In 2020-2021, 2022 should do business with high and sustainable profit. Share small business ideas in 2020, 2022 for fewer capital people. You can apply these business models in cities or rural areas.

Products of these low-capital business ideas are considered necessary in modern life, the selection of these ideas for the period of 2020-2022 is also based on the criteria of stability, and long-term, small investment, high-interest rate.

Before going to the main topic of this topic, I recommend that you clearly identify whether you want to do business, or if you are currently in difficulties, want to do business if you are at an unclear intersection. should I start a business, so I advise you not to read the ideas of this topic?

Small Profitable Business Ideas

Starting a business is a long-term project, success requires even a very long time (2-4 years), requires effort, determination, iron will, and a cold head.

If these are not guaranteed with certainty, it will be easy for you to stumble and give up when you start your business.

Just like the way you love, if it is easy to fall for a girl, you will not feel much more appreciative than the way you pursue her.

Salary has only such small advice, and expectations can impart more entrepreneurial motivation to you.

1. Wallpaper

There are now types of wallpaper in liquid form also known as wallpaper paint. As a new product on the market used to meet the art needs of customers who love the new and unique. The combination of liquid adhesive and wallpaper can help protect the environment in residential spaces.

Liquid wallpaper is manufactured to meet the entertainment needs of the middle and upper classes. As a product of Eastern and Western cultures, the liquid wallpaper itself conveys romantic philosophical thought.

Liquid wallpaper can be waterproof, anti-alkali to a high degree, hard to fade and not peeling, not cracking. It can be combined with Ti-white powder, color materials, and some other materials to create masterpieces on the wall.

Depending on the wishes and feelings of the owner, the designer paints the wallpaper according to many different formulas, to create different products.

A special feature of wallpaper paint is that it can overcome the color uniqueness of traditional paint lines, enhance the 3D feeling for the viewer.

2. Unique Tea Shop

Not milk tea but water tea, a drink similar to the Japanese Tea Ceremony. However, we will not sell Japanese tea, it will be a tea product the way you create it for Indian people.

The customers we are targeting here are those who like to drink tea ceremony, prefer quiet space. Therefore, you should find premises in places where there is less traffic, usually in a small alley.

You can combine with selling Japanese pottery to earn extra income. Not only that, but the Japanese items on sale will also be the decoration for the shop. Thanks to that, you will save money on decoration.

For the most part, young people today rarely drink tea. So your audience will be limited. Therefore, no need to find space too large, just a sufficient space, cozy.

You should learn more ways to make tea, recipes and different types of tea to meet customer needs.

3. Small Embroidery Shop

As fast fashion is growing constantly, the number of products created each day with many designs and different quality. Living standards and customer requirements today are different.

They no longer like the clothes or costumes sold outside with poor quality and nothing new.

Current trends customers want to find a product that has creativity, art, and strange. And must mention here are handmade embroidery products.

You can pre-embroider small motifs like flowers, leaves, small cats, cacti…. On the shirts, the scarf has a simple but delicate pattern.

Additionally, you can create videos that teach you how to interact with customers and users. From there, combined with selling tools and supplies for embroidery.

4. Open Wet Bakery Shop

The wet meat pie is a combination of the hot wet cake coated right at that time, served with barbecue, pickles, mangoes, herbs, many places also have spring rolls and dipping sauce.

This dish comes from Buon Ma Thuot and is considered one of the dishes to try when you come here. Each wet cake will be coated on each plate.

When customers finish one, the staff will bring the second plate. Just like that, the plates will be piled high, creating an interesting eating feeling for customers.

5. Sell Dried Seafood

You can open a store that specializes in dried seafood. With this idea, you should first find out about sourcing first. Compare, survey in many places to get yourself a choice of products with the best quality and price.

Dry seafood can be stored right outside, so you do not need to invest too much in storage equipment. In terms of decorating the shop, it does not need too much, just focus on the arrangement and arrangement of products so that they are reasonable, easy to get, easy to find.

6. Selling Pickles

Pickles, tomatoes are familiar dishes with Indian rice and traditions. Even though it is not a nutritious dish, many people still prefer to buy some to eat with rice instead of making their own salt at home.

You can start with this idea. Buy tomatoes and melon to dry, clean, and salt. With coffee, we have many different types of salt. You need to learn more to diversify products.

Although the selling price is only INR 5,000 – INR 10,000 / bag, the number of products sold per day for this item is a lot. Should calculate the interest is also 300,000 INR – 500,000 INR / day.

You can take it to the market to sell or wholesale to the stalls in the market. Should combine with selling online to bring greater efficiency.

7. Health Counseling Services

From the beginning of 2020 until now, health issues are being focused first. With the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic, people are increasingly concerned and paying attention to their health.

Because of the impact of the disease, people are afraid to go to the clinics or hospitals for health checks, for fear of spreading the disease.

Therefore, you can provide online health advice or visit your home.

With this in mind, it requires professional knowledge and experience in the field of health. Or you can invest money and hire experienced doctors to work.

8. Marketing Consultant

Marketing is one of the indispensable strategies and tools of businesses, big or small. Even an online seller needs to learn about online marketing to attract customers and create a competitive advantage.

Knowing that marketing is important, but not everyone is knowledgeable about it. Therefore, if you are a person with deep knowledge and experience working in the field of marketing for a long time.

You can earn extra income by becoming a consultant, supporting the marketing solutions for businesses. small and medium enterprises, or online business stores.

Currently, online marketing is getting more attention. Therefore, you should learn more about online marketing strategies and ways from other countries in the world to learn more.

9. Transportation Service

Today, young parents are often very busy at work so they do not have time to transport their children to and from school. You can become a place to transport students from home to school.

Accordingly, you will build a website, posting content about your services. Both motorbike and car transfers should be available.

Depending on the requirements and service packages that parents choose, you will let the staff follow.

There should be a contract between your service provider and the parent tenant to clarify responsibilities and help customers be more confident. For example, a motorbike transfer 1 month with a price of about 4 million / month.

10. Wall Painting Ideas

If you have a knack for drawing and like wall art, you can take advantage of it to make more money.

The target customers here are cafes, offices, sometimes individual customers who want to decorate the wall with painted patterns.

Depending on the request, size, and difficulty of the picture you price. Income from a mural can range from 3-10 million.

11. Raising Wild Boars

Due to the impact of African swine cholera, the current supply of pork on the domestic market is still insufficient. Therefore, many places use bran to gain weight and growth medicine to stimulate the pigs to grow fast. Makes meat quality not guaranteed.

Since then, people have moved to buy freely-raised wild boar to ensure food hygiene and safety and family health.

The advantage of this model is that the boar has high resistance, less disease. Because of wandering, pigs have a lot of activity, the main food is vegetables and leftovers so the meat quality is good.

In addition, the price of wild boar meat is usually much higher than that of normal pork, which brings economic benefits for farmers.

12. Snacks Business

For dieters, seeing junk food but not eating is extreme. One idea that is suggested for you is to eat junk food for dieters.

These are snacks made with non-fat ingredients, mostly from vegetables. For example, dried vegetables, cakes made from drunk nuts or nuts … Because the processing time takes a lot of time and effort, customers will choose to buy quickly.

Therefore, you can take advantage of this opportunity to make money. While the need to keep in shape but still want to eat is a lot, this is truly an opportunity to make money.

13. Breakfast Service

Because of being too busy, or lazy to wake up early, many people cannot prepare their breakfast in time. Therefore, you should take this opportunity to sell breakfast and provide a home delivery service.

The breakfast dishes you can choose to sell such as bread, wet bread, sticky rice, fried rice,… To increase your income, you should combine selling more home-made juices or soy milk, green beans. Post regularly on Facebook to let customers know you always offer this service.

14. Real Estate Broker

The real estate market recently is still bustling with increasing buyer demand. However, due to the impact of the disease, many investors do not want to go to the street or too crowded places. Therefore, you can still make money with the idea of ​​becoming an online real estate broker.

You will receive advice and support for investors who want to learn about the real estate market through Facebook, website, or phone. If customers need you will lead customers to survey directly.

To avoid having too many customers call at once and no one at the same time, you should suggest to customers about making an appointment.

15. Pottery Shop

Usually, people make ceramic products for sale and business. But we will not do so, this way of doing business is you set up a pottery workshop to entertain and play. The main target of the pottery workshop is children, increasing intelligence and releasing learning pressure.

In addition, the subjects are students, students are also very interested in how to play and entertain like this when they themselves can create a ceramic product to take home.

Each person coming to the entertainment can collect from 30,000INR to 50,000 INR or monthly fees, in addition, we can sell more beautiful pottery at the workshop to increase the income.

16. Handwoven Items

Products such as flower baskets, storage baskets, racks, rattan chairs, conical hats, rattan tables, etc. are typical products for this way of doing business. Hire 3-5 skilled people, the workshop is located in the alley, but if you have the premises, it is best to use it as a stall to sell the products made.

If your home is in the countryside, you should only set up a factory and look for wholesale, wholesale contracts, or you can also retail online, but the problem of shipping (shipping) will face many limitations if there is an order. with distant geographic distance.

17. Feng Shui Trade

It is a fact that the more money, the richer one is, the more superstitious or something, grasp that psychology of many people.

Business people also do not overlook such business opportunities. Importing feng shui office items, feng shui home items for sale on the internet, or opening a store is a good way to make money in modern society today.

Feng shui items such as pottery, porcelain vases, plates, specialty, feng shui stone paintings are picky products.

Therefore, in order to impress customers, you must collect very unique items to display, if customers ask to buy, we say that it is a rare product, so the sales are low.

18. Mosaic Shop

A mosaic is a picture you will assemble from small pieces to complete. This puzzle game is also very much loved. Combining the two, you should open a mosaic shop.

You will both sell puzzles for customers who want to buy them but don’t have time to sit together, rent a set of puzzles so that customers who like to play puzzles can play at the store.

With the group of customers who play puzzles at the store, you can combine selling more drinks and food, because the sitting time is quite long, customers will need a few dishes.

A composite picture is priced from 300,000 INR to several million depending on the size and content of the picture. Your income will be more from renting a mosaic and selling drinks. Thus, a month you can also earn from several million to several tens of millions.

19. Book Translation Center

The demand for books translated from foreign countries is increasing, based on which you can implement the idea of ​​opening a book translation center and receiving and editing books.

With this idea, you should invest in online channels with marketing strategies to introduce your services to attract the most customers. In addition, a team of experienced personnel and good professional skills will assist you to implement this idea better.

20. Dairy Shop

Milk is an indispensable food in daily life. You can open a store specializing only in milk. Depending on the target customers are children, pregnant women, or the elderly, … you will enter the appropriate milk. Attention should be paid to checking expiry and inventory to avoid stocking.