The coffee business is an industry that can be said to have enormous development potential. You’ve nurtured your dream business for a long time and now want to make that dream come true.

So before you start your business, please note the following things to know when you first enter the business field.

1. Planning Cafe Business

You need to identify your target audience A business object will target a different cafe style and drinks menu. For example, if you want to focus customers on your cafe is young, you need to have a cafe interior so that it is eye-catching and modern. The beverage menu also needs to keep up with the trends of customers.

2. Financial Planning

The biggest headache is the capital. If anyone asks how much capital can start a business, it is difficult to answer immediately because it still depends on the size of the cafe, the premises of the cafe, the interior, and the menu of the restaurant.

Trouble to start a coffee shop business can be mobilized in many different ways like banking, or borrowing family and friends. And if you already have some of your own capital, that’s a very good thing.

3. Choose A Location To Open A Cafe

A beautiful cafe location near a densely populated area where students are crowded will make it easier for you to advertise your cafe to customers. You should choose a coffee shop location that is not too difficult for everyone to see.

4. Cafe Design

The principle to design a coffee shop is style – impressive – convenient. A beautiful cafe will attract a lot of customers, especially young customers. Please design the interior of the cafe in a unique style to be different from other cafes.

The tables and chairs in the restaurant also need to be arranged in a flexible manner so that you can move your customer to a large group. We recommend that you find yourself an interior designer so they can help you come up with a better idea and save money.

5. Complete Legal Procedures

  • Business registration license. You need to go to the People’s Committee of the district (district) or Department of Planning and Investment of the province/city and follow the instructions;
  • Certificate of food hygiene and safety issued by a competent authority
  • Taxes to be paid are annual license tax, value-added tax, and personal income tax. You need to go to the County
  • Tax Office (district) and follow the instructions.

6. Source of Raw Materials

Raw materials are an important factor that determines the quality of the drink. You should choose coffee materials of reputable brands in the market today to ensure safety for users.

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7. Attractive Concoctions, Extensive

menus Develop a drink menu that focuses on quality rather than quantity. Besides, you should also update the drinks according to market trends to be able to better serve customers.

For starters, don’t set the menu prices too high. Try not to exceed 30% of the cost. Reasonable price is an invitation for guests to come back next time. See as it is advertising for your shop.

8. Cafe Management

For starters of the cafe business, you should direct your own cafe so that you can solve everything by yourself, and learn more business experience, save some money. management fee.

9. Marketing Planning

As a new coffee shop business, you need to invest more to advertise images more to attract your customers. You should try many different forms of advertising, especially word of mouth, the more you can not ignore. Give your customers different information that is unique to your shop and not to other coffee shops.