Small (Big) Business Idea, Should Do Business in 2019-2020

Every year, “doing business” will create a topic that talks deeply about small-big business ideas, what business trends should be done in 2019, 2020.   This year we have this topic sooner to help Startup has a lot of time to evaluate and choose ideas before making investment decisions. This year will have the best business ideas and new business opportunities for 2019,2020 .


In the lives of many people with a keen eye, often see the future and the pre-occupation of certain industries before others. In fact, it is completely impossible to say that the eyes are clear, because most importantly, these people dare to spend their time and effort to study life, they do not want their whole lives to work for others. , living under the light of others. So today there are many young people starting their businesses, and of course middle-aged people are no less competitive.

The middle-aged people in the modern age, and the younger people, the more they like the free life, the more restless. So where are the prospective start-ups and prospective businesses? In each of the following idea categories, you have specific questions, you can comment back in the comment section of this article.



What business is in 2019, 2020? In a time of prosperity and fullness like today, in addition to the material markets, there is still another piece of market that is quite suitable to develop in the countryside, which is cultural production and knowledge. Capturing this need, many young people have been cherishing new business ideas , low- budget business ideas to learn how to trade and enrich everywhere in the country.

The current generation of young people is the core strength for the development of agriculture in the future. Today many young people leave home to start a business to learn how to get rich from business . They want to do things related to their expertise but suffer from the lack of knowledge, skills, and experience of enriching business so many small business ideas are unfinished and stalled.

What do you sell fast, rich in 2019, 2020? Doing business books in rural areas, being an agent to buy a number of scientific journals will be a career that brings great benefits to rural people, because they can order the types of specialized books they love, help them quickly learn professional knowledge, such as growing vegetables in a greenhouse, managing orchards, designing rural houses …

As a trader, you can also periodically organize free scientific and technical exchanges, watch agricultural science films on how to raise and cultivate, and do public interest and encourage people Order books, natural money will rush into your pocket. So what are you hesitating for, but don’t quickly pocket and immediately implement this business idea ?


What business should be now? Vegetables are one of the indispensable dishes in daily meals, it helps provide essential nutrients for the human body such as many vitamins and minerals … According to 1990 statistics of the group The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 90% of all vitamin C and 60% of the vitamin A that the body needs comes from vegetables.

In addition, there are many other phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables that are recognized as beneficial ingredients for human health. According to recent research, it is found that nutritional components in fruits and vegetables also help to prevent chronic diseases, degenerative diseases effectively, so fruit and vegetable growing business is one of the enrichment models from agriculture. In the future, this industry will have potential, especially special vegetables, which will be a bright spot in a business start-up project, an effective small business model in rural areas.

Classification of major special vegetables:


The varieties of imported vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, celery, cauliflower, star anise, kale, burdock …


These are new vegetable varieties that are employed by agricultural workers to use advanced farming techniques to research and breed successfully such as male carrots, five-colored peppers, cucumber bunches, F1 cabbage …


These are famous vegetable varieties, specialties and high quality of some regions in the country such as chayote vegetables, kale vegetables in Sapa, purple cabbage in Da Lat …


In recent years, wild vegetables have become popular again, many wild vegetables have been searched and propagated to become delicious vegetables, such as vegetables, vegetables, pineapple …


Also known as sprouts, are tiny shaped vegetables that are being attracted in the last few years, such as tomato, mini radish, mini cucumber, chili, etc. vegetable varieties are imported directly, there are vegetable varieties that are new breeding models in the country.


What business is in 2019, 2020? Along with the prosperity of the fruit-gathering industry, the business related to the cultivation industry is also increasing. There are people who pick fruits to eat, others bring gifts and gifts. Therefore, it should be beautiful, of course, thanks to the packaging service.

After harvested vegetables, a box with a basket is required. So you can completely open a packaging company specializing in the supply of vegetable basket boxes right next to the vegetable garden for business. This is one of those models simply enriched the idea of small business effectively in rural areas.

One of the small business ways in 2019, 2010 is being pocketed by many people in the ripe fruit and vegetable harvest season, the need to order baskets will surely emerge like alcohol. Vegetable garden owners will actively come to you to open long-term cooperation.

In addition to ground business with the surrounding areas, you can also through the internet for online business nationwide, income will certainly be very positive. There is no doubt that this will be one of the new business trends in 2019, 2020, 2021 .


Adviser color one business idea novel , the business model is not available in India . It is a secret group of people in urban cities, they often appear in high-class office buildings, neat clothes, polite speech and non-physical qualities. They are not too busy but have a terrible income, they are not so smart but they receive the affirmation of many elite.

The reason is because they are attractive, capable of creating miracles. You just need to spend a small investment that has an office that works brilliantly under your own ownership. This would be a big small-profit business model in 2019, 2020 that will be popular with many young people in the future.


There are many people who asked me about the business idea with a capital of 50 million. I believe many of us have seen a lot of snack shops outside the school gates. They sell all kinds of snacks such as sausage, pumpkin, skewers, ice cream … students gather together in three groups to gather around the snack shops, laughing and talking while enjoying the This delicious and delicious snack. Although very familiar, but some people know that it is one of the capital-enriching models .

Junk food business emerged as early alcohol spread all over everyday life, from big street to small alley, where you could see images of familiar snack shops such as night market, school gate … You do not despise these small snack shops, although small and have martial arts, it is a way of getting rich from trading , because face dishes are one of the most easy-to-trade items of all time. This is how to get rich from empty hands effectively.

What should a small business do? A snack shop if doing a good business will have several times the income of other commuters. So how to maximize the profitability of the junk shop business? What is the fastest way to get rich in this business model?


What to do to have money in 2019 and 2020? “Having a new powder to make a lake”, want to open a snack shop, first there must be a chef to master. If you do not know how to prepare snacks, then you must rely on others to do business.

So the best way is that you should know how to prepare snacks, have a new job in your hand that is not “pierced by the nose”. For example, a month’s profit of a snack shop is about 30 million, the salary of the chef in the city averages from 10 million to 15 million, minus the cost of renting premises, electricity and water, the purchase of raw materials. then the amount of money you have left in this small business model is not worth it.

Or to put it another way, opening a small shop with little capital is like going to work for a chef, so it is best to have a job in your hand, open a new snack shop to bring true profit. for your own.


Junk food business is a small business idea, but you also have to locate and find the right target customers. According to the research, the positioning of the snack market is relatively difficult, basically the target customers will mainly be students, students and men (usually single men). The biggest feature of this group is the attitude towards eating quite arbitrarily, eating at affordable prices. Obviously, residential areas and schools will be relatively suitable market positioning for business models enriched by such small businesses .

Is the idea of ​​starting a small business, so the business of snacks always choose the place near the school, near the residential area. The place of business is the basis of making money in the ways of doing less business like this snack shop. Because it is a small business , the snack shop should not choose the location in the busy commercial center.

Because these places have high rental rates, the group of people in these areas is quite focused on quality issues and eating environment, not simply saturated. But the normal snack shops can hardly handle the large rental fee. Therefore commercial centers and busy urban areas will not be suitable for this small capital-less business model.


What small business capital? With the popular snack shops, the best surface area should be about 70 m2. If the area of ​​the premises is too large, the profits will be almost entirely to cover the cost of renting premises. For example, the average daily income of a snack shop has an area of ​​about 70 m2is 2 million, minus the cost of renting premises, utilities, raw materials, and profit per month about 30 million.

In fact, the net profit of snack shops will fall between 20 million and 40 million. If opening a store with an area of ​​about 100 m 2 , the daily turnover will increase to less than 10% but the cost of electricity, water, rent and other costs will increase from 20% -30%, net profit from there will be drastically reduced.

But if you open a store with an area of ​​40-50 m 2 , the cost of renting and other expenses will be reduced from 20% -30%, in addition, if the number of single guests is small, the cost will be reduced by 40%. . So if you open a store with a large surface area and high investment capital, it will obviously be a cost that not everyone can handle, especially small businesses. So before you ask what trade to get rich , you need to learn how to do business first.

In short, if you want to open a snack shop, you need to carefully consider the issues presented above, so that your business can be sustainable. This is the basic morality on the business start-up business. No doubt the snack shop, this small business idea will be a small way of doing business in 2019, 2020 is popular and brings high economic efficiency in the near future.


What business is in 2019, 2020? Personalized mini gifts are new personal photo storage models that have begun to deploy and are popular in Europe and America. It is considereda new business model in the world that is slowly making its way to other national markets and quickly occupies the leading position in the online business. In many parts of the world, the shopping power for mini-personalized gifts every day has reached millions, breaking records. With this number, it is evaluated as an effective and promising online business in 2019, 2020 .

“Photo book” processing is innovative business ideas and is considered as one of the new enrichment models suitable for storing all types of images such as images of mature processes, photographers family, family travel photos even honeymoon photos … can be made into a photo to store and increasingly popular, becoming a new business trend in 2019, 2020,2021 .

What business is in 2019, 2020? A personalized mini-gift is a personalized digital product, one of 2019, 2020’s online businesses , which helps you organize and compile small digital images in your computer. certain rules and requirements, and then print out with a professional digital printer.

Based on the different needs of the customers, they close to a photo book, a photo book is convenient for revising and reviewing. In the process of creating a photo book, it is possible to combine fonts and context, making the image more rich and lively than other common wash images.

Photocopies printed with high technology can perfectly match any professional journal in the world. Due to the use of special surface treatment techniques, the printed image is both water-proof and fingerprint-resistant, and even UV-resistant, in addition to high-end printing images, printing can be guaranteed. Managing for hundreds of years without fear of color. There is no doubt that this is one of the effective ways of doing business in 2019, 2020 .

Mini gift business advantages personalize one of the innovative business ideas and one of the most effective new business models:

(1), Fast delivery speed: Delivery within 5 working days, if overdue will return money, is a fast-paced industry and an effective way of doing business at home .

(2), Superior product quality: 200g copper paper, the entire protection film, long-term storage, high level, deserving to be a small business model with less capital but bring more valuable life High spirit for consumers.

(3), Individualized design: Customers can create designs for their own photo books, can preview on electronic files, editable, 100% satisfaction level. This is indeed one of the mostinnovative and highly effective new business models .

(4), Fast and convenient: Download images by yourself, manage according to the system without being confused, send photos via convenient online driver all steps, you can absolutely conduct online business without need to move or transport. This is truly one of the smallest home business ideas in 2019, 2020 efficiency and utility.

(5), Rich products: In addition to photo books, there are many other printing products such as phone tiles, fire machines, drinking cups, engravings, personality jigsaw … Of course, it will continue to come later More new products continue to appear, which will be business ideas for 2019, 2020-2022 that are worth the attention of young entrepreneurs.

(6), New innovative technology: This is the only online photo processing business model in the world, all products will be manipulated and online online .

What business is in 2019, 2020? Mini personalization gifts are a new business project, a new business trend in 2019, 2020, and 2021 in the process of starting, “doing first, eating meat, then gnawing on bones”, times Other people don’t know yet, so hurry up and start your business.

Investing is very simple, it can be said that this is a small investment model but high profit is worthy of small business ideas at home in 2019 and 2020 effectively. Whether or not the photobook business earns is largely dependent on the product and yourself. Especially in the booming internet era, the start-up forum is bigger and bigger, if you know how to make good use of it, this is the business model at home, meaningful online business . If you know how to make good use of the internet, its creativity will be hundreds of times better than the ground business.


The Italian ice cream parlors from the big lane of the small lane are all very lively. If you are having the idea of ​​implementing a small business model in your countryside or countryside , Italian ice cream is an ideal choice. Enjoy Italian ice cream is the process of consumer enjoyment, because it brings a feeling of excitement to customers.

Italian ice cream meets many tastes and needs of different ice cream customers. It constantly researches and invents new products and flavors. Up to the present time Italian cream has launched hundreds of different types of products, maintaining a long-lasting business life, attracting consumers of all ages and ages. So, Italian ice cream will be one of the small ways of doing business in 2019, 2020 with top priority with many high prospects.


Online model driver training is one of the relatively hot business ideas for 2019, 2020-2022. It is a service that provides models of running training with simulators for those who are new to driving or who have a driver’s license but have not dared to drive on the road. It’s a bit like a net shop that provides computers for people who want to go online.

2018 is the start of the 10 years of the online model driver training business, if you miss it, you will never have a chance to do it again. This business model is similar to a simple net shop, just need to simply fix it and wait for money collection. Diverse profit models including car rental driving models, developing brand link business to collect brand link fees, retail wholesale … are all business channels with very profitable revenue. positive.

This simulation driving training model will be a hot business idea for 2019, 2020-2022because it helps ensure the safety for students, application of true and sharp 3D images: applying public techniques The most advanced 3D technology, creating a real feeling of up to 100% makes students feel like they are driving real car.

Forms of true manipulation: all operations from gas legs, brake pads, taper pins, watches displayed … all are unexpectedly real. In addition to this training model, students also experience the skills to control vehicles on all terrain surfaces such as highways, village roads, flat roads, hills, high slopes … and all the time conditions. weather such as rain, snow, fog …

No incidents, no pollution, this online driving training model helps students practice their driving skills at home in a gentle way, minimizing emissions, reducing environmental pollution. This would be the first choice for those who want to learn to drive in the future. With 100% online teaching, this business model will be a way of doing business on the Internet , how to do business on Facebook, and online network to effectively attract investors.

Training online driving simulation will definitely be a hot business in the future. In the face of the booming demand for driving lessons, have you seen the future of this business model? What are you waiting for, but don’t invest to make money! This will definitely be a potential and promising business idea for 2019, 2020-2022 .


Above are 8 effective business models that have been and will be booming in the future, whether you have an idea of ​​home business , or new business ideas, these are models and ideas. Business ideas are worth your attention and learning this year 2019 and the first half of 2020. Hopefully, these helpful sharing will open and bring more investment options for you who are and will be intend to start a business.

In addition to the topic of deep analysis in this period, we will update more new, unique, effective, and profitable business ideas in other topics.

If you find this article useful, please share it with everyone. You can also find business knowledge, how to get rich, what business is an effective start-up idea, how to make money with other products or ideas in the search section.

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