Want to open a small business, but big profits would be desired by everyone right? but apparently, not everyone has an idea of what to open a small business small but big profits.

Small Scale Business Ideas

Before listening to small businesses like what can get big profits. We should find out tips on how-to and tips on opening a small business, like this

  • Choose businesses that really we can, or have expertise. For example, never open a sewing business if you don’t have sewing skills. Because this business is small so you have to use your own skills first.
  • Do not rush to recruit employees. Your business is still small, needs a lot of capital to develop if you really can do it yourself with your family better do not rush to recruit employees.
  • Appreciate time. Although only a small business does not mean in determining the opening or closing of your business carelessly. Because consumers will definitely judge you are not serious about opening a business. For example, if your store opens at 8 am, try every 8 o’clock in the morning your store is already open.
  • Be friendly to customers. Even if you are not in the mood or not feeling well, stay friendly with those who come, even though sometimes they just ask questions about your product.
  • Install the appropriate product price. Don’t be too low on price, because in addition to lowering profits you can also make your product image worse. Because it seems cheap. Make a reasonable price and not far from the capital. Despite the slight profit, customers will come back.
  • Determine the right location. No need to directly rent a place if you do not have capital. You can try selling by using a cart. To minimize exit costs.
  • Unique endeavor. Although the business is still small scale it does not mean your business is monotonous. You have to think about what business is unique, creative so that it is different from most businesses. For example, don’t just meatballs but make creative meatballs such as gravel meatballs, lambed meatballs, or jumbo meatballs.
  • Pay attention to quality. Don’t be afraid the price of your product is more expensive than the shop next door. Because consumers consider price number two as the most important product quality.
  • Separate personal money from business money. While starting a business, separate personal money from business money. So you know whether your business is loss or profit. And your business money will not be used for yourself. Moreover, it is shared capital, you might be mistaken for corruption.

Let’s look at some ideas to open a small business but get big profits

1. Freelance Writer

Being a freelance writer doesn’t need a big capital right? You only need a laptop and wifi then you can advertise yourself as a freelance writer on several free job search sites.

Likewise, when you are already a freelance writer do not need additional capital, just the idea to write it.

2. Fried Rice Business

One of the small businesses that open big profits is open a fried rice business. Because nasi goreng is India’s favorite food, almost every day someone wants to buy it.

So there’s no harm in opening your small business because it looks like it will get a big profit. No need too much capital is not it, because you only prepare dairy rice which is cheaper than ordinary rice.

Because fried rice is even better when using dairy rice. Then the herbs and soy sauce. Not too expensive is not it and is easy to find in traditional markets.

3. Car Service

Open a steam motor washing business also seems profitable. You only need a small room for washing motorcycles that can be prepared in the yard or rent a yard.

Then you prepare a water hose, washcloth, and motorcycle washing soap, it seems like opening a small business like this is profitable.

4. Selling Credit

Open a small business such as selling credit seems profitable. Because it does not require a large capital. Enough Rs 250,000 you can get a credit deposit that you can then sell.

But remember, selling credit is very vulnerable to bankruptcy because of many pay later alias debt. So you have to be really good at managing it.

5. Fruit Ice Business

Small businesses that can be tried at home, for example, open a fruit ice business. You don’t have to have special skills, just have the basic ability to process delicious fruit ice.

Of course, with a variety of fruit and combined with milk and toppings. If you want to open the fruit soup, simply cut the fruit. Then add milk and toppings. But if you want to open the fruit ice can by blending the fruit to be smooth.

6. Fried Food Business

Although many fried merchants do not mean you do not have a chance. Because fried food has become one of the favorite foods in India.

Fried capital is also relatively small. And can sell anywhere. Not necessarily in cafes or food stalls. You can business this small business at home or around by using a cart.

Fried food becomes a profitable small business because this food does not recognize the populist caste for all people who like fried food.

7. Coffee Shop Business

Even though nowadays cafes are scattered everywhere. However, small businesses such as coffee shops remain in demand in some circles.

The reason is the coffee shop, the coffee is more natural without a mixture. Well, you can try this profitable small business.

Of course, if you want a coffee business, don’t use mixed coffee, you might lose customers. To open a coffee business if you really want to seriously deal with it, you should not just brew the ground coffee. But you also need to

8. Open Rice Business

If you are hampered by capital, you can open a small business by opening a rice business. Small business is usually sought when morning comes.

Certainly for breakfast. If you want to open this business, the side dishes are simple, tempeh, omelet, vermicelli noodles, fried onions, and chili sauce.

9. Green Bean Porridge

Not a green bean business can also be used as a small business at home. This business also includes business opportunities with little capital.

You only need to prepare raw materials for green beans, brown sugar, coconut milk, and black sticky rice. If you want you all to prepare the bread because usually green bean porridge mixed with white bread.

10. Become A Tailor

If you have expertise in sewing clothes. You can open a business to be a tailor. To open this business in addition to expertise, of course, you need a sewing machine.

Also, you can promote your expertise to the closest neighbors first so that your business can grow faster.

11. Catering

For those of you who are good at cooking you can open a catering business. Usually, this small business starts with your neighbors or relatives who have events such as weddings, social gatherings, graduation, and others. It depends on the order. The catering business is usually not only heavy food but also wet cakes.

12. Laundry Service

Laundry services are very popular in today’s society. Because it is very helpful for washing and ironing clothes. For those who have high activity.

Even though your small business still needs a washing machine and an iron for this business. Usually, the tariff is calculated per kilogram of dirty clothes. The salary can be Rs. 3,500-Rp. 15,000 per kilogram.

13. Small Restaurant

Small businesses shaped restaurant is indeed a lot of demand. Because not a few Indian people who do not have time to cook.

If you want to open a small restaurant business it’s good if you open it near the campus or office because people usually do not bring lunch.

14. Meatball Business

Who doesn’t like meatballs? Foods made from ground meat are definitely many who are looking for it. For those of you who just want to start a small business.

You can try the meatball business. If you don’t have a meatball machine, you can make meatballs manually. Because usually at the beginning of meatballs for your business is not too big.

15. Baby Porridge

The baby porridge business is still rarely found. But did you know that there is a business called Bebiluck, which was originally a small business that became a big business?

But this business has challenges because this business concerns children. So that we are not only required to open delicious food but also healthy and nutritious.

Usually, the ingredients for making baby porridge are not only vegetables but also fruits.

16. Snack Business

Although snacks are not staples, many are looking for them. If you want to open this business, it is better to start from a small business first.

For example, snacks that cost two thousand now a trend in some areas. Business snacks such as peanuts, chips, macaroni, sweet potato taro.

17. Photocopy Business

One small profitable business is the photocopy business. Then what if there is no copy machine because the price is expensive. Currently, there are many places to rent photocopying machines.

If you want to open this business then there is a solution. This small business is very good to be opened on the campus, school, hospital, or near government institutions. Because many want to copy.

18. Soto Business

Like meatballs, opening a chicken soup business too many must be many looking for it. So if you just want to open a business but not as complicated as opening a meatball business, you can open a chicken soup business.

Soto itself has many kinds, ranging from chicken soup, Soto Lamongan, Soto Betawi, Soto Padang, Soto mie Bogor to Soto tripe. You can open a Soto business that suits your expertise.

19. Chicken Noodle Shop

Chicken noodle shops are also a lucrative small-scale business. Because people are usually lazy to eat rice, so look for other food alternatives in the form of chicken noodles.

To open this business, you don’t have to set up a chicken noodle shop. You can also do business around. But if it’s already big enough, you can hang out in several places to open a small chicken noodle shop.

20. Selling Hijab

Currently in India is a hijab trend. Until it became a business area by several budding entrepreneurs. For those of you who want to just start opening a small business.

You can try the hijab as an alternative to your business. Because women usually do not want to use the same hijab. So that the business of selling hijab seems right for you.

22. Screen Printing

Although you could say the screen printing business is a small-scale home-based business, this business turned out to bring huge profits.

Because not a few who open a screen-printing business can survive, which previously only opened a small business can now be extended to a larger business.

The screen printing business itself is not just a t-shirt but it can be a variety of jackets, banners, invitations, envelopes, calendars, brochures, mugs to election equipment.

If you open a business, of course, not only with a printer but also expertise in the design because usually, the design comes from us.

23. Tour Guide Business

This small business is suitable for those who do not have capital. Because this business does not need material capital but knowledge.

If you have expertise in natural, social, mathematical, and foreign languages, you can open this small business. The salary is also reasonable because it is calculated per hour and multiplied by the number of students who come.

24. Handicraft Business

Although only a craft, now this business can not be underestimated. Because many entrepreneurs are successful thanks to their handicrafts. Because right now the handicraft is actually an attraction for tourists for souvenirs.

Now for those of you who want to open this business, you are not only required to be able to make it but also creative so that the crafts that are made are indeed unique.

25. Computer Rental

Similar to photocopies, computer rental business is much in demand among students. Usually, they need computer rentals to do or edit their assignments

26. Buy and Sell Online

Open a small business such as buying and selling online seems profitable because now the buying and selling trend is already online.

You also do not need to spend a lot of money because you can try selling on social media that you have. So you can get a big profit right?