Startup Idea Streamline From Where?

First, we need to understand what is a lean start? Its English name is Lean Startup, a method with a process and a way to help you manage your startup process. In a straightforward way, lean start-up is starting a business in a simple and effective way.

Usually when starting a business, the first thing is to have an idea and start implementing it. After analyzing and understanding the market you will have to create a complete business plan, taking some time to develop and produce your business product. However, although it takes a lot of time to invest, this way mostly fails, the success rate is few.

In your business mindset, not everyone will succeed, so you need to learn, cultivate and absorb real mistakes to become better. Anyway, life is these months of learning, so why don’t you dream of starting a business and don’t start pursuing that dream?

For those who start a business, the success path is far away, but as long as we are willing to learn from the experience of others, perhaps success will automatically come close to you.

Andre Bourque is a writer specializing in advertising, marketing strategies, public relations for a number of companies and brands that share for those who are intent on starting the most streamlined start-up ideas.


Whether you start your own business or start a startup, you are faced with decisions that bring high risk provinces. When you participate in many jobs in your emotional start-up process, it can easily make you lose your mind.

“Entrepreneurs are often very interested in this issue and whatever their ups and downs, it’s easy to make a decision right now. But tell yourself: Don’t make hasty decisions. ”As CEO of YapStone (Financial Technology Corporation), Tom Villante suggested.

Because starting a business will have to be leaders, you must make decisions before measuring and predicting the outcome of events or possible events. Emotional decisions often lead to inadequate consequences. Without careful calculations you may face higher risks.

Do not make decisions because of excitement, you must take the time to ponder, find possible reasons, proof of authenticity and make the best decision possible for this decision.


Perhaps “embracing defeat” has always been known to entrepreneurs as an integrated lesson in the start-up process. Either tell yourself that not everyone is a sage, no one can be perfect. But compared to accepting results and accepting their own shortcomings, failure actually has more benefits and better things.

Failure makes us learn from mistakes, many experts in businesses agree with this view. Failure allows us to learn and know how to make the right choice when we encounter the same problem again. Failure can even make it easier and quicker to master your new goals and plans after you start again.


The main reason why many people fail to embark on their career path is fear. You may have heard examples of business failures no less than a hundred times and this is the reason many people repel their dream of starting a business.

However if you are passionate about business, or if you eventually find something you like, I believe you will find a solution. Fear is inevitable but don’t let fear control you.

Alejandro Chaban, founder of Yes You Can! (Weight loss food company) once said, “Tell others to forget the fear, don’t care about it but this seems impossible.” So don’t forget the fear, you must try to overpower it. ”

The less we deal with fear, the more it will affect our progress and decisions. What’s worse is that our fear of self-confidence is also deprived, without confidence, how to convince others to believe in starting your business?

By calming your fears, your failures will gradually disappear and your confidence, change to become better will follow.


The business model of many applications or some social platforms is usually free for customers to use, but this way makes it easy to spend all your money when you haven’t earned money.

When you decide what your company’s product is, what product you want to sell, you need to first understand the issues you have to solve. Once you have a thorough understanding of the market, create a solution that makes others willing to pay.

Mark Josephson, CEO of Bitly (popular short URL service on Twitter) believes that you must focus on the top ten customers and build what they are willing to pay. Then in this way when accumulating up to 20 people, 40 people even 100 people.

So when you identify the product and start selling, make sure you earn money, think about the way and scope of sales. Make sure these things help you to be profitable.


“Everyone has some good theoretical ideas and strategies, but if they all lack” implementation plans, “they will soon be removed.” Donny Gamble of Idea Hacks, a conceptual website Health said so.

Even if you have the right information, that doesn’t mean that this method definitely works unless you really have information to implement your plan.

Your business start-up plan must be up carefully. Whether your business size is three or three thousand, the lack of communication, assignment of responsibilities and priorities for events is also beyond the scope of this activity.

Set time schedules, procedures, standards, follow up and review regularly so your plan is made more smooth and efficient.

With a lean start-up model instead of trying to build a product with all the features in one stage, you should select the most basic features and step by step take steps to implement and complete. it.

If successful, you can start the next steps of the project including testing new customer groups, adding manpower to more advanced, advanced tests. Just like that, your products will be continuously upgraded, improved and have new customers.

The outstanding advantage of a lean start is creating products that are market-relevant, minimizing unnecessary risks, creating ways to work smarter, learning from needs and responding directly from customers. goods through the business review process are verified.


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