Approaching retirement is a time when you are no longer productive at work. And of course, your income is no longer as much as before.

Besides these obstacles, being a person who usually works and in the end, no longer has the same activity certainly Tarasa is very boring.

Starting A Business After Retirement

This, of course, becomes a problem for some people. Not infrequently retirees will try to open various businesses so that they remain active during their retirement.

There are many characteristics of an ethical business that would be suitable for retirees to run. Because true business opportunities are for all ages and all groups without exceptions.

Here we summarize 45 business idea opportunities for retirees:

1. Car Rental

In this modern era, everyone has begun to need transportation facilities. Of course, not everyone has the means and infrastructure of transportation.

This is why you have the opportunity to run a car rental business.

Because there are still many people who need car loan rental services and you only need to spend capital to buy car unit preparation and maintenance costs. Quite easy to manage even by retirees.

2. Boarding And Rental Houses

Have sufficient land area? Or your house has a lot of unused rooms? Try doing a boarding house or rental service. House and boarding house is an important tool for someone.

They will not be able to settle down without a place to live.

But sometimes not everyone has a permanent home or residence, this is why this business opportunity is very suitable to be managed and developed.

3. Chicken Farming

Both types of chicken farming both laying hens and broilers will be equally beneficial if managed properly. When you have lots of free time after retirement, taking care of chickens is not impossible.

5. Groceries

If you have sufficient savings or severance pay, there is nothing wrong with opening a grocery store. You just have to relax and enjoy the results, because this is a business that is needed by the community.

6. Travel Agent

Who doesn’t like vacations and traveling? Surely many people like it. Now, this is a golden opportunity for retirees to continue to develop their careers.

Try to learn the following tips for a successful travel agent business so you don’t lose too much and are one of the mainstays in the list of business ideas for retirees.

7. Culinary Business

There are many ways to start a culinary business for retirees. One way is to start a grilled chicken business.

Although there are many other types of culinary that you can start. However, the grilled chicken business is one that has good prospects.

8. Vegetable Field

Are you interested in farming? There is no harm in trying to open this one business. You only need to prepare seeds, fertilizer, and land. As well as several workers to assist in the processing of your fields.

After that, of course, you can sit back and enjoy the results and enjoy the harvest.

9. Raising Cattle And Goats

Owning your own livestock business is not a bad idea for retirees.

You certainly have plenty of free time to take care of all types of livestock, especially those that produce such as goats or cows. Profits will increase at certain times such as when the Eid Hajj.

10. Plant Cultivation

Almost the same as the plantation business, but this is more inclined to the buying and selling of plant seeds. There are many types of plants that you can sell and preserve, ranging from ornamental plant seeds, vegetables, and fruit seeds.

11. Catering Business

This business is one of those businesses that do not really require a lot of money or capital. To get started, you just need to find out about how to start a catering business so that the business can run optimally.

If you want to open a catering business, at least you should know what menus are in demand on the market.

12. Reseller

If you want to sell but don’t have a lot of capital then you can become a reseller agent.

Being a reseller is certainly not too difficult, because you only need to offer and sell the products given to you.

In fact, you can only relax at home running this business with a mobile phone.

13. Credit Counter

If you have more money, it never hurts to open a credit counter. This is an idea and business opportunity that will be useful in your old age.

Everyone almost needs pulses even today internet packages. This also will not harm you because pulses do not have expired levels.

14. Rent A Game

One business that is profitable and easy to manage even for retirees is the game rental business.

There are many game consoles that you can rent, so you just need to wait and control your game rental place. This will be more likely if you are in a crowded environment for children.

15. Open A Clothing Store

Clothing is a basic requirement for someone. Therefore there is never anyone who stops opening a clothing business. So for retirees, there is no harm in trying to open a clothing business.

At least you should keep updated about the various types of clothing that are popular so that your business continues to sell and grow without experiencing a significant loss of impact.

16. Land Investment

This is a fairly large business opportunity and requires a lot of capital. But of course, it also provides many benefits for the owner.

The land investment will provide multiple benefits if you can and manage the business appropriately.

Land prices will certainly continue to soar with increasing population and the level of population demand for land and dwellings.

17. Internet cafe business

The internet has become a necessity for many people today. This is why the internet cafe business is mushrooming now. Internet cafes are also a promising business opportunity.

Managing it is not too difficult, you just need to wait for your internet cafe rental and clean it. It can be a sporting event for retirees who no longer have a lot of work like they are still an active employee normally.

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18. Laundry

Interested in this one business? It’s not that difficult. You only need to look for a few employees such as laundry and ironing clothes.

It does not require too much capital, your rental business where you can even open your laundry business at home.

19. Cake Shop

Love a culinary business? Just try opening a cake shop, cakes that are uniquely shaped and have a variety of flavors will attract many interested people.

At least you can become a retiree by becoming a famous cake entrepreneur.

20. Freelance Writer

Are you a retiree who still has a hobby of writing? Try becoming a freelance writer. Then this can be an activity that generates money in your free time.

21. Consultant

There is no harm in sharing knowledge as well as the experience you have gained while still being an active worker. In addition to earning side income, you can also help various clients who need your services.

22. Raising Birds of Chirping

Aside from being a hobby, being a chirp breeder also has bright business prospects.

Now the demand for chirping birds on the market is increasing and this is an opportunity.

Where you can become one of the chirping business people and certainly become a business idea for easier retirees.

23. Children’s Toys

Because the night market is synonymous with entertainment, especially for children, many people take advantage of this moment to sell a variety of children’s toys.

Although it sounds trivial, this opportunity is very good when you are considering a business for the night market.

Because there will be many parents who bring their children to play. This is a golden opportunity to make them captivated.

Moreover, children are indeed in a phase of need and want for toys. Give priority to choosing toys that really attract the attention of children and remain friendly in the pockets of parents.

24. Various Snacks

If there is a vehicle and night market as we discussed in this article, surely a loyal companion is a snack or snack. For business opportunities at the night market, you can also open shanties to trade various snacks.

Of course many variants of snacks that you can develop. Some of them are learning how to start a burger business and how to start a potato donut business.

Both types of snacks or snacks you can sell at the night market with abundant possibilities of profit.

25. Fishing pond

Who doesn’t like ornamental fish? The shape is small, cute and a variety of beautiful colors that adorn their bodies can be a special attraction.

There are many ornamental fish vendors that you can find in various night markets. Not only children, even adult people like the activity of “fishing” the beautiful fish.

But not everyone is an expert at catching ornamental fish, this is your chance to get as much profit as possible.

Even some people will be interested and tempted to do it again and again which will certainly add to your rupiah coffers.

26. Selling bags

Who would have thought the night market was only for the entertainment of children? The night market is also a moment where women and mothers shop.

The women really like this activity. That is why you will find many types of bags that are sold at the night market.

Starting from ordinary bags that are standard and some bags that may be classified as quite elite and luxurious.

Marketing bags at the night market will also bring you the most profitable benefits for those who seek business ideas.

27. Various Juices and Beverages

If we have discussed how great the opportunity will be a food trade or culinary business idea at the beginning of the article, this time we will also discuss a great opportunity by opening a variety of juice and beverage businesses.

Why not? Of course, visitors to the night market need a variety of fresh drinks to accompany their activities, for example in going around and enjoying the rides.

This is a great opportunity that is open for you to reap as much profit as possible and is one of the businesses that are suitable in the night market.

28. Selling Sandals And Shoes

Not only bags, but you can also certainly develop a business selling sandals and shoes that will be the lyrics of the night market visitors. Look for the latest models and are trending topics in their class.

This will speed up the profit process that you will get. Don’t hesitate to try different types of sandals and unique shoes that are rarely found in stores or markets.

With competitive models and prices, of course, sandals and shoes will sell well in the night market.

29. Various Fruits

Selling fruit is also profitable when it is held at night. Try to open your shanties in the middle of the night market crowd, surely there are some and many people who are interested in buying a collection of fresh fruit that you offer.

Not just ordinary fruit sold at the fruit market, you can even add some seasonal fruit or fruit that is rarely present in the fruit market.

30. Confectionery

Who does not know this one sweet snack? As the name implies, this snack has a soft and sweet texture.

Usually given pink coloring and very attractive to children who visit the night market.

Uniquely, snacks that are identical to these children are not only favored by children but also a favorite of mothers and other adults.

31. Accessories

You can also develop business ideas in the form of selling accessories. Accessories that are sold at affordable prices plus unique will attract the attention of teenagers and women.

In fact, you can benefit beyond ordinary sales if you can offer a variety of beautiful and unique accessories. Such as bracelets, headbands, wallets, and necklaces.

32. Clothes

Ever watched a variety of clothing merchandise in the night market? Surely this is no longer a strange sight. Lots of people try to trade clothes in the night market.

Try their luck with the crowd that is served by the atmosphere of the night market. Offer a variety of unique clothes that are friendly in the bag so that all of your merchandise runs out when the night market is over.

Not only in the form of t-shirts with a variety of unique motifs and a variety of color choices, but you can also sell a variety of subordinates that are usually in demand by buyers.

33. Entertainment Rentals

Although this one business idea requires a fair amount of capital, the opportunity to achieve it is huge. Rental entertainment services in the night market such as doing horse – horse, playing with throw prizes and windmills. Surely many visitors are interested in enjoying one of the rides that you offer.

34. Muslim Clothing Business

Selling a variety of Muslim clothing is certainly one of the most endeavors for Muslim women. How to start a clothing business is a business opportunity that is still wide open with a promising turnover.

The dominance of the Muslim community in this country will certainly make this business potential worthy of lyrics.

Especially if before the Muslim holiday celebrations, of course, the demand for Muslim clothing will also increase.

Of course, you can take advantage of the opportunities and moments available to be able to open a Muslim fashion shop.

35. Selling Hijab Shari

As a Muslim woman, of course, covering your head with a hijab is an obligation. Hijab is an identity for women that shows that we are Muslims.

Currently, the green trend is increasingly establishing it as one of the global fashion trends. Even hijab women can look more fashionable than those who do not wear hijab.

Of course, stick to the rules and use the standard of willingness which is not violated. Therefore you certainly do not want to lose momentum right.

So, don’t think too long. Open your hijab shop immediately. If you are still confused you can see how to start a hijab business as a reference.

36. Selling Worship Equipment

Worship is an obligation for every Muslim. For women, men, old, young or children. Worship knows no boundaries. In Islamic religion when worshiping we are required to use certain attributes.

Well, of course, this can be an opportunity for us to work on it. Opening a worship tool shop will not only benefit those who need it but also benefit ourselves. Making it easy for others to worship will certainly be a reward for us.

This is the most suitable business for Muslim women. So, why postpone when else can have a business that can bring sustenance as well as reward. This business is also a suitable business for housewives in the village.

37. Day Care

The daycare business or more familiarly known as parenting care. Where you are obliged to care for and teach and care for a child. This business is very suitable to be done in urban areas.

Where the mother is busy working so they will entrust their children through daycare. This business will provide an extraordinary challenges for you.

And will be able to hone your skills and skills when you become a mother.

Think of it as practice before you become a mother. Because later it is certain you will be a mother who of course must take care of your own children.

38. Online Shop Various Needs

The next business for Muslim women is that the shop or online shop is currently developing like a fungus that grows after rain.

Even according to research, 70% of Indonesian people are more fond of shopping through online shops rather than offline shops. So, the enthusiasm and development of shop in the land of ink.

Moreover, supported by technology and internet networks make the purchasing power of people through shop increased.

Of course, you should take advantage of this opportunity as best you can. If you do not have enough capital you can meet this business through the drop shipper system.

You can sell various products such as fashion, food, handcraft, household equipment and much more.

39. Fashion Designer

Following in the footsteps of Dian Pelangi, Zoya, Elzatta and several other Muslim fashion brands. This is also a business for Muslim women.

If you have the skills or expertise in the field of clothing designers, of course, you should try to start a fashion business with your own brand. How to start a business from scratch is certainly not an easy matter so that your brand can be widely known.

However, by utilizing the development of technology you can display it on social media which is a free promotion tool.

The most important thing is your uniqueness and creativity in designing the clothes that you will produce as well as giving you the characteristics that will make people feel the need to buy your design work.

Don’t give up easily because there is no success without failure.

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40. Mini Bakery Shop

Opening a bakery is one of the businesses that you can pursue. If you have a talent in the culinary field this one certainly does not hurt to try their luck to start this business.

Bread is a food that has been known and has always been an option to be able to prop the stomach when hunger struck.

Give a unique and creative touch so that the bread you make can attract interest and be liked by buyers. You can also listen to how to start a burger business that is the same type of culinary business.

41. Makeup Artist

Makeup is one of the main weapons for every woman. Makeup is a helper for women who want to always look beautiful in all conditions.

However, polishing makeup is not a skill possessed by all women. No wonder then if before a certain event they will take the time to be alone just to be able to make up and appear attractive.

Therefore if you have expertise in the field of makeup artists and are confident enough to develop them. So why wait. You can start with the people closest to you. Only then can you develop it on a broader scale.

42. Article Writing

One area of ​​business that you can pursue if you have a hobby of writing is as an article or blog writer. Articles contain informative, communicative and inspirational content.

Lots of themes or writing that you can make. Especially now in the digital age with a variety of information that can be easily accessed.

Of course, the need for useful articles will continue to increase. So, of course, this opportunity can be your stepping stone to become a professional writer.

43. Beauty Blogger Hijabers

Beauty blogger hijabs are one of the most up-to-date businesses. Capital to upload useful videos related to hijab fashion, this business can bring a lot of coffers.

Of course, with the ability to perform the creation of hijab, fashion, and makeup, you can be confident enough to start this business.

Be creative and be yourself because you will be known for the uniqueness and difference you have from the others.

44. Write Books

Are you fond of blogging? If you have been blogging for a long time, then it is the best time to gather all the thoughts and aspirations you have put into your personal blog and publish it as a book.

Who knows, it might be the next best seller? All the experience you have accumulated over all your years of work can be channeled into writing or blogging.

45. Open A Franchise

Running a franchise can provide a great mix of structure and independence, which is great, especially if you’ve been working all your career.

Franchises are a legitimate way to get your hobbies or interests running without having to start everything off the ground.

Innovation still exists to a reasonable extent and you can seek out other franchises for guidance and assurance.