Have you seen some promotional advertisements for certain services or products? Yes, using promotion is one way to develop and provide an introduction to the product or service of a business that can be introduced to the wider community.

Isn’t the first thing we will do after opening a business or business is to promote it? It is not wrong if someone will ask for help from professional promotion service providers so that their business can be promoted properly.

Because the promotion will facilitate the introduction and the public will know more about what the uses and benefits of the products and services they promote are.

But before trying and turning to ask for help with famous promotional services, have you ever thought about what factors play a role in conducting a good promotion?

Small Business Advertising Ideas

A good way of promotion does require several important factors such as word management and supporting pictures or photos.

And if indeed you are interested in knowing and doing a promotion that is right so you no longer need service or switch to ask for help from others.

So we have summarized the following important factors in the way of good promotion:

1. Choice of Words

The choice of words is one of the most important things in the promotion. Who else will be interested or understand what you are promoting if you do not use good and kind words?

Surely this has become a failed attempt. How to make a crowded shop for shoppers one of them is to use promotions that are easy to understand and attract buyers right?

Of course, the first thing you must improve first in a good promotion method is the use of words and sentences that are relevant and interesting to your prospective buyers or service users.

2. Use of Attractive Images

One of the pairs used in promotions using good words is the use of attractive images. People will be more interested in glancing at promotional advertisements provided complete with relevant and interesting images.

Because everyone will be easier to remember if given the help of images rather than just wrapped in words.

So try to do a good promotion with the help of attractive images to attract potential buyers and users of the services offered.

3. Distribution of Product Samples

Have you ever heard of a free product that is shared so that people will know what you are promoting? Yes, this is one effective strategy for promotion.

Even the promotion of makeup services will do the same thing. Where service sellers will be happy to provide a free service so that their customers can find out the quality of the services they offer.

Especially if they are impressed with the service, of course, they will be happy to continue to come back and even invite others to try services or your product.

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4. Become A Sponsor

It may seem detrimental at first, but an event supported by a sponsor is usually a big event that will bring lots of people.

Here is your role as one of the sponsors who will market and promote products or services indirectly.

The names and logos of sponsors that can be read by many people will invite sympathy and curiosity until eventually many will find out about your business.

5. Online Media Services

Nowadays there are many ways of online promotion that are in great demand by many people. Sophisticated technology has made people just want something easy and simple.

The use of online media is one of them. Where they no longer have to bother buying magazines and newspapers to see a variety of interesting news and promos.

Various online media that are often used to interact such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Path pages are some of the most frequently used at this time.

Do the promotion in such a way with interesting words so that other people are interested in your business.

6. Use of Commissions

Wouldn’t we be more interested and trusted if we were offered something by people closest to us rather than strangers?

So, try to focus on specific target groups and talk to some influential people. Give some commission to them to do promotions in their neighborhood. This will be more effective than you have to go directly to do promotions.

7. Flyers

Providing free flyers, this is also suitable for promotion right?

You can also do promotions by distributing promotional flyers or sticking them in certain places, as long as you don’t interfere with the business and work of others, yes!

Although some people who get promotional flyers will throw it away, but not a few who will try to find out especially if the contents of the leaflet are something they need.

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8. Promotional Items

In addition to providing a product in the form of a tester, you can also provide some interesting and useful promotional items such as t-shirts and calendars that will include your name and information about your business.

Because both of these objects will be useful and often used by residents.

So there is no harm in distributing your promotional items so that your business promotion can run smoothly and experience significant development.

9. Advertise on a Blog or Website

You can use an official website or blog that belongs to your own business or ride on someone else’s blog or website.

It never hurts to hitchhike a promotion as long as it doesn’t fill the comment space and instead is detected as spam.

Do it well and politely so that no one feels disturbed by your promotion.

10. Become A Member of The Forum

There will be many people with different wants and needs who gather and join a forum.

This is one of the advantages where you can promote and have several people who will indirectly see and some of them will be interested in the promotions you provide.

Be a good member of the forum and do not violate certain rules set in the forum.

11. Vouchers And Discounts

Did you know that the voucher and discount method is very effective in “inviting” customers? Yes, some interesting offers will still invite their interest so that they continue to make purchases and subscribe to you.

Try to do some innovations on discount offers and vouchers that you can give to these customers. The more creative, the more interested they will be in your product, of course.

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12. Promotion

The main strategy in how to promote food products is the promotion step itself. You can promote it to certain places such as offices, colleges, and school areas.

This is one of the best strategies so that your food stall or food shop can be known by many people. Especially for the campus area, you can find out how to promote by knowing which businesses are suitable for students first.

Because the average student and office worker will try to find facilities that can provide food at a cheaper and more affordable price.

13. Friendly And Polite Attitude

Service quality also gets a high role in how to promote this food business. Just imagine if you have to buy it at a food store.

Where the service is not friendly at all and looks very frightening, won’t you be very reluctant to come back there?

Yes, one of the best steps in business development is the best service. Do not let your customers run away just because the quality of service is in shambles, yes!

14. Always Improve Services

One of the right methods to promote a food business is to continue to improve the quality of service you have. Do not be careless with the impact of reducing the quality of the service.

Fast, responsive, friendly and polite service will further increase the interest of customers to remain subscribed.

The relatively long time of serving and serving will disappoint and have an impact with a decreased level of satisfaction.

15. Use Music

Soothing music will be another promotional method that can bring and hold customers longer.

Because in a food business the presence of music will increase the appetite and comfort of visitors.

Customers will be more relaxed and indeed some of them deliberately visit food stalls that offer music.

16. Attractive Property

A shop or restaurant which is a food business by using property and equipment that is unique and attractive will spoil the eyes of the buyers and customers.

Because not all places or food businesses will present unique concepts and themes in their businesses.

But if you can give a different feel from the competitors why not? Yes, this will be one of the plus points where your business will be looked at especially if more details.

17. Special Promo

Price is one important element that will determine the success of a store or food business.

And one good way of promotion is to do price variations, where you can at any time provide a discount price or a variety of innovations in the price of a product that will be very liked by customers.

18. Use of Social Media

Who doesn’t currently use social media? Even elderly seniors also use social medicine.

Therefore you must be very clever in utilizing social media for promotion so that later you will not have any more difficulties in promoting your business.

Try to learn in advance how to online promotion which will make it easier in promoting your online food business ideas.

19. Utilization of Momentum

Not always our food business will get busy visitors right? But, there are certain times.

Where there are several celebrations such as religious holidays or national days that you can use as an effort to promote your food business.

So when there are special celebrations and days you can make it the best promotion stage.

20. Quality Consistency

Another thing you must do in promoting your food business is to be consistent in the quality of your food.

Do not let the customer come back disappointed by the decline in the quality of your food. Therefore always try to maintain the quality of your food products.

21. Flyers

Don’t forget to make a food flyer to promote your cooking business. Because this is proven effective in getting everyone to get to know and know about your food production.

Try that the flyer has a variety of informative and made with attractive designs so that it can be interesting and remembered by many people.

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Do not forget to connect the address that is easily known or a map of the location of your food cooking business.

22. Using Stickers

This is one form of indirect promotion where you can give promotions to prospective customers by placing stickers or pamphlets in various places that are easy to recognize.

But you have to make sure that the place you put the sticker is not near personal property or other prohibited places.

23. Using Location Maps

Use product packaging to place and paste a map of the location of your food business. So accidentally after someone throws away the wrapper there will be someone who can know the place or location of your business.

Because the process of marketing a product will be hampered if people don’t know the place where your business is located.

This is why many food entrepreneurs always provide location locations, other important information about their products in their product packaging.