Who does not know Steve Jobs? The founder and former CEO of Apple Inc. is an inspiring figure for everyone, especially business and technology activists.

Millennials like you are definitely familiar with this name, right? This name is very attached to every Apple product on the market. In his lifetime.

Steve Jobs Business Tips

Steve Jobs always referred to one idea, which was to always believe in his conscience and have the courage to realize it. Steve Jobs has always been focused on building perfect technology products and trying to do what he and others think can never be done.

Through this effort and hard work finally, Steve Jobs was able to achieve success and can provide many lessons that can be taken and applied in life.

There are so many tips in living life and achieving goals by Steve Jobs.

However, Magic has summarized 8 important business tips from Steve Jobs that you should know and can be an inspiration for you in running a business. The following explanation:

1. Persevering

Being a successful entrepreneur in his field or a successful leader is a challenge in itself. Building a successful business also requires high perseverance.

This is certainly not easy to do. Therefore, it needs to be trained from an early age and the need for confidence in the desires to be addressed, including being a successful entrepreneur and leader.

2. Focus on Product

Every time he talks about on-campus events or seminars, Steve Jobs always recommends focusing on one product and exerting all the abilities to make it perfect.

This is proven in Apple, where Steve Jobs really did anything to be able to reach the point that Apple has now achieved.

Steve Jobs suggested focusing on the vision of the product being worked on and do anything to achieve that vision.

3. Believe in Yourself

“You can’t connect the dots by looking forward. You can only connect it when you look back “. Have you ever heard this sentence? This quote is one of Steve Jobs’s most famous quotes.

From this quote, it can be concluded that you must believe in yourself and have confidence that these (points) will be connected in the future.

With this belief, your efforts will automatically be maximized and your efforts to reach your goals will be paid more quickly.

4. Don’t Stop Innovating

Apple as a company owned by Steve Jobs managed to be at the forefront of the technology market.

Jobs always strive to create new innovations and superior things to his product creation so this is what makes Apple products more advanced than other technology products.

5. Love What You Do

To work with heart and effort, you must first love what you do. If not, you will continue to be lazy and not do it wholeheartedly.

Temptation and distraction will also be easy to come. If you are easily swayed, then the challenges that can occur in plain sight will be easy to stop you.

On the other hand, if you love what you do, then no one can separate you from what you do.

Because you will do anything to keep trying to fight it. If you have loved with all your heart, you will still feel happy to do it without feeling burdened at all.

6. Maximizing Business

The things above will not work if you do not maximize all the effort you make. You may love what you do but if you do it halfheartedly then everything will be useless.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to maximize your efforts. With this, you can be superior to competitors.

7. Determine An Inspiration

Being a successful entrepreneur and leader is not as easy as one might imagine. Especially if you are used to working under someone’s leadership from the beginning and just following the rules.

Building your own business and being a leader can be a scary thing. Not everyone has the expertise to do that because being a leader will deal with a lot of uncertainty.

For that, determine someone who can be your inspiration. So when you are at that point of uncertainty, you will not give up easily.

You can also always be motivated to continue at any risk and continue to innovate with the inspiration that comes from someone.

This person can mean your role model, someone you love, or a senior businessman whose life you admire.

8. Create a Community

As has been said, it’s very easy to give up if you do everything alone without the support of people around you. It’s also very easy to give up when you don’t have people around you who have the same fate.

That is the reason why we find so many communities, both the art lover community and the business community.

This is to create an environment that supports and becomes a place to complain and share the knowledge that will ultimately benefit all parties.

Also, a community like this can be a place for discussion and sharing of experiences so that the knowledge you have will increase and can be useful for your business.


Are you more excited after reading business tips from Steve Jobs? If so, it’s time you start what is always on your mind! Make it come true by doing business tips from Steve Jobs above. Keep trying and good luck!