How many of your colleagues or friends use email?

Of course many!

Especially now that almost all smartphone users use email addresses to access many applications. And some are used for business purposes.

In business, email is often used to establish connections with your customers. What is commonly called email marketing?

1. What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a marketing strategy that is often done by online businesses.

Why should you use email marketing?


Well, because it is personal then you are likely to get more attention and your buyers feel more comfortable.


Through email marketing, information about your store or product will be conveyed more quickly.


By using an internet or wifi package, you can send this email to your buyers.

Creating Good Relationships

After making your buyers feel comfortable, you should be able to maintain a good relationship with your buyers.

Analysis of Buyer Responses

From the many emails you send to your buyers, you can analyze the responses from your buyers.

Do they respond to you well or not.

In addition to communicating, email marketing also functions to offer your product to prospective buyers or subscribers.

Very effective right?

Now that’s the importance of learning email marketing in the business world.

It, apparently there are many types of emails that you need to know in the business world.

2. What are you doing?

Email Digest

You can specify your e-mail period, starting from per-day, per-week, per-month, and so on.

Besides this email can limit the number of recipients, such as 50-100.

You can set it according to your business needs.

If you are holding a promo or contest, this email is perfect for sending an email about the promo or contest you are currently holding.

So, your buyers can find out the latest updates about the promos and contests that you are running.


Not much different from Digest Email, this type of email is also often used by business people.

Newsletters are usually used to provide information from the contents of the email, directing buyers to specific web pages, blogs, or links or also about discounts, promos, surveys, and so on.

Special Email

You can send a special email to your buyers in the form of an invitation to join the community, forums, and so on.

Email Follow Up

Now for this type of email is usually used to send content that is informative to your buyers who have subscribed.

Email Sponsorship

For this type of e-mail, you need to pay for your e-mail to be included in other competitors’ newsletters.

This works to reach a wider audience and you can specify more specific segments.

Tractional Email

You will find this type of e-mail often.

Maybe you have received an email from an online shop if your transaction was successful or so?

Well, a tractional email is that type of email.

You can use it when your business is running.

If you still lay in the world of e-mail and confused about how to get started.

Many ways, stages, or email marketing strategies that you can immediately practice.

3. Steps To Start Email Marketing, Including:

1. Choosing Email Marketing Tools

The initial step to start using email marketing for your business is to choose the right tools.

Why must we use tools?

  • To be more effective in shipping.
  • It doesn’t work if you do it manually.
  • What is certain is the hard hands and a lot of time.
  • Now that’s the importance of using tools.

There are several types of email marketing tools to choose from, including:


This all-in-one tool provides many benefits for you.

Starting from increasing the conversion rate, SEO, blogs, social media, automation, and marketing analysis.

To use these tools you need to pay a fee, but the quality provided is commensurate with the price you pay.

Constant Contact

The next tools are tools that function to manage your customers.

And interestingly, this tool has a variety of templates and editing tools too.

You can directly visit the website and buy these tools.


This tool is perfect for those of you who are beginners.

Moreover, these tools are very popular among online business people.

Many benefits you can get.

If you have 2000 customers, you can get this tool for free.

However, if you want to get more in any aspect, you must be willing to spend more to maximize the use of your email marketing.


Not only for the use of email alone but this tool can be used for various types of marketing activities, among others, to create a campaign, providing real-time pitch updates, manage databases buyer, products, and so on.


Yep, this tool offers a variety of features for marketing, including, custom forms, segmentation, drag & drop email builder, and so on.

But, again, you have to pay money to get this tool.


This cool feature you can use to create forms that are tailored to plugins that are already available on WordPress.

Also, segmentation and system features are available that work automatically to respond to your customer’s actions.


Although these tools are not very popular with many people, the system must be thumbs up.


Because the email deliverability rate reaches 99% compared to other tools.

And there are 700 templates to choose from.

2. Create an Email List

You should make the contents of your e-mail as clear as possible.

Starting from the topic, basically, what you want to say and so on.

Then you can send it to your customers.

However, you must find the contact list before you can send it.

Many shortcuts for getting the contact list by buying the contact list.

But, this method is not recommended for you.

Because later your email will be considered spam by them.

So as much as possible your customers give you permission to send emails from your store or company.

3. Make A Lead Magnet

You can make ebooks, webinars, free coupons, and free guides right to attract lots of subscribers.

To subscribe, usually use the name and email address.

Now, from here you will have a contact list, if there is updated information about your store or company, you can immediately send it.

This method can be directly practiced on your website pages.

4. Make Interesting Headlines

If you read an article, what do you read first?

Of course headlines.

If the headline is interesting, you can be sure you will click on the article.

Now that’s the importance of making compelling headlines.

Moreover, interest in reading in Indonesia has declined.

So avoid boring headlines or those already used by other competitors.

So that your headlines and articles are not boring, you can use copywriting techniques to enhance your writing so that people will be interested in your product.

Making headlines using copywriting techniques can distract and build curiosity about your prospective buyers.

There are various ways to make compelling headlines with copywriting techniques, including:

  • Second, a strong statement, maybe you often read headlines with words, tips, tricks, strategies, steps, stages, secrets, and so on. Yep, these words are powerful to attract people to read your article.
  • Fourth, proof, proof patterns are always an attraction for many people. What was underestimated can now be proven? For example: “They Think This Product Is Abal, But Now Becoming a Contest”
  • Fifth, solving the problem, it takes 8 seconds to determine whether your article is read or not. You must be able to convince your prospective buyers by helping them solve problems. How to do it? The solution to their problem is your product. For example: “Want a Slim Body in a Week?”
  • Sixth, worry, make your prospective buyers feel worried. Why is that? Because worry usually makes people easy to act. However, what is meant by worry here is the desire to buy your product.  For example: “Don’t Let Your Shop Be Quiet Because You Don’t Have Followers”
  • Seventh, which is a trend, making viral headlines can trigger your buyers to buy. For example: “Want Sexy Lips Like Kylie Jenner?”
  • Eighth, displaying the price or free, who is not interested in low prices or discounts? Surely interested right? Yes, right? Yep, usually, people will be very interested in headlines that display prices or those related to “free shipping” and so on. You can use this method to attract more buyers.
  • Ninth, empathy, in addition to worry, you can use empathy to attract your buyers. You just need to show that you also feel what your buyers feel. Well, that’s where buyers feel they have a “friend” who has the same fate. If so, you easily offer your product as a solution.
  • Tenth, highlight the benefits of your product, convey the facts about your product. Like, what are the benefits, what it is for, and so on.

After creating headlines, you can immediately make the contents of the email.

Usually, the contents of the email are divided into 3 parts:

  • Headline
  • The discussion from the headline can be in the form of storytelling, soft selling, hard-selling, and so on.
  • Call to Action

5. Sending Email

This is the time that makes you the most excited.

Yep, send an email to your buyer.

You must be prepared with their response.

If you are still in doubt, you can test it first.

Now, if you are sure, start sending it.

But, you need to know the right timing.

You can research in advance to determine the right time.

After getting the time, you can start sending and that must definitely be consistent.

Well, that’s some of the stages of starting email marketing and its functions.

Very easy right?

You can start learning the online business from email marketing after that to another platform.

Only by using email marketing, your sales can increase.

So, good luck 🙂