Eating snacks is one of the hobbies for many people. Snacks have fans in their own class. Both children, adults, to parents really like to eat this one dish.

For those consuming snacks is the right choice when they want to delay hunger. Moreover, the prices offered for snacks are relatively more affordable.

This is what then makes the snack business appear a lot very appropriate to be a food business that is suitable for students.

Snacks Business Ideas

Currently, snacks are transformed into dishes that arouse many tastes. However, not only with taste, but several unique snacks have managed to arouse the tastes of the buyers so that it then becomes one of the hits and popular types of food and is a small capital culinary business.

The more unique people will be more curious and then hunt for it. Moreover, currently supported by the ease of technology that facilitates promotion to various places. Therefore the following 15 snacks business is unique and up to date.

1. Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is a type of snack that is quite unique. This food comes from fresh fruit chunks and is added with mayonnaise and a sprinkling of yogurt and yogurt.

The taste is fresh with a blend of sour taste, sweetness between the combination of fruit and sauce mixture is a healthy snack choice.

Fruit salad becomes a snack that is quite hits and popular. Apart from being healthy, this food is also pegged at a pretty cheap price. The right choice in how to start a culinary business.

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2. Cireng Various Flavors

Cireng is a food dish that comes from the area of ​​West Java. This food comes from aci or fried tapioca flour.

If in the past the taste of cireng was only original, along with the development of the age of food, this one also adjusts as a suitable business on the roadside.

Nowadays we can find cireng with various flavors, such as cheese, barbecue, spicy chili, and many others. The popularity of this unique food is also followed by the increasingly popular sweet carelessness in the market.

3. Mercon Ceker

Snacks that have quite a lot of taste in pleasure. Therefore, one of the foods that are quite popular in 2020 and are an online food business idea until now is Concert Block.

This food is made from chicken feet or feet which are processed in such a way that it has a super spicy taste. This spicy flavor that came to be known as firecrackers. Spicy culinary hunters are required to put this food in the list of snacks that must be tried.

4. Chocho-Dot

Chocho-dot is a snack that is quite unique. Where this food is a blend of flavors between chocolate and do-dol arrowroot.

In addition to its unique and delicious taste, the attraction of this food also lies in its packaging. Chocodot is quite interestingly wrapped which includes words that are closely related to young people.

Like anti-confusion choco-dot, easy match, reject poor and many others. Of course, this is the uniqueness of this snack. Check out also how to start a meatball business.

5. Grandma’s or Arumanis’ hair

One snack that is arguably timeless. Armani, grandma’s hair or more popular today as cotton candy. It is a portion of food made from sugar that resembles cotton?

Sugar is heated using a tool that will then turn into thin threads after which it is crushed in an airtight wrapper.

This food is quite popular and very popular, especially by small children as an example of a business suitable for Muslim women . This food was once again hit and was again a favorite of many people, especially those in the 90s.

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6. Cricket Peanut Brittle

For you, this food might sound a little weird and disgusting. However, did you know that crickets known as insects have many benefits and contain enough protein that is good for health?

That’s why consuming crickets has become a lifestyle that many people now do. Therefore, by taking advantage of the opportunities and potentials present, there will be snacks made from crickets that are nicely packaged.

Cricket peanut brittle enough and unique and much sought after by cricket culinary lovers. Also, check out the characteristics of good business.

7. Fried Watermelons

Watermelons may sound familiar, but what about fried watermelons? Quite anti-mainstream is not like how to start a vegetable nuggets business.

Fried watermelons are the next unique snack. This food can be made in a fairly easy way, by dipping the seedless watermelon slices into tapioca flour, flour and egg white solution then mixed with a little sugar.

After that, fry the watermelon in hot oil. Remove and then chill and become a unique and up-to-date fried watermelon antimainstream snack.

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8. Chocolate Rissoles

Rissoles are snacks made from the highest energy and in which there are pieces of vegetables that have a savory taste. However, what happens if the contents are replaced using chocolate.

Yes, chocolate rissoles become the next unique snack that is tempting.

For those who like sweet food, they will not miss tasting this one. The sweet taste will make you addicted and want to always try it again.

9. Black Burger

Burgers might sound common to us, but if the black burger tastes a little strange. Did you know this food is quite popular and hits among lovers?

The black color of the burger buns comes from squid black ink. So, of course, it is a natural coloring that is not harmful to the body.

Because of this sufficient color, it is not wrong indeed if this one food is pretty much hunted by culinary lovers who are curious about its taste. Idaho is a type of micro small and medium enterprises that you can try yourself.

10. Fruit Buns

If you hear the word bun, you might remember the panda character in the animated film kungfu panda who is very fond of this food.

This food is indeed synonymous with Chinese culture. However, these foods are also popular because of the texture and taste that is similar to bread.

From its shape, we can already recognize this one snack. But in Bandung, there is a snack called fruit buns. Not because of its taste or its contents in the form of fruit.

However, the shape of the buns is similar to fruit, making these snacks very hit and much sought after.

11. Chocolate Roll Omelet

If you hear the name then you will immediately imagine this green food. Yes, the rolled omelet is a traditional food that has a green color and inside there is a sweet grated coconut.

The difference is my forehead is different now, now the rolled omelet looks more contemporary. Where there is a brown roll omelet variant.

Where the color and filling of these foods are made from chocolate. Not only chocolate but there are also other flavors such as cheese and bananas that you can adjust to taste.

This business is very feasible as a business that is suitable for housewives in the village.

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12. Dragon Breath

Nagas breathe or dragon breath is a snack that is being hit. What makes this food special is that when you eat it and breathe, the breath you exhale will be like the dragon’s breath.

This is derived from nitrogen compounds that are sprayed into food. The reaction when nitrogen enters the mouth and is released will make our breath like mist.

If you have a question is this food safe? Some studies state that this food is quite safe but certainly not if consumed in excess.

13. Banana Chocolate Stick

Banana Chocolate sticks or better known as piscok or banana chocolate. It is a banana dish wrapped in a layer of chocolate which is then made like an ice cream stick that is cooled in a cooler or freezer.

This food is perfect for eating during hot weather. The combination of flavors between chocolate and banana can blend together to give a unique and delicious taste. Consider also how to start a business from scratch.

14. Durian Pancakes

Durian is known as the king of fruit. It’s very rare to find people who don’t like this fruit. Durian is usually eaten fresh which is enjoyed from the fruit.

However, for some time there has been a presentation of durian fruit which has taken a lot of attention. Durian pancakes are a unique snack that is quite popular in 2020.

For durian lovers, of course, you must try this one. Even though the price is relatively expensive, it will be by the taste given.

15. Frozen Brownies Stick

Brownies are one of the bread-shaped snacks. If you are tired of staring at the same brownies then you can try frozen stickies brownies as a way to start a burger business.

This snack has the same taste as brownies but the texture is harder and the shape is similar to ice cream sticks.

This is a new way to continue to enjoy brownie cake but with different nuances and ways.

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15 unique and up-to-date snack businesses, certainly deserve to be used as quite creative business ideas. You can also make this an opportunity if you don’t have a similar dish in your area.

It’s a shame if this opportunity must be wasted. No need to worry because the snack business has a place in the hearts of the people of Indonesia. Good luck, hopefully, this article can be useful.