There are many ideas for starting a business. Starting from something that was planned or an idea that just appeared.

However, despite the many ideas for starting a business, few people are brave enough to really start. In fact, it could be a promising business because it includes businesses that do not yet exist in India.

Startup Business Ideas

Abroad, some business ideas are quite unique and even strange but have many customers. One reason is that it belongs to the type of business that is needed by many people even though it is actually a ‘silly’ business for many people.

As we know, India is a developing country where you can always open new businesses that don’t yet exist in India very easily.

But even so, it usually takes a lot of courage to get started. And if you want to know what businesses don’t yet exist in India, here are examples:

1. Unique Cigarette Box

The unique cigarette box business is one of the profitable small capital home-based businesses that is still rarely done.

Although smoking is not a good thing, it cannot be denied if many smokers in India can be used for fertile business land.

Starting a business by selling various shapes, colors, motifs and unique cigarette case materials such as batik, automotive, soccer players, cartoons and so on is an idea that is actually simple but very unique and can produce a promising turnover.

2. Non-Petroleum Fuel Stoves

All households, restaurants, hotels, boarding children and so on definitely need one of the household appliances called a stove.

Starting a stove business that is one type of micro small and medium businesses with non-petroleum fuels and replaced with vegetable oil or other fuels can make your good business and also still rarely done.

Plus, the low price tag for each stove with non-petroleum fuel is increasingly opening up a fairly broad market and the benefits that can be obtained are also not inferior to stoves that use gas fuel.

3. Livestock Rental Services

One of the profitable businesses in the village is providing livestock rental services. Although it sounds strange, this business is also quite promising.

This business is really needed for someone who wants to learn or start raising. Some livestock that can be rented include chickens, goats, ducks and also fish with a predetermined period.

4. Dog Training and Finance Services

Training animals such as dogs and cats is already done in many western countries, but India, itself is still relatively rare.

In this business, you will work as a pet trainer such as training habits, improving the ability of pets and also practicing tricks. As for capital, it can be said that it is very minimal because all you need is the skills to train the pet.

5. Jobseekers Consultants

This includes services that are difficult but very promising. The job search consulting services business has very good potential especially if you see so many job seekers and unemployed in India.

The task in this business is to make a CV to find jobs by a diploma from the consumer and also by the wishes of your consumers.

6. Graffiti Business Image

Graffiti image service business on building walls, also known as wall artist services, is a fun job but can provide high returns.

In this business, you will be tasked to beautify the appearance of a plain interior or exterior wall into a very high artistic value.

The bigger the image the consumer wants, the higher the payment you get. Also, this is a profitable business for students, especially majors.

7. Internet Marketing Software Provider

Internet marketing software business providers such as Semrush and also Ahrefs are also promising businesses because they are much needed by the public, especially bloggers, website owners and also online stores.

This internet marketing software provider will help a blog to get more visitors with certain targeted keywords.

8. Personal Shopping Assistant

As a logistics provider, this personal shopping assistant is useful as a service provider for mothers who are busy and do not have time to shop for basic necessities to the market or supermarket.

You are only tasked to shop by consumer demand in the market or supermarket and deliver the groceries to consumers’ homes.

9. Child Fitness Equipment Provider

This is a business that is fairly fresh but can bring you a lot of Rupees. This business is a place to provide various fitness equipment specifically for children under 14 years of age.

This is very useful to help children exercise and build muscle early and is still relatively rare so that the market potential is still wide open.

10. Old Money Collector

In various marriages, we often see that the dowry used is money with a unique number.

This booming trend is also a good opportunity because many people are looking for certain currency in accordance.

With the needs for the dowry such as for example 100 Rupees, 50 Rupees and so on which are now very difficult to find. With these old small amounts of money, you can get a lot of Rupees by renting out the money.

11. Pet Accessories

Urban communities almost always have pets like dogs, cats, birds and so on.

You can take advantage of this community’s hobbies as a fertile business land that sells a variety of pet accessories. You can sell clothes, necklaces, dog chains, glasses and so on.

12. Selling Animal Poop

Disgusting animal dung which is considered garbage so that it cannot be used anymore turns out to also be a creative business to bring in the coffers of money.

Some types of animal waste such as bats can be conjured up by you to produce money bags that are used as organic fertilizers to replace commercial fertilizers and chemical fertilizers that are often used today.

13. Buying and Selling Used Goods

When it comes to used goods, this does not only relate to homes or cars that have been popular with business people for a long time.

But selling used items can also be started from a few simple things like hobbies that you like.

For example, you can sell 70 or 80 secondhand used cameras that are in high demand right now, especially for people who like photography. Not only the camera but also many other objects that are also potentially expensive if resold.

14. Open Trip Travel

Enterprises that benefit college kids such as travel services also have lucrative potential. This anti-mainstream business is very suitable for young people like students.

The needs of urban communities for vacation packages and travel services are indeed sought after because it will make it easier for them to travel somewhere.

With the experience of young people who have gone a lot to various tourist destinations, this business can provide a double benefit for you namely income and also provide knowledge to the general public about the tourist sites.

15. Gamer Jockey

For gamers, this business is no longer familiar, it is even considered normal and is very sought after by lovers of these games so that you can make a good business opportunity to get big profits.

These gamers jockey are used because of their skill in playing games, which of course are highly sought after by game enthusiasts and will provide huge benefits, but very little capital.

16. Chicken Rental Business

The first business that does not exist in India is the chicken rental business. Quite ridiculous indeed for ordinary people, but apparently this business is one of the businesses that are quite profitable.

Chicken rental business can be a profitable business in a village or city where one of the target markets of this business is people who want to raise chickens but do not want to be bothered by them.

Like for example when the rainy season or when chickens are sick. Rather than bother taking care of chickens during such circumstances, it is better to be returned.

17. Hangover Helpers

Hangover Helpers, created by Regis and Kelly who are two students, are businesses aimed at helping heavily drunk people. Like for example when you are hanging out with your friends at a party and get drunk to the point of being drunk. In the morning, when the food runs out, you can contact them.

Hangover Helpers to bring you healthy food so you don’t have to bother cooking anymore. In terms of business opportunities, Hangover Helpers actually includes ways to start a catering business that you can try. Not just food, Hangover Helpers can do other things while you are drunk.

18. Selling Failing Wedding Rings

Maybe this business is one of the businesses that started with disappointment and heartache. The reason, Joshua Opperman, the originator of this business, suffered a broken heart because his fiance left him.

Because of this disappointment, Joshua then sold his engagement ring, even though the price dropped dramatically, and from this, Joshua got an idea and inspiration to create a place or marketplace to sell used engagement rings and who would have thought, this business idea received a very positive response from the community.

19. Anger Room

A business that does not yet exist in India next is the Anger Room. Abroad, this business is quite popular because it can reduce the pressure caused by stress. How to run it is also quite easy if you want to get started.

You only need to set up a special room with a variety of furniture in it as a means to vent your customer’s anger.

As the name implies, the Anger Room is a room where someone’s anger is vented. In there they can destroy anything, scream as loud as they can, or do anything as their emotions burst.

However, even like that, Anger Room users must be equipped with special suit clothes to avoid the danger that might occur because of the treatment in there.

Also, approaching the Anger Room business owner can be one way to start a convection business for you to create special settings for them. Interested in trying?

20. Fresh Air Business

This business was first pioneered by Chen, a native of China. Maybe because in China, as in big cities, fresh air has become very rare and very necessary.

Even initially, this fresh air business idea was considered ridiculous because the air was packed in a can like a beverage can in general. But who would have thought, this business is popular and sells well?

In areas where the air conditioner is getting polluted, the business of fresh air is a new breakthrough that is really needed by the community.

Especially because humans can not live without the presence of air and polluted air can affect their health. In cities with rare fresh air, fresh air business can be a suitable business on the side of the road, you know. Intend to try?

21. Apologizing Business

Some claim that humanity is a place of sin and wrong because it cannot be separated from the name of error.

Even like that, apologizing for doing something wrong is quite difficult for some people to do. And to solve this problem, in Japan, there is a business that offers an apology service.

The business of apologizing includes a business that does not yet exist in India and the opportunity is large enough to start.

The reason is, this business can solve various kinds of problems without eliminating the true essence of regret. This business offers a way to apologize by telephone, meet in person, or other ways you can try.

22. Boyfriend Rental Business

Girlfriend rental business is an anti-mainstream business idea,  but it can solve various problems, especially for those of you who are single or single.

This business is quite popular because it offers your girlfriend rental services. That is if you need a boyfriend but you are single, you can contact this business to hire the services of a boyfriend who can accompany you at certain times.

23. Gasoline Runs

A business that does not yet exist in India next is the running gas station business. Though in America this business is quite popular.

Imagine if you are traveling, have traffic jams, or get lost and run out of gas. Initially, you might be confused because it is far from the gas station, but with this mobile gas station, you only need to contact them via the internet or telephone network.

Gas station running is a business that is needed by many people and can even become one of the retail gasoline business tips that you should try if you want to do gasoline business.

24. Food and Beverage Delivery Service

A business that does not yet exist in India is a condolence food delivery service. This business is already running in America through a site.

This business is quite popular because it’s not ordinary. Usually, people who are grieving tend to get flowers from relatives and relatives as a sign of grief.

However, gradually, the flowers will rot and be thrown away. What is different from this business is that you can send healthy and nutritious food to grieving relatives or relatives.

So even though they are grieving, their health is maintained and not sick.

25. Providing Hugs Services

This business is quite unique because it offers hug services for you and can only be rented by adults. However, even though like that, this business does not serve or oriented to sex.

Initially, this business is just a social activity aimed at adults who are trying to cuddle. But apparently, gradually, this activity is growing, becoming big, and becoming a business.

The way it works is quite easy, you only need to come to a meeting where you can meet people you have never met before and you can ask to be hugged by them. Even with strangers, hugs always have a comfortable effect and reduce the level of depression. Want to try?

26. Slap Massage Services

Turns slap massage is a massage technique that can eliminate wrinkles on the face, you know. This massage technique was first discovered in Thailand and has been practiced in one of the salons in San Fransicso, Tata Massage.

27. Animal Manure Delivery Service

If you want to make someone upset you, you can hire services from this business. As the name implies, this business rents out services to send animal waste to others for you.

Not only that, but you can also leave a letter that will be sent with animal waste to the person you are aiming for. Although disgusting and can stretch relationships, in fact, this business is already running in America.

28. Sanitary Pads

One interesting fact from sanitary napkins that you should know is that it can be used as footwear because it can reduce unpleasant odors on the feet.

But even like that, it is evident that not all men are comfortable to buy sanitary napkins that women usually wear directly only to be used as footwear. And it turns out, that problem is an opportunity that is used by Li Yuanho from China to do business.

29. Warm Pillow Business

The warm pillow business can be a business that is suitable for housewives because it can be done at home.

Initially, the business that was pioneered by Kim Levine in America was only used to warm the body of his child while sleeping.

But who would have thought, because of his creativity, Kim’s products were glimpsed by a large retail company and were able to generate around the US $ 225,000 in just two months.

30. Snack Cassava Chips

Cassava chips are one of the most favored snacks. This snack is indeed a food that must be available during casual moments. Like friends watching tv, watching movies and more.

If in the past only present in the original flavor, the current cassava chips can be present with a variety of flavors. Its light and savory texture make many cassava chips in a hurry.

Besides chips are a type of food that is durable and can last a long time. So that there are no worries about stale and damaged when received by consumers. Starting this business is almost the same way

31. Cookies

Cookies are included in the type of snack food but also include heavy food. Cookies are a choice as food that can block the stomach.

This food is very popular and popular because it tastes sweet. The high carbohydrate content will certainly fill you up when you roast it. Cookies are very popular with children to parents.

You can add flavor and character variants to your cookies so that they are more attractive to consumers. This business is also very suitable as a  business for Muslim women.

32. Fried Meatballs

Who would have thought that this one snack could also be one of the ideas in the online food business? The taste is tasty and crispy and tends to be spicy into the appeal of this snack.

Meatballs are also known as a food that is durable and long-lasting. So you don’t need to worry if you keep it for a long time.

This snack is very popular with young children and adults. Moreover, for those who like spicy flavor, this snack cannot be left behind.

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34. Sedlak crackers

Sedlak crackers also become snacks that are hit. You can sell it raw or cooked. Because both raw and cooked comestible is still in search. Sedlak crackers are also the main ingredient of black food.

So that your market share is not only to direct consumers but you can also become a distributor of black crackers for black sellers.

35. Kuaci

Kuaci is an endless snack. Although it has to be a bit of a hassle when eating it, the unique taste makes this snack still popular. Kuaci can be derived from sunflower seeds or pumpkin plant group seeds.

However, the most widely produced is sunflower seeds. Surely this business is a sign of good business.

36. Macaroni

Macaroni is a type of food that is quite popular. Macaroni is a type of food that is commonly used as a snack booster stomach.

The taste is tasty and crispy and the combination of spicy seasoning will definitely make you drool. Macaroni can also be served in the form of soup.

If you are interested in selling this food then you can sell it in raw or cooked variants. Although it is sold in a mature form or fried in macaroni it is quite durable, so there’s no need to worry.

37. Dry Siomay

Siomay is a snack that we usually encounter every day. Siomay is usually served boiled or fried. With a blend of peanut sauce, who can resist the delicacy of this food.

Siomay is made from wheat flour, so of course, it’s delicious. So, it’s not surprising that so many people love this food.

You can make a new variant that is making it dry siomay. Of course, in dry conditions, dumplings will last longer. The way to start this business is the same as how to start a vegetable nuggets business.

38. Cheese Sticks

Who does not like cheese, its unique and distinctive taste makes cheese or cheese-flavored foods much preferred. Call it a cheese stick which is a favorite snack. The savory, crispy texture and a distinctive cheese flavor make this food widely sought after.

No need to worry because this cheese stick food is quite durable and durable even though it has to be stored for a long time. So, of course, cheese sticks can be food that can be sold online.

39. Banana Sale

If you like snacks made from bananas, then this food is certainly no stranger to the ear. Sale bananas are foods made from the main ingredient of bananas which are then dried in thin thin slices.

Then fried dry using rice flour. The relatively sweet and crunchy taste makes this food preferred by children to adults. In terms of the production of materials and tools used are also simple.

The process is not complicated and the snacks are also quite durable. So, what are you waiting for, of course, you can sell this food online.

40. Noodle Stick

For the 90s generation of the stick, noodles are familiar foods. This snack is widely sold in elementary schools. The price is cheap and the taste is quite good, making sticky noodles much sought after and selling well for sale.

It turns out that this food is not only liked by children, adolescents to adults and even parents are also quite fond of it. So don’t miss the momentum.

Take advantage of this opportunity by selling stick noodles online. No need to worry that this one food is guaranteed durable and long-lasting.

41. Yogurt

Yogurt is a healthy drink that is now starting to be popular because of the healthy nutritional content in it and also the unique taste of the yogurt.

This beverage packaging has become one of the business opportunities that are very suitable to be run, especially with yogurt packaging which is now very diverse and also many flavor variants that make this business the right choice to do.

This yogurt-packed drink has also become one of the profitable small home-based businesses for housewives.

42. Herbal medicine packaging

Herbal medicine which was once just a traditional drink has now been transformed into a health drink as well as the lifestyle of some people.

Although it sounds simple, this is also a promising business, especially many modern people who are more concerned with health and choose to consume a variety of natural foods and drinks.

For herbal medicine variants, the packaging also varies greatly, such as cancer rice, turmeric acid, betel and so on.

43. Juice

Fruit juice becomes the next packaging drink that is suitable for you to make a promising business. Not only liked by adults, but the sweet taste and various choices of refreshing fruit flavors are the main attraction in this beverage package so that it is also loved by children.

44. Tea

The type of micro small and medium businesses namely tea packaging is also a promising business to do now. Tea has become one of the most preferred drinks from children to adults and from any circle.

This tea beverage packaging business will certainly provide promising benefits because it becomes the main choice when thirsty because of the very practical packaging.

45. Coffee

At present, coffee also does not only consist of one or two flavors, but the variant flavors of bottled coffee drinks are already very diverse such as mocha, latte, tiramisu, mint, vanilla, cappuccino and so on.

This attractive beverage packaging and diversity of flavors will provide a great market opportunity that is right for you to do.

46. Milk

Currently, milk is also popular because it tastes delicious, practical, healthy and also rich in flavor so that it becomes a good business opportunity to run.

The diversity of flavors makes these packaged drinks provide good prospects. Selling bottled drinks is also a business idea for retirees who can provide multiple benefits.

47. Kefir

Currently, kefir drinks are also loved by modern society because of their delicious taste and high nutritional content. Although kefir and yogurt are often considered the same, the two types of drinks are not the same at all.

The taste and thickness are similar, but in the manufacturing process using different types of healthy bacteria and the fermentation materials used are also different.

The beverage packaging business is also very promising to run at this time, especially for those of you who live in urban areas.

48. Syrup

Who is not familiar with this type of refreshing sweet drink and has many flavors? The syrup has become a mainstay beverage, especially to be served at various large events such as Eid, Christmas, Birthday, marriage and various other events.

This syrup beverage packaging business opportunity will certainly provide a tantalizing advantage because the demand for syrup is never empty from year to year.

49. Coconut essence

With the density of daily activities that spend fluids in the body, coconut juice packaging drinks are also the choice of many people to get rid of thirst easily so that it can be a good business opportunity for you.

Coconut juice is also known for its ability to restore bodily fluids quickly and tastes delicious so many people hunted especially for those who enjoy physical activity.

50. Jelly drink

The jelly texture that is chewy, delicious, sweet, colorful and filling is not only refreshing but can also eliminate thirst in a fun way.

All the advantages of this beverage packaging are a very good opportunity with the main target being children and it is possible for adults.

51. Soy milk

This soy milk variant is indeed very unique not only in terms of taste but also as a source of vegetable protein that is very good for health and also a smart solution for vegetarians and adherents to a healthy lifestyle.

Soybeans which are the main healthy ingredient are also very easy to process, namely by boiling, mashing and then filtered.

While in terms of taste also has been very varied, ranging from original, chocolate, strawberry, grapes and so forth.

This business is also very appropriate for home-based businesses with selling prices ranging from 3 thousand Rupees to 5 thousand Rupees per package so that the target consumers that can be obtained are also wider with profits of up to millions of Rupees each month.

52. Bottled Water

Do not underestimate this one bottled beverage, because bottled water is also one of the types of bottled drinks that are sought after by buyers.

All people in India and even the world definitely need water without this taste and color. Also, bottled water provides other benefits for consumers such as practical and flexible so that it can be taken anywhere and enjoyed at any time.

You can start this business starting from selling bottled water, glass, bottles and gallons with huge profits and hassle-free.

Also, the business opportunity for refill water becomes a promising business in bottled beverages, of course, with affordable capital and also has a fairly broad market.

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53. Isotonic drink

Viewed from the 2006 BPOM RI food category, isotonic drinks are drink formulations to replace fluids, electrolytes, carbohydrates and also minerals in the body in a quick time.

This is the most sought-after beverage package because it can restore energy quickly and is also practical. Generally, this isotonic drink is consumed by sportsmen, athletes and also someone who likes to go to the gym.

This business opportunity is also quite promising, especially for those of you who live close to sports locations such as the field, gym, and various other sports facilities.

54. Juice

Juice from the beginning until now still has a special room in the hearts of people both young and old.

The content of many vitamins and minerals in these packaged drinks can be obtained easily, practically and has a very delicious taste so that it is also suitable as a beverage business.

As for marketing itself, it is fairly easy, because juice drinks are very well known by consumers.

The thing to note is that the juice packaging should be made as attractive as possible so that it increasingly makes consumers interested in your beverage packaging business.

Thus our review this time about the beverage packaging business opportunity which is one of the many lucrative businesses without the need to spend too much capital and too much risk.


That’s 50 businesses that do not yet exist in Indonesia that you can make an inspiration to start a business.

Although some of the above businesses are considered unique and even strange, in fact, the business is a business that is quite popular because it is a solution that is needed by many people.

Hopefully inspired and good luck.