Starting A Business With Something Easy To Get Rich Quick?

Starting a business with something easy to get rich quick? Which industries have the most potential for profit? A lot of people want to make a lot of money. But wanting to make a lot of money has to choose good professions.

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Here, please share with you the fast-growing business, helping start-up businesses earn a lot of money in short time. Hope it will help you a lot.


For every genuine copyrighted software, copying each license disk only takes 3-5 thousand. Higher-end software plus packaging costs only cost 15-20 thousand. But its price is so great that many people must be clear.

Of course, the selling price of the software is based not only on processing costs. By multiplying its costs comes from research, patent and design costs. Therefore, it has a big difference for other traditional products.

There is an undeniable point that software business is still an industry with extremely high profit margins. So Bill Gates became the richest person in the world.

For example, the 98 windown operating system has been marketed for nearly 8 years. Subtracting huge research and patent costs. Earnings were also enough to invent a few dozen other win 98 software.


Including business services breakfast, drinks, special snacks … “Real people first”. One day without eating, everyone would be shocked. Therefore, food service is always considered as one of the fastest money making industry, making money easily today.

The store provides breakfast and beverage services with advantages such as low cost, abundant profits, quick capital gain. The average investment cost is about 3000 USD equivalent to 70 million USD. The average net profit is from 25% -35%. Usually only 6 to 9 months can recover investment capital.

Therefore, the catering service business is always the top choice of business starters.


Undoubtedly, the low carbon economy has been and will become a trend of global economic development. And of course, it will become one of the easiest to earn money. So for those who start small and medium businesses, how will the low-carbon economy potentially business opportunities?

One is agent of energy saving products.

The second is brokerage of low carbon projects.

Third are some other related occupations such as solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, combined electric gasoline cars, electric motor industry, energy-saving light bulbs, energy-efficient housing construction equipment, energy efficient household electrical appliances …


Cosmetics here are mainly high-end imported cosmetics. According to industry insiders, a top-of-the-line cosmetic cream line in the world has a retail price of around $ 135 per 50ml tube. Meanwhile, research, production and manufacturing costs only about $ 4.5.

High-class eye creams and lipsticks that cost about a few dozen dollars are even lower. What about fragrances that cost a few hundred dollars? Its cost is almost exclusively for bottles and shells.

High-end cosmetic products are extremely profitable, horrifying for consumers, saying that there is much greater damage compared to the gentleness of beautiful people in advertising.

The cost of terrible plastic surgery: peeling the jaw takes about 4,000 USD, equivalent to about 90 million USD. Face pump, skin stretch for about $ 2,500, equivalent to about USD 60 million. The lip repair is about 1500 USD equivalent to about 35 million USD. Lifting the nose costs about 800 to 4,000 USD, equivalent to about 18 million to 90 million USD.

However, these surgeries cost tens of millions of dong, only a few hours can be completed. Like a nose surgery, it only takes 3 minutes to get a beautiful nose as desired. Meanwhile consumers spend a huge expense …


Surely we are no stranger to functional foods on the market today. Due to fierce industry competition, functional food business space is no longer the same as before. But still in the top of the industry easy to make money fast.

The difference between medicine and functional food is that functional foods not only have low research and production costs. But not responsible for the effectiveness of the drug. Just don’t have any symptoms or strange signs. Due to the high profitability, producers can accumulate huge capital assets in a short period of time.


The market for infant products is growing rapidly. This is considered as one of the professions that bring huge profits to business people. Because parents never regret spending money on things that benefit their children.

A family only needs young children, which will be the main consumer in the family. Moreover, parents who choose clothes, toys, and diapers for their children always pay special attention to safety quality. Therefore, the stores that specialize in brand-name infant products will be the target for parents.


Along with the fierce market competition and the increasing unemployment of students. Making many employees feel pressure on the future. To find a better job with a higher salary. Many volunteers voluntarily give money to participate in refresher classes and weekend classes to supplement their knowledge and professional skills.

In this situation, many life skills training centers, professional skills and foreign languages ​​were born. Just having good teaching quality ensures output. It will attract many students. Easy to make money but profit is high.


This is probably no longer a strange concept for many business people. According to many business people in the industry revealed. The total profit of online game industry can be higher than 50%. Highest can even reach 75%. The net interest rate is also about 25% -50%.

The main reason is because online game business does not need to build infrastructure. Just having the server manage and upgrading is okay. Moreover, just buying a game license once is a business that can be used for a lifetime.


Compare comparisons between selling prices and production costs of retail drugs. The retail price of the majority of pharmaceuticals is usually 3 times higher than the production cost. Therefore, pharmaceuticals listed on the fast-making business lines are not wrong.

People’s intellectual life is increasingly improved. People are increasingly interested in health. Therefore, pharmaceutical stores, clean food stores and services related to health care services are getting hotter. These are fast-earned professions.

From the investment level, the general pharmaceutical stores, traditional medicine shops have an average investment of about 5 to 7 thousand USD, equivalent to 150 to 175 million VND. Total profit is about 35%. The payback period is relatively long, so it will be suitable for start-up businesses with abundant capital and long-term development.

The stores selling clean food mainly are natural products, nutrition … The store opening cost is relatively high. But the total profit is about 60%. Once successful, it will be a long and fast money-making industry.


E-commerce is no longer a strange concept for us today. Before the transition of the new economy. E-commerce business will be a new trend, making big money in the near future.

Currently, the number of international e-commerce businesses is very small. Therefore, this is a potential field with great exploitation value. In the future, it will be a hot industry for entrepreneurs and business people.


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