MLM ( Multi-Level Marketing ) is one of the businesses that in recent years has been booming and drawing the attention of many people.

The relatively easy work scheme can be done by anyone, anywhere and anytime as well as the many benefits offered by this business make many people interested to pursue it.

Along with its popularity, there is a growing negative stigma in the community that MLM is a business with a veiled fraud mode.

What exactly is MLM? Why is this business so booming and loved but it also raises negative issues that develop.

About MLM Business

MLM or Multi-Level Marketing / Network marketing is a tiered direct sales business where the business actors involved will benefit directly from the company in the form of compensation for product sales and compensation for sales of other sales recruited.

Simply put it this way, you buy cosmetic products that I sell, so I as the seller will benefit directly from the cosmetics company.

Then, I say to you, that if you resell the product that you bought earlier to someone else then you will get benefits in the form of compensation that will be paid directly by the cosmetics company to you.

When you successfully sell the cosmetic products again, of course, you and I will get compensation from the company.

In the MLM scheme, profits will be given directly by the company for each product purchased/sold. As the seller and the information giver, you as a buyer and seller will both benefit directly from the company.

Even if you give information to the person who bought your product that by selling the product to someone else he will get a profit too. So now you and I will get the same benefits and be at the same level.

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Naturally, if you ask why companies are willing to give such a large profit? Do not lose. Please note, that the biggest costs in the trade industry are the costs of distribution and advertising.

With an MLM business scheme, the company can directly sell products to consumers without going through a long and costly distribution channel for the promotion of display advertisements in various print and electronic media.

Now the efficiency of the costs of distribution and advertising is what is then shared by the business actors involved in it. This is what makes MLM different from pyramid patterned businesses or money games.

Basically, if all business models begin with seriousness, the chances of success will be wide open.

If you have made up your mind to try to jump in and achieve success through MLM business, this article will discuss How to MLM Business Success

1. Study MLM That Will Be Followed Carefully

Make sure in advance whether the company you join is not a company with a pyramid scheme or money game. Many companies under the guise of MLM offer multiple bonuses and easy access to sales, but ultimately lead to a sudden company closure and no longer exist.

MLM companies that have stood for decades and have survived to the present, generally fix the cost of registration in the tens of hundreds of thousands.

You should be vigilant if someone offers you to join with expensive membership fees and the products sold are more expensive than those on the market.

Certainly, it’s part of the MLM that only spreads lures and false promises. If you meet with these business people, it is better to do subtle rejection and just find another company that is more bona fide.

2. Choose A Company

Surely it would be more fun if you could sell a product you like, rather than selling a type of product that you don’t know at all.

Also, consider the benefits and uses of these products for others. Compared to a product that runs out once, people tend to buy products that are considered beneficial for example for health or beauty.

3. Check The Legality of The Company

APLI is an association that facilitates sales of both Multi Levet and Single Level. Companies that have joined the APLI will have strong legality and certainly, have SIUPL.

To set up a Multi-level company you must have SIUPL. This Direct Selling License (SIUL) will be printed on the label of the product being marketed. With this permit, the product is certainly legal to be traded.

4. Compensation Given By The Company

The amount of compensation the company will pay must be your concern. Because the greater the amount that you can get, of course, it will spur the spirit and fighting spirit to try harder and be diligent.

Also, this will be the main weapon in recruiting new members. However, make sure the amount matches the selling price of your product.

5. Target Right Market

The right target market is one of the MLM Business Success Methods. The right target market will certainly make it easier to market the products we will sell.

For example, the products we sell are automatic beauty products, our market share is women.

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More specifically, if we sell anti-aging creams, our main target is women between the ages of 30-40 years. Thus it will be easier for us to choose the right consumers.

6. Start Recruiting Members

Recruiting is an effort to achieve success in this business. Expanding the network will certainly increase profits and compensation to be received.

Based on the negative stigma that circulated stems from members who are too excessive in delivering information about this business.

Every effort is made so that prospective members are enticed and then join. Then in the end after joining the member will feel disappointed because it did not match the initial expectations.

Not wrong indeed, this is halal in a business. But it looks very unethical and not ethical right? Just say what it is, say it honestly, provide informative information if you are not interested yet, no problem, you can take it another time.

7. Don’t Involve Family, Relatives or Friends

When joining you may be asked to recommend 100 people you know. Try not to include family names, relatives or friends.

Because of the fact that many successful business people with members who do not come from family, relatives or friends. If you want to try to offer them no problem, but if you encounter rejection don’t be forced.

8. Mentor To Your Members

The more members recruited will certainly provide its own benefits to your business. However, don’t just focus on recruiting.

Be a good mentor to your members by playing an active role in helping them achieve sales targets, fostering members to be able to recruit members themselves. So that later they can go up to a higher level.

9. Meet More People Every Day

The main capital in this business is building the broadest network. For that, target to be able to meet new people every day.

Meeting new people will certainly add opportunities to be able to sell products or recruit members.

10. Sharing Your Product Every Day

Small discussions, demos, and presentations about the benefits of the products you sell will be an added value in promoting the product.

Do it every day by adding interesting and useful information of course. Be creative, don’t just share those things.

11. Take Advantage of Technology

In the digital age that is a requirement for technological advancements, it will greatly assist in the development of the business that you are in. Use social media like Facebook, BBM or Instagram to market your product.

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12. Consultant For Your Buyers And Members

Occasionally we will be faced with conditions where we must listen more than talk. Don’t hesitate, be a good listener and a reliable consultant for your buyers and members.

If buyers and members complain about your products listen well, that way they will feel very appreciated. And of course, additional added value to enhance your reputation.

13. Build An Advanced System

to build intense communication with buyers and members. Every now and then do a visit or just send a short message asking for news.

Simple as possible, but this will have a positive impact on your efforts. Your buyers and members will feel cared for so they won’t mind recommending your business to others.

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14. Lastly is Effort, Endeavor, And Prayer

MLM business that you build will not be able to grow and develop without a real business. Optimism, unyielding and high struggle accompanied by endeavors and prayers then this effort will be able to achieve success.

Hopefully, this article can help you.