In the current trend of Social Media Marketing, a successful campaign often people think of big brands, invest huge amounts of money and invite famous stars with a large fan base to represent the brand. draws attention from the public.

A typical, best-known example of this trend is the Old Spice campaign.

Its success is a successful combination of traditional marketing and social media that has harnessed the power of YouTube.

Along with the rapid response and spread of social networking sites like Twitter. , Facebook.

However, for small and medium-sized businesses with modest capital, limited resources want to increase the number of likes on Facebook.

 Facebook Marketing Campaigns

The main goal is to sell as many products as possible, what should they do?

And how did they launch, then succeed with the Facebook marketing campaign? How can small businesses optimize their Facebook page benefits?

In fact, there are many ways to help you achieve your marketing goals, but the most effective are:

  • Create like-gating activity on Facebook or email to build a Fanbase or Subscriber list (list of followers)
  • Organize contests
  • Offer a discount card or coupon

The growth and explosion of social media with the introduction of tools and applications – is also a place where businesses and brands with low costs can take advantage of it easily. Effective marketing campaign.

Let’s explore the differences between these 5 awesome Facebook Marketing campaigns together with Swiftblogging!

1. Give Away

Reality has proven to be an effective marketing strategy.

The Book Binding Workshop offers a book donation program of 248 hardcover books for customers who purchase from $ 330 in raw materials and bookbinding accessories.

And they hit two targets with one arrow when the number of fans increased from 50 to 650 in just one month, on the other hand, the sales reached $ 15,000.

2. Discount With Special Codes

Elaine Topper of Bella Soleil – the Italian furniture retail system offers a 10% discount with some special codes when customers Like the company’s Facebook page.

Although the list of email subscriptions only stopped at 1,767 the results were really impressive:

  • Profit reached $ 10,000.
  • The number of Likes on Facebook pages increased by 200% in just 3 weeks.

3. Discount When Like Fanpage

Jay McKeever of Seconds & Surplus Group has launched a marketing campaign, in which any customer after liking a Facebook page gets a 10% discount on every order.

Along with that, he also launched a campaign to bring surveys, quiz or upload photos on the page to increase the amount of interaction.

The result is:

  • $ 12,000 in revenue on Facebook alone helped increase total retail product sales to more than $ 32,000 within a month.
  • The number of fans on Facebook increased by 300%

4. Free Download

Sometimes, increasing brand awareness and positioning is the main goal of the entire marketing campaign.

Property Minder – a web services company specializing in real estate solutions has launched the Facebook campaign with the opportunity to “Free Download” specialized research reports.

They have increased 327 fans and 584 downloads.

5. Prize Contest

Sugarbush Resort wants to increase the number of fans on the Facebook site as well as grow the list of email subscribers.

So, they decided to launch a sweepstakes contest, with a prize value of up to $ 15,000.

To enter the contest, fans only need to enter their email address and like the Facebook page. After one month, 3,000 people liked the page and 2,000 new emails.

And there are many other stories, you can see in the following document:  The perfect Facebook Marketing campaign

Now it’s your turn – what are the principles and experiences of doing your Facebook Marketing? Please share with