Pampers or baby diapers are in great demand by many parents, and in fact, they are a great business opportunity. Like examples of technology-based businesses, these pampers are also promising. Because there are so many mothers who need products for baby care.

For example, babies will be more prone to itching and allergies if left without using diapers or using damp diapers. However, the basic question is how to start a good pampers business? Here we will describe how to start a pampers business for beginners.

1. Know The Calculation of Initial Capital First

In order to build a good business, we must first know how to calculate the initial capital. This is done so that later the calculation will not be miscalculated and the business will stop halfway without being able to develop it further.

For that, first, find out how and how much you have to spend as initial capital. Don’t forget to do calculations later when the business is already running and needs further supervision.

2. Determine A Pampers Provider

You can run and start this business in many ways. For example, it comes directly to the pampers producer as the second party after the producer and distributes it to other traders or directly to consumers.

The advantage that can be obtained if we go directly to the factory or producer of these pampers is to get a relatively cheaper purchase price. Because this states that we are the first hand in distributing the product to other traders or consumers. So, you can automatically play the numbers that must be paid as the selling price.

3. Determine The Strategic Location

Be a person who makes it easy for customers to find and reach your service if you want to get the rapid development of business papers. Easy to contact and easy to reach is one of the right strategies in how to start a pampers business that is highly recommended.

This is tantamount to a 100 thousand capital business opportunity, where we as suppliers must be easier to rely on. Try to find areas or locations that might provide promising business results opportunities. For example, distributing pampers or opening a shop in a densely populated settlement. Like real estate, this of course requires services like diapers.

4. Recognize How To Manage Finances

A good business is one that knows when to spend more money or when to save that money. Because the business will need strategic and specific financial management. If you cannot manage and manage finances properly, this business will be even more in vain.

So, try to learn more about how to best manage business finances especially for beginners. Try to calculate how much profit if you set the selling price and of course also the condition with capital and other unexpected expenses. Indeed, there is no need for financial planning by hiring professionals but do it carefully.

5. Preparing Business Capital

As business opportunities in developing villages, try to accommodate and seek initial capital according to the amount that has been previously estimated. Of course, you can borrow to get instant capital, but also know the risks and how the payments will be made.

For that, prepare from the beginning an amount of money that will later be used as business capital. You can save expenses by using your house as a warehouse and a place for transactions and using a private vehicle, of course. Whatever method is done, it must be thought out more carefully so that the results of this effort can be enjoyed later.

6. Determine The Payment and Sales Methods

There are many types and systems of payment and sale of goods, including pampers that are used today. You can just use the conventional method by opening a shop that will stock these pampers.

But try to stock not too much so that later it doesn’t cause significant losses. And also determine how consumers will make payments for the pampers products you sell.

The more methods used, the easier it will be for consumers to choose and will make the business easier to grow.

7. Prepare Transportation

This transportation is not only used for the delivery of goods if the buyer makes purchases in large quantities and you use the shuttle system only.

This can also be used to save costs for those of you who buy stock directly at the factory or at the pampers manufacturer, which will further reduce the expenditure that must be spent.


So, those are 7 ways to start a pampers business that beginners can do and learn. With calculations, theoretical basis, and good management, this business will experience rapid progress.