What is your real estate marketing plan If the first thing you think is “Well, I hope the market conditions can have a good year”, it’s time to reconsider how you approached your career?

Success when you go through a proven game plan is much easier. And this month’s article is about it. It is about getting things you know, using your resources to the end, and doing things instead of waiting for market conditions to dictate your success.

If you’re serious about success, this article is about helping you create winning marketing. But remember – a plan isn’t a plan unless it’s written, so start building your game plan.

Then follow the marketing plan for the comprehensive year that you mapped. Your own plan may vary depending on your budget, your region, and other factors, but try to follow it as closely as possible.

Enhance Mixture

The first step towards a successful real estate marketing is to determine how to put your marketing message. Almost at your disposal, there are unlimited combinations of various channels. Analyze which marketing methods will be most effective for you. If you’re not quite sure yet, this article will guide you through most of your choices.

Throughout the year, your marketing plan should be made up of the following aspects of personal marketing: online marketing, social networking and e-mail farming, direct mail, strategic networking, advertising, and public relations

Get Started With Basics

Regardless of the combination you choose, wait for your plan to constantly communicate with your PSAs – past customers, domain, and all created leads – both via direct mail and email. This critical group presents the essence of your business and has to go ahead before targeting others.

Now, let’s look at some of the methods you choose to include in your marketing mix.

Web Sites and E-mail Farming

It is no surprise to me how many cars in the Internet age still do not have enough web presence. Agents can just shoot themselves by choosing the cheapest option, so you can tell they have a website. Not many of them have any or just rely on a small section on their website.

You must be attracting traffic to your site through both search engines and marketing. However, it is not enough to add people to your site.

The key to success on the web is to provide valuable content to your visitors. They not only give them a reason to visit, but they also have to inspire them to return often.

You want your experience on your site to leave a positive impression and create a sense of quality and reliability.

That’s why your annual marketing game plan needs to take the time to add new content to your website. These activities should be planned and executed with the purpose.

Its beauty is that constantly adding new content to your site will not only attract visitors, but it will also increase your search engine ranking. The more timely and relevant information your site can transmit, the more work your website will generate.

Your site should also show you the value that you provide to your customers by offering free private reports and other “participation” opportunities.

The focus of your game plan should be to increase your preferences and expand your email database. As your email database grows, you can take advantage of this powerful and nearly free method to get more leads and increase your profits.

Social Media Integration

Social media has grown and has become an important element in the business world from ”what children do Sosyal.

From a marketing perspective, there is a great deal of power to make a strong follow-up on Twitter, to build relationships on Facebook and LinkedIn, and to be a reliable resource for valuable information through your personal blog.

Your game plan should include the time allocated to work to develop and benefit from this and – any emerging social networking opportunities.

This does not mean that you only have accounts on various social media sites and publish without purpose. but really use them to your advantage.

Introduce yourself as the authority in your local real estate market by providing timely and market updates through various social media organizations.

To maximize your productivity, you must determine how many shipments per week. You should target the balance of personal and professional content in your mail.

If you’re not sure where to start and feel that you’re left behind with social media, get trained to avoid expensive mistakes. [19659002] Direct Mail

At this time, using direct mail is an outstanding opportunity to leave a great impact on your farm area. By following a consistent postal plan and continually delivering new content to your hosts, you can improve reliability and create more leads.

We recommend sending an average of three times a month to each person in your direct mail group. In this way, you will quickly establish name recognition and maintain consistency. Here are some of the tools you should consider in your direct mail toolbox:

• Powerkards

• AdKards

• Personal Letters

• Past Customer Representative

The key to success in direct mail is to monitor the following: plan and resist the urge to make redness decisions. Arrange your content according to your target audience and market conditions, but don’t let these factors encourage you to deviate from your plan.

The more you touch your specific market segments with timely messages and important content, the more you play and the more you earn from your investment.

Strategic Networking and Recommendations

] We think it is important to emphasize the effectiveness of strategic networking with all the talk about agents who want to go back to the basics and even want to use the doorknob.

Pay attention to the word “strategic” in this last sentence, because having a strategy to make the most of a network strategy is a real difference.

This means that it is not a coincidental activity, but a written plan, written objectives, and the desired result. In simple terms, you need to strategically plan your networking activities to ensure maximum effectiveness. Otherwise, it’s easy to say that you’ll start getting into one day, but it never happens.

• Strategic networking involves setting the target of distributing a certain number of personal leaflets (100 is good) each month and then keeping yourself accountable for this purpose. Answer the following questions to get started:

• What do you leave behind when you meet someone in a network scenario?

• How many personal brochures do you offer weekly or monthly?

• How many opportunities do you miss without regular effort for strategic networking?

• What are you going to do to distribute more brochures on a consistent basis.

As redirects come, most agents treat them as bonus clients falling from the sky. However, if you are planning a concerted effort to produce more advice work, it does not have to be that way.

Don’t be afraid to ask your domain for past customers and referrals in a regular and planned manner. Schedule your quarterly letters to keep these important relationships prosperous.

Very often, agencies do not consider these activities as part of the overall marketing mix. The irony is that strategic networking and referrals are powerful, inexpensive ways to produce more work. Don’t ignore this important activity next year.

Print Advertising

Unfortunately, for many real estate professionals, when they think of advertising, only one thing comes to mind. That’s not exactly what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about personal, emotionally-based, image-building ads that introduce you and help you build a relationship with your audience.

Your advertising dollars should be divided into sections as follows: “home” ads in publications, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, advertising on television and cable in the panel. Each of these advertising outlets must have their own lines in your game plan.

You need to determine which of these categories will be most effective for you to reach your target market and focus on most of your advertising budgets. In this example, I’ve divided everything into a fairly equal mix to give you an idea of ​​how a full media campaign looks like.

In the example game plan I gave, I devoted it to printed advertising. Two categories: “houses” publications ads and newspaper ads. We have selected “Houses” publications because many of their tools place the majority of their ads, and most of these publications are often widely available in the domain.

However, do not limit your options to these publications only. Take a look at all the publications in your area. Focus specifically on those who cater to your target market.

Pay attention to publications specifically designed for a niche market or geographic area where you can farm. Don’t worry if other agents don’t advertise on certain publications. As long as you know the publication is well read by your target market, it may be something you need to pay attention to.

Television Advertising

Cable TV offers a new ad pioneer for many agents. We’re not talking about television ads or boring, san My best agent infomercials, but the 30-second real points that introduce you as an individual, capture the imagination of your audience and connect to your personal marketing campaign. 19659002].

Due to the cost-effectiveness of this environment, advertising on television is no longer just for large national advertisers. In large metropolises, such as outdoor advertising, prices will generally be higher, but if you consult with your cable company, we guarantee you will be surprised at how much cheaper you can buy.

advertising and outdoor advertising; Your cable representative must be able to provide market analysis and demographic information to help you determine the best time of day and the best programming for your ads.

Public Relations Plan

A forgotten but important part of your marketing mix is public relations. Having a written article about you or quoting a newspaper or local TV news show is a powerful ad that you can’t put on a price tag – and it’s free!

But this is the only way to be exposed by yourself is known by the local media and therefore it is very important that you plan your public relations program in advance. Schedule sending out one to three press releases per month to editors and journalists in your area.

Your program must include custom headers for each press release you plan to send. Otherwise, when it’s time to send out an evacuation, you suddenly have to think of a topic and write it down, and you don’t have the chance to do so because you’re too busy to do so.

The knowledge is Power

Finally, you can’t ignore the continuing education in your marketing mix. If you are serious about personal marketing, you should attend at least two personal marketing seminars each year.

This will not only expose you to new ideas to keep you at the highest levels of marketing but will also recharge your battery and excite you about your career. Just like you are marketing, you need to plan these activities right now.

Make Your Plan Work For You

A large part of having an annual game plan is to analyze what is the best result. When the plan is complete, you should stick like glue. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re blindly following him.

Every three months, you need to sit down and analyze the most effective one and make the appropriate adjustments. Still, be careful not to do this more often. You don’t want to be in “Plan of the Week”. Review your plan quarterly and then stick to it.

To Work Your Plan

It is said that the plan is not a plan if it is not written. I couldn’t accept more. You cannot underestimate the power of your game plan worksheet. It should be one of the most frequently used paper pages to be used in the next 12 months. Send it as a visual reminder of your progress on the wall!