Business opportunities can arise anywhere, in cities or villages. The way small business in the village is to have the intention and determination to be strong and brave in implementing ideas.

Small Business Ideas For Rural Areas

The following are examples of profitable businesses in the village.

1. Agricultural Business

If there are paddy fields in the village, then an agricultural business can be run to earn income. For rice field owners, planting can be done like rice.

However, if the residents do not have rice fields, they can do the sharing with the owners of the fields. For example, Pak Yudhi has rice fields and Pak Hendra does not have rice fields.

2. Plantation Business

If there is a plantation area in the village, then the plantation business can be run to earn income.

Plants that can be planted in the garden can be various, such as corn, sugar cane, cassava, tea, cloves, coconut, and so forth. The harvest from the plantation can be consumed alone or sold.

3. Animal Husbandry Business

Not only vegetable needs, but animal needs are also needed.

Villagers can open a livestock business that can later be sold in the village area or sent to the city to meet market demand.

Examples of animal husbandry are cattle, goats, chickens, ducks, etc.

4. Marine or River Animal Business

Villages that are located on the coast or close to rivers are suitable for this type of business.

Residents can become fishermen or open their own ponds to do marine animal farming such as fish, shrimp, lobster, crabs, and so on.

Considering that seafood such as lobster has a high selling price value.

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5. Seaweed Cultivation Business

For villages on the seashore, it can be a seaweed cultivator. Seaweed is also much needed. Besides being consumed, as usual, seaweed is also used as a material for making jelly and ingredients for cosmetics.

6. Craft Maker

In the village, it is usually still thick with customs and has special characteristics such as handicrafts. Crafts are sold to tourists who come to visit if the area is a tourist area, or handicrafts can also be sent and sold in urban areas.

For example, if the village is located on the edge of a beach, usually making use of shells into handicrafts such as bracelets or necklaces.

Another example is the villagers who make handicrafts in the form of woven fabrics. Apart from maintaining and preserving culture, villagers can also earn income.

7. Become A Collector

A trader is a person who buys agricultural, plantation, or sea catch products directly from farmers or fishermen for resale. Traders can also be said to be intermediaries between farmers or fishermen to consumers.

8. Selling Foods or Distinctive Beverages

Each region has a culinary with different characteristics from other regions.

This can be used to earn income from the sale of typical food or drinks, as well as being able to introduce culinary specialties to tourists who come to the village.

9. Open a Grocery Store

Do not need a large building, a grocery store can operate even if only on the porch of the house. A grocery shop is a home-based business that is suitable in the village.

The grocery store is a type of food business, food and soft drinks, and other types of business.

10. Selling Mobile Credit

Sometimes when in the village it is very difficult to find a seller for cellphone credit. Though the credit can be used to contact family or relatives who are far from the village.

No doubt, at this time even many villagers are using mobile phones. So opening a mobile phone credit business is considered quite profitable.

11. Opening A Tailoring Service

For villagers who have expertise in sewing using machines, this business is quite promising.

By using a machine, the completion time for sewing can be faster and will certainly be used by other villagers.

Who do not have their own sewing time or cannot sew at a more complicated level of difficulty.

12. Selling Crafts from Used Goods

In the village and in the city, the waste problem is fairly complicated. Because of the day, the amount of waste, especially plastic continues to increase.

There needs to be awareness and creativity in the use of waste. This does not rule out the emergence of the idea of ​​making crafts from used goods or trash.

In addition to used handicraft products that can be sold, community members can also play an active role in reducing the amount of waste. The craft of used goods is a business opportunity that has not many competitors.

13. Room Rental Services

Beautiful rural panoramas are sometimes able to attract tourists to visit. If the village is a tourist area, it doesn’t hurt to open a room rental service for tourists or known as a homestay.

This is one of the promising business opportunities with small capital.

14. Snack Selling

Being a snack reseller, you don’t need to have special skills. You just have to choose and explore information related to what snacks you want to sell.

In this case, you should buy snacks directly from the maker (which produces snacks ) so that the price of the snack you get can be cheaper.

By getting a cheaper price, then you can sell it back not far or even the same as the market price and still get a profit.

15. Accessories Selling

The selection of accessories must pay attention to what accessories are being liked right now, or what accessories seem unique and different than others.

16. Sell Fashion Products

Currently, many online or offline stores sell various elements of fashion.

You just choose the fashion model like what you want to sell and look for prices that are not too expensive but still have good quality so that your customers get satisfaction.

It can be a type of business trade clothes, pants, shoes, jackets, and other types of trading businesses.

 17. Laundry Services

Laundry services do not have to be in the shop, just enough at home alone can also. Especially if your house is located near boarding houses, this business will be quite promising.

Services Laundry kilogram is one example of the business capital of 5 million. It can be started with just one washing machine.

Initial marketing can be done by word of mouth in the area of ​​residence. If the business has begun to develop, then you can make signs or banners in front of the house and do more extensive marketing in a variety of ways.

18. Tailor Services

If you can sew with a machine, then it never hurts to open a sewing service at home. You can take advantage of the skills they have and at the same time get income.

19. Photographer Services

For those of you who like taking pictures and have a camera, this business is quite promising. Even this business can also be your side business that is already working.

No need to have a studio, just by word of mouth marketing or social media. Your service can be used by business people who want to photograph their products for distribution.

You can also take advantage of opportunities that require documentation. From a hobby, you can make it income coffers.

20. Motorcycle and Car Wash Services

This business is quite promising because the owners of motor vehicles and cars are increasing day by day.

If the vehicle owner has a dense activity and does not have time to wash his vehicle, surely this motorbike and car washing service will be his choice.

21. Financial and Tax Report Maker Services

Not all business actors have knowledge about taxes and the ability to make financial reports. This problem can be exploited by those of you who have an accounting background and the ability to make financial and tax reports.

22. PPOB services

PPOB is an extension of the bank’s online payment point which is an online payment system by utilizing existing facilities at the bank.

From this PPOB you can run a business at home or anywhere while there is an internet connection because this business can use laptops, computers, and even smartphones. From this business, you can sell cellphones and electrical pulses.

Basic payments, BPJS, installments at certain finance offices, credit cards, providers and postpaid electricity, as well as other payments you can also serve. This business is one of the small capital college kids’ businesses.

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23. Tutoring Services

For those of you who have more ability in the field of knowledge or religion, you can run this business. For example, you can open a tutoring place at home or become a private teacher who visits your students at his home.

You can teach the Koran, mathematics, English, and so on. In addition to getting merits and charity, you can also get income from this business.

24. Freelance Service on Certain Websites

Several websites can accommodate freelancers with their respective abilities to get jobs. Like,, and others.

Usually, the services needed are in the field of graphic design, article making, typing, website creation, translators, and other fields.

25. Cat Grooming Services

If you have a love for cats and can care for and bathe cats, then this business is quite promising for you to live.

26. Producing Snacks and Drinks

If you have creativity in processing food and drinks, it never hurts to try this business.

You can make it at home or make an outlet at a certain point.

Such as cassava chips, banana chips, Celadrin, etc. can be produced and packaged at home, then distributed to stores.

27. Open A Warung

Food stall business is quite promising because everyone always needs to eat every day. Foods that are sold can be rice pecel, meatballs, chicken soup, and others.

28. Processing of Used Goods

Processing used goods is a business opportunity that has not many competitors.

In this processing high creativity is needed to produce goods that are unique and interesting even if they come from used goods.

29. Alternative Energy Installer

Since some villagers prefer “off the grid,” you can provide alternative energy installation services to help them make their homes or businesses self-sufficient and sustainable.

30. Handyman

Rural homeowners may not always have access to more and more home service professionals. So you can become a professional handyman or provide more specialized services to homeowners in your area.