Stable Forms of Home Business (Next 5 Years)

In the next 5 years, there are certain ways in which home business is stable, new and effective. has analyzed and selected new home enrichment models that bring real effectiveness.

With these home business ideas, you can do it in towns, towns, cities and in rural areas. In addition, the ideas analyzed and selected to share with you in this topic, highlighting the feasibility. That is, when you make an effort, you will definitely receive business results.

Luong expects you to have good achievements in the future. In the process of implementing the model, if you find it difficult at any step, you can comment in the comment section of this topic.


What business with 20 million at home? Medicinal herbs are products grown and produced in private homes, households, households with a lot of land … Most precious and rare plants come from rural areas or mountains with effects healing almost everywhere, people search and find.

The more developed science, the disease is gradually controlled by medicine and support of doctors, high-tech machines, skilled doctors and advanced inventions of modern science has Contributing significantly to healing and saving people.

However, everyone knows that western medicine or radiotherapy are always harmful and beneficial. Treatment can go away very quickly but it also has consequences, unwanted side effects such as stomach pain, stomach ulcers, lung damage, liver, or related diseases of willow.

And sometimes it is impossible to cure diseases that are dangerous, difficult to cure, or costly in terms of money as well as material and spiritual. That is the reason why precious medicines from plants, grass and leaves are always a safe, long-term and safe option that giants seek.

Because it is the kind of medicine that is close to nature and the countryside that brings high value, this will definitely be the way to get rich from business in 2018, 2019 at home that you need to plan immediately.


The root and root of the tomb: according to the name Hai Thuong Lan Ong, “The main tree is a precious ginseng for the poor”. As a precious medicinal plant, it is easy to grow again and has a high therapeutic effect. Is a kind of precious ginseng family. Not only the roots but also leaves and stems work as medicine or make daily food good.

Main effects: treatment of joint diseases, often when referring to joint disease or degeneration … the successful surgery rate is only 50%, taking western medicine only reduces pain in a certain time that cannot be cured completely.

But for the steering wheel, which has a life expectancy of more than 3 years, if the drink is regularly taken, it will have a clear effect, does not cause side effects, but also promotes the health of the patient, long-term and firm.

Treatment of asthma, milk benefits for mothers, and when combined with other natural medicines such as Ha Thu um … will bring significant effects to people suffering from anemia, enhance health for weak and healthy people. poor resistance.

Types of fruits and tubers: As black technology works well for digestion, treating stomach diseases, preventing limiting related diseases causing cancer, vagina … is easy to grow and care for plants.

The types of arhat, yellow areca have the effect of cooling, curing diseases of sore throat, respiratory. Types of ginseng such as male ginseng, buffalo ginseng, salmon salmon are always rare and precious medicinal herbs that have great effects for health and grow without too fussy care.


In households, most of them have lots of land and garden land, so investing in planting medicinal herbs is not too expensive. Each seedling only has a price of around 100 thousand USD / tree. When the tree is shaped and can be sold for at least 1 million USD / tree.

Or you can rent land, in the countryside to rent land without too much cost, the price is only from 50,000 USD / m2 for the cost of irrigation water. , High land…

Or your family can contact to become the owner of purchasing medicinal herbs from neighboring households, neighbors, relatives next to increase productivity. A way to get rich from home sales that you should apply and implement on your home land.


Home-based businesses also need to integrate with the online world, an effective tool to bring products to everyone. Establishing a reputable and quality website, spending money for advertising by google, SEO articles with keywords hitting the right psychology of buyers.

Besides, it is indispensable to advertise on Facebook to the right people who need to buy, need, make cards for leaflets, word of mouth, wholesale at drug stores …


Grasses and leaves that support and enhance health when used regularly are being hunted and searched. Even those who do not know the benefits of plants, leaves, and stems, when pr good, bringing accurate and accurate information will attract a large number of users and care about these herbs. .

Because of its high value for health, not all of them are selling quality herbs, these health-enhancing drinking leaves are the best-selling home-based business items on the market.

Currently there are many functional products on the market with high market prices from plants, but the actual content is only a few percent insignificant, the effect is not really high.

Therefore, drinking directly from plants, boiled leaves drink daily will bring more nutrition, cheaper and also more effective. It can be said that buying drugs on the market today to enhance health like “buying a whole pig only takes 4 legs”.

Also buying leaves about ideological cooking is also more sought after and believed that has inadvertently made this type of business become the kind of small business start-up at homethat needs to be explored. and develop.

People gradually don’t want to touch drugs or high-tech products because they all bring unwanted side effects. So all kinds of leaves brought to cooking and drinking water are always a priority choice of households as well as giants, nobles …


Types of herbal teas like string tea. The sick stomach  thick  but most of them are not dangerous, but the effects  loud to the quality of life of patients, but the long-term pain, misery is eating nightmare of many people.

Wire tea is a kind of plant that has healing effects. Besides, if you drink regularly, it will stabilize your internal organs like stomach, eliminate toxins, eat well and sleep better. Each kg of tea is marketed at a price of 100 thousand / kg. But growing and drying them yourself costs less than 10 thousand USD / kg.

Dried chrysanthemum used to make tea drink daily is very good for health. Drinking chrysanthemum tea daily can reduce blood sugar levels, avoid blood sugar levels and diabetes complications  . Good for the skin and eyes, helping the body relax, mindful and alert after a tiring working day.

Artichoke tea, currently on the market, sells pre-packaged teas from artichoke very much and massively, but the quality is not guaranteed and is no longer pure or keep the nutritional ratio in flowers.

Therefore, purchasing these fresh flowers for drying and processing is also easy, just having a favorable and cool climate such as Da Lat and Tay Nguyen will grow. Artichoke tea has a high market price of about 500 thousand / kg. If self-cultivation is sold, the profit must be around 300-400 thousand / kg.

The types of bear bile and birch leaves are effective for kidneys, stomachs, regular drinking to help digestion is also known to many people about its true use.


As long as you create a reputable selling location, the quality from the procurement or production stage gives consumers a quality product, bringing high value forged, no mixing. A big, bustling venue for people to be confident your business will succeed.

Besides, the support of facebook is also needed to reach users, distribute leaflets, propagate to many people, put many agents with reputable brands everywhere for many people to know.


You can place relationships in households like in Dalat, Central Highlands to go to the fall to buy or cultivate, rent land and hire workers to take care. Create a big brand of herbs, mentioning products from nature such as trees and leaves to heal and remind you that you have succeeded with this stable home business .


Working in groups, teams and teams are now developing quite strong. A solidarity with many stages will be the optimal choice of events, companies because the quality of work is fast, solid and less misleading.


As a team of translating foreign languages, writing books, writing Pr, and SEO lessons for businesses, both teaching online and doing graphic design … Each of these groups will be responsible for 1 stage in work, is also each person’s own strengths combined to receive a large-scale work contract.

Each team will have a leader, who will lead and direct the work to the ship in the right direction, urge the work in progress, orbit and handle outside matters to complete everything.

Leader is not the boss, not the boss but the leader, all the members are important and no one is on the right. As a person who is in charge of seeking partners, the company needs service after having a strong team behind it.

Once you have a job, a contract, people work together and plan, translate after that on PR, put in SEO keywords thanks to market research members, then work together to design and deliver getting into the right process. A tight block for the most convenient job.


Mainly using gray matter and buying software to run the program, the main cost is to hire talent for the team. The salary fund falls to about 50 million for 5-6 people.


There is also a group of people each in a position, responsible for every stage of the job.

A market explorer, seeking contracts, earning customers …

One person is responsible for designing and creating shapes for each party and each appropriate ceremony.

One person is responsible for pr, giving photos, information of the team online, website to reach customers.

A person who manages materials, costs, profits, assignments, expenses like a devil and accountant …

From about 10 people responsible for decorating, arranging and installing hardware for the party …

A unified team can work together to make initial capital contributions and seek investors to develop more strongly the idea as well as the shaping stage … To images as well as working style


Bringing information, photos, videos to conference centers, wedding parties to make intermediaries to introduce couples who are and will have potential to use the service

Create beautiful, strange and powerful website, prestige thanks to ads of google, facebook approach to those who need to use. On the website of each scene, each color decoration will give a different price depending on the customer’s interests or finances.

Hand out flyers at many crowded places, cities, cities or towns. Discounts and initial offers for beautiful images then create “voices” and continue to evolve through word of mouth as well as beautiful images for thousands of guests coming to the party.


The cost of advertising takes company pictures, groups, teams to customers need a large amount of capital from 10-20 million.

The cost for the staff members in the team depends on the income that is allocated, because of the establishment of the team, the initial salary received may be lower than expected.

Expenses for party decoration items such as lamps, candles, flashlights, cotton, silk, fresh, dry flowers, video images, desktop images, flower portals for photographing, the package cost each party with the price 300 thousand. Because most of the flower gates or photo frames, curtains … are available for reuse.

Charges such as candles, fresh flowers, bubbles … don’t cost too much. Each party costs from 1 million. Package for the whole party becomes sparkling, colors according to the preferences of each person. If you ask for more scented candles or lights, it will cost a little more … From 3 million even up to 10 million.


The more modern it seems, everyone tends to play dominant, running upstream to the old style, bringing the familiar but no less luxurious.

Instead of present gifts of bird’s nest, functional products, expensive products, now the best-selling and selling products at home are like gift baskets made of bamboo and coconut. Palm leaves … again bring a new flow of demeanor to the gift world.

A little fruit combined with a lotus placed in a bamboo basket makes everything more refined. The donor does not need to think too much but the recipient feels extremely satisfied and warm when he sees the heart as well as the familiarity.


These types of baskets are quite cheap in the market, can be set up at the workshop depending on the morphology, design style you like. There is extra spray of color or original real colors. Do not make sesame colors lose the ancient value.Reveal real problems in the business process Investment in buying a business shop, not listening to the advice of the acquaintance when buying is complete will feel extremely regretful

Each nan is priced only from 15 thousand / piece. Bring flowers, fruit each cost only 50-100 thousand. But when it becomes a gift with flowers, the bow is priced from 300 thousand USD / bag. Capital falls to about 50 million for both renting premises and skilled employees.

The gifts can be placed on baskets such as bunches of wine, fruits, dried flowers, pure dried fruit jam, lotus seeds, jasmine or ginseng tea … Valuable and very meaningful. But it is the kind of small business start-up that is little at home .

Promoting major products on facebook, websites with easy-to-find names such as gift worlds, meaningful gifts, bamboo gifts, ancient style gifts … Continuously updating new, strange and beautiful images with translation case delivery, on-demand, hobby …

It is possible to set up shop at wedding, conference, contracting centers with them to share roses when introducing guests … Beautifully displayed through glass doors, exposed to many road surfaces and crowded back and forth, especially companies and enterprises have a need to know many holidays and Tet gifts.


The products designed on demand are the best-selling home-based business items that are growing stronger, especially young people, they use as gifts for relatives and lovers. Because anyway, the products with their own imprints are still more meaningful than the big flowers in the market, the clothes are also available.


For money printing proverbs, wishes, simple wishes, or the name of the person who receives clever and delicate printing on a leather wallet. Tuck the phone in the picture of a young couple, who are in love with each other to make memories, hang up the phone pair.

Heart-shaped keychains, watch shapes, clover … can be opened and closed like a classic clock with a souvenir inside the key chain. The porcelain cup changes color when the hot water phase shows a commemorative image of the family, the couple in love …

Austria prints pictures, prints letters with unique slogans, facebook nicknames, common names or modern movements … All objects and self-made memorials are currently hunted and used a lot so Open a store specializing in these products to ensure strong growth.


For commemorative keychains with a selling price of 150,000 USD / piece with photo prints requested. The cost is less than 50 thousand / piece. Porcelain cups are also priced from 150 thousand USD / pair and cost less than 100 thousand USD / pair. Different types of T-shirts with images cost from 100 thousand USD / shirt at a cost of 50-70 thousand USD / shirt.

Shop opening costs include renting premises and facilities of around 100 million for a variety of models and categories. A store when mentioning keepsakes, handmade is Items that are easy to sell online at home will have to mention you.


Setting up a website with easy-to-call name, fanpage on facebook prestige, constantly updated images are beautiful and catch up with the trend, creating many images with many different and meaningful designs. Besides spending money on advertising for google and facebook is a selling tool to those who need the fastest.


Currently online sales in general or sales on reputable and big websites are booming quite strongly, as the stable home business method takes advantage of this sales method, making business easy. than. However, there are still not many people who know the outstanding functions of these famous websites.

There are a lot of big and reputable websites today that when mentioning names everyone knows and really trust like lazada, tiki, shoppe, sendo … Why should you sell on these websites?

This is a business model that does not need capital because when you sell goods, if you have an order, you need to oder the goods, so it does not cost you to create a shop and still have an effective support center to help you do business effectively. .

They have a professional, active, enthusiastic and enthusiastic staff to support sellers from phone calls, instructions on the website, 1-on-1 counseling, email care … Because of these websites. Credits should reach more users than traditional sales methods.


When you want to sell a certain item you register a sales agent account must comply with the regulations of the website, equip yourself with sales skills such as updating beautiful and eye-catching photos, moderate prices , then post photos and information, product prices.

Every day, the week will have staff remind, advice and support close to the booth of the most favorable wholesale. These websites also support mobile devices for you when you have an order or request from a convenient customer for the order manager.


The cost of opening a store on electronic websites is mostly free, as lazada supports enthusiastically without losing a fee. Costs only arise when you have an order and commission and freight costs. All other applications are processed, existed, returned and consulted.


What business to make money at home? What is the advantage of rural entrepreneurship? There is comfortable land, mild climate, airy, extremely favorable conditions for both cultivation, animal husbandry and for tourists to visit. The pleasures are increasingly favored when returning to the countryside, being nurtured, picking fruits at the trees, being seen as exemplary as well as the growth that the city never had.

Year-round models of fruit cultivation, intercropping fish ponds, raising cows, pigs, goats and sheep. Besides growing vegetables, tubers, or pet types always attract a lot of tourists everywhere.


If the land is not too big, it is possible to build a small farm to raise all kinds of dog, pet dog, ornamental bird … Surrounding strange and valuable fruit trees such as apples, oranges, grapes, atiso flowers …

The experience of home-based business makes a lot of money here. Each visit will charge a fee of 20-100 thousand USD / person depending on the model. Besides selling fruits picked in the garden without pesticides or stimulants.

Investment capital and profit: Cost for building camps is about 15-30 million. Beautiful decoration and impressive about 10 million. Growing grafted fruit trees is not high cost, only 2-5 million. In addition, it is possible to sell juices, vitamins from fruits in the garden, and coffee to visitors to increase their income.

With a capital of only 50 million, it is possible to open a small farm, upload photos on facebook with ads to reach many people who love travel and look for new things, not luxury. Post videos of tourist tours


Agriculture strong as Vietnam without the business of organic fertilizers available from animal manure as cattle, goats are fertilizers provide nutrients for growing fruit, vegetables … As How to get rich from a terrible home business.

The compost types of leaves, branches, straw that have been lost to re-fertilize the crops are cost-effective. Use for family can also bring selling more income and create a high-value business model

Profit: Fertilizer production is a super-profitable business. Each kg can cost up to 1000 USD. So this market is always hot and hot, people want to do business.

Investment capital: In order to produce 100 tons of fertilizer, costing 700-800 million, the cost of fluctuation is quite high, so it is possible to hire as a main unit with an extremely compact machine, a sales director and an accountant. monitoring debt and a technician monitoring fertilizer mixing during production.

Fertilizer processing is very much sought after, one year processing for 3-5 fertilizer companies with the lowest output of 15,000 tons has pocketed 1-2 billion. After 2 years, the investment capital was recovered. Market price per kg of fertilizer is 10 thousand / kg. What a super-profitable business.

Promotion: Create a reputable website from outsourcing to full shipping, create more fanpage with ads on google and facebook put product information on the top, affordable, and distribute leaflets and marketing at farms for growing trees, mushrooms, fruit trees or clean vegetable farms …

Comes with many promotions, product consultations, discount offers when taking in large quantities, free ship in bulk to guide customers to the company.


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