually, companies neglect to update their prospective customer data. So when a telemarketer contacts potential customers, telemarketers make mistakes related to their database.

This can have fatal effects on the company. Because every telemarketing that is carried out, certainly carries a corporate image. In addition to vilifying the company’s image, this error also harms telephone costs.

3. One-Way Communication.

Lots of consumers avoid telemarketers because they feel annoyed. Usually, this is caused by telemarketers who carry out one-way communication. The marketer masters the conversation without letting potential customers talk or respond to offers.

To make consumers feel valued and successful telemarketing, create two-way communication that allows potential customers to respond to your explanation. This two-way communication is useful for building consumer closeness with producers.

4. Maintain Privacy

In some cases, telemarketers often force potential customers over the telephone. For example, by asking for another number that can be contacted when an ordinary number is not reachable. This is what makes prospective consumers uncomfortable with telemarketers.

Another example that violates consumer privacy is to continue offering products even though potential customers have expressed no interest. Things like this that make consumers lazy to receive telemarketing calls.

5. Target Audience Is Not Right

The importance of determining the right target market will make the telemarketing process smoother. Make sure before making a call, the data from potential customers is complete so there are no mistakes in the telemarketing process, especially targeting the target market.

Effective telemarketing requires at least more than 2 steps. The first telephone or the first telephone series explains the needs of consumers. The second telephone or second telephone series serves to motivate consumers to buy products.

So telemarketing telephone series will be more successful if a telemarketer understands the target market and can explain what is needed by potential customers.

Compared to just explaining the features of the product that make potential consumers feel bored listening and telemarketing becomes ineffective.

In the digital era like today, telemarketing is usually used as a mixed strategy of digital marketing strategies. This combination of marketing by email or social media and telemarketing is classified as more effective because.

In addition to 2-way communication, this marketing strategy also gives potential consumers the freedom to choose the product or service to be chosen by them.

Not infrequently many companies place advertisements on social media or the internet and include telephone numbers that can be contacted so that potential customers can decide when the right time to call and what needs to be asked. In this way, consumers will feel in full control of the product he chooses without having to listen to telemarketing chats which they find boring.

But that does not mean the job of telemarketing has become easier with this strategy. Precisely because telemarketing is in the last position in this marketing strategy, the demands for prospective consumers actually buy products are getting bigger.

Remembering consumers have educated themselves and added insight into the product, the next task of telemarketing is to make successful purchases from consumers.

Therefore, the telemarketing profession requires good communication skills so as not to damage the buying moment of potential customers. In addition to good communication skills, it’s a good idea for a telemarketer to put his position in the consumer’s position.

Instead of talking about dozens of features of a product that could be difficult for potential customers to understand, it would be better for telemarketers to use language that is easily understood by potential customers.

Because not necessarily a consumer immediately understands the explanation of telemarketing in one phone call.

Choosing the right language and good communication skills will make telemarketing more successful. Another thing that is needed is a clear and friendly voice in the ear.

The way of speaking clearly influences the telemarketing process. Consumers certainly prefer to hear telemarketers who speak clearly than telemarketers who speak less clearly.