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Social Media Trends For Business

With 2020 coming very close, brands should join Swiftblogging to learn and be ready to catch the trends of social media that are expected to dominate next year from sharing from Convince & Convert – agency consultancy The world’s top marketing.

1. Social Networks Will Return To Role of Connectivity

Social media experts of Convince & Convert said that social networks will return to their most important role as connecting people in more personal ways and gradually moving away from the goal of modern marketing. them.

In fact, Evan Spiegel, the founder of Snapchat, has also predicted that the social network will return to its role after about four years.

This information is really remarkable when social media is now playing an important role in the paid advertising machine, sharing meaningful stories, customer support and group messaging.

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Gradually, the direct interactions became less and less, while the interactions on social networks became more and more public, as the role of Messenger, Instagram, What’s App and many other applications became more and more important.

That’s also the reason 2020 is expected: social media usage continues to rise, although consumers will start using it in less public ways.

2. Information Shared By Influencers Needs To Be More Authentic

Although social KOLs are increasingly proving their role and effectiveness in promoting a brand to a specific group of customers and creating content, the authenticity of the information increasingly confirms the role. prerequisite game

If social media influencers try to impersonate or lack the sophistication to expose users to the coercion (motivation) in shared content, the campaign is unlikely to succeed because customers will feel happy. His news was sold off and immediately alienated.

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That also means that, in 2020, if only famous on social networks because there are many followers, it is only a necessary condition but not guaranteed to have a successful social media campaign. instant.

According to a Bazaarvoice report, about 47% of customers feel uncomfortable with dishonest content even though 62% of customers still agree that influencers will take advantage of their ability to impress episodes. his customers.

3. Brands Need To Be More “Human”

Every day you have to make a lot of competitive messages, strategic decisions to ensure the survival of the brand. So, if you work like machines you will easily forget what made customers love the brand or product from the first touch.

Make sure the voice and brand personality not only appear in the promotional images but also through the way you respond, support customers, etc.

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Go back to the factors that made it so successful – focusing on the fundamentals and people will make the audience happy and stay with the brand for a long time.

However, in order to personalize your business account, it is not necessary in all cases for a brand to become solemn in order to prove professional.

4. Social Media is Becoming Everyone’s Job

For more than a decade, social networking has been an important factor in business success. Previously, it was just a tool for entertainment between stressful working hours, now, business is being conducted via social networks, with “stores” not only of big corporations but also. of small and retail businesses.

In parallel with the breakthrough of technology, social networks have changed from an era of familiarization and curiosity to an era of communication proficiency through social networks that have become the work of everyone.

As an important part of the business, employees are also a great communication channel through social networks. In addition, 45% of target customers will find out more about a product or service if a specific brand employee shares it.

Up to now, social media has far exceeded the role of the marketing and communications department and although it is not mandatory, the brand needs human resources, customer service, and market research. and sales share information, spread the value to potential customers.

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Even in roles that do not have a direct link to content, design, messaging, lead generation or sales and services, employees are required to be present through sharing. on social media to increase support efforts.

Not only that, but the maximum utilization and support of human resources in 2020 will also become the top trend, especially when employees can personalize a specific brand or amplify the story to scale up.

On the other hand, businesses should have policies or guide employees to do social media. This is great support for them to be able to master the skills in the context of business existing on social networks more than other traditional channels such as email.

5. Social Networking Will Be The First Choice in B2B Marketing

At the moment, B2B’s content distribution channel has been implemented through social networking sites and it is predicted that this trend does not show any signs of cooling down.

Instead, marketers are continuing to invest in social media with more serious, differentiated and more focused strategies on the needs of their target customers. For special markets like B2B, one size fits all customers that never happened.

6. The Messaging App Will Keep Growing

As expected, the use of social networks with public activities will tend to decrease but the trend of using messaging apps will continue to grow.

This messaging app includes Messenger, Snapchat, What’s App and others. In 2020, these applications will bring more opportunities and challenges for brand marketers as billions of active messaging app users include Generation Y and Generation Z.

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Social networks are changing day by day, not the same as before. Therefore, social network marketers need to be able to keep pace and transform in order to exploit the special strength of this form of communication, towards a more personalized and closer approach to customers. line.