Should I Study A Master’s Degree? Orientation for Masters

There are now many students after graduating from university wondering between going to the masters or going to the society to find a job. If you want to learn more, then first think about why you need to study to master?

This may sound strange but considering the current educational situation, having a master’s degree is a very basic thing in Vietnam.

The important thing I want to say here is that the master’s degree is very simple. If you want to study you just need to go to school on weekends and evenings in about 2 years, you will be able to hold a master’s degree in your hand.

This situation is too much and common now, many people step into universities or apprentice but they do not find direction and do not know why they study. Finally, after two or three years of getting a degree, but not improving the ability to not help their career and life.

However, for those who know their true purpose when studying a master’s degree, learning to get a degree will need to go through a real process of thinking and experience. What they want is not only a master’s degree but also an accumulation of knowledge and experience to have a better future.


Many young people after graduation do not know what they want and need, so they choose to study masters to extend the time. However, this is a way to avoid going out to work, colliding with life’s problems. And this is not the right choice.

First, clearly identify yourself what are you pursuing? What is your master’s degree? What support will you give to your job and future? Clarifying these things before deciding will help you find the right path to get what you want.

In case if you are not ready yet you do not know what you should do and need some time to think about plans for the future, you should choose other alternatives such as traveling, finding an extra job, participating in social activities, participating in an extracurricular program, doing charity for an organization, and so on.


You can choose a major that is similar to the industry you have studied at the bachelor’s degree, or a choice that is completely opposite to that industry. You also need to think carefully. It is best to choose the industries you really are interested in and relevant to your future work.

Education mistakes are always a costly mistake and leave uneasy results. Therefore, you should not rush to immediately choose an industry that you do not really like, take some time to search, consult and research clearly to choose a suitable study program.

When choosing a good learning environment, you can not only improve your professional ability, but you can easily find a job that suits you in the future. By using a network of acquaintances with seniors who have graduated in college, it will be very helpful for your job.

In addition, you can also choose to go abroad to study abroad, because the overseas environment can have advanced and modern techniques to help your research process more.

A good environment, a good teacher, knowledgeable learners will support and walk you along the path of master’s study. Even if you study abroad, your language level has improved a lot.


In general, most faculties provide complete and extensive basic training in universities. For example, if you study medicine you need to choose a certain branch to train because the whole industry has a lot of departments to choose from and you can’t finish it in just two to three years.

Therefore, for students of most engineering departments you need to think about: What kind of capabilities do I want to target in research and special reinforcement institutes? This decision is very important because when you go to work, you may find it according to this professional ability, you may depend on this ability in the next 20 years.

So, think carefully about this issue and use it as the main axis of school choice and teacher selection.


There are many people who choose to study while working, ie after graduation they go to find a job at a certain company, 8 working days a week and 5 working hours on Saturday. They will take advantage of the time off to study for a master’s degree. Most of them now choose this way.

However, the above method will extend the study time. In case, you do not have many priorities in life, you want to complete the study time more quickly, you should choose to study full time to increase concentration and output quality. Full-time study will also be more effective and useful for your future.


Unlike most undergraduate degrees, master’s degree is highly specialized. This gives you a great opportunity to delve deeper into a topic that may not be covered in your previous studies, or to learn something completely new. are very passionate.

A master’s degree requires you to be more self-aware, proactive and capable of studying than university because you will have to read, study and write a lot of essays.

Don’t be subjective to believing that your university experience is enough for you to study a master’s degree, be sure to be ready to take yourself into discipline and motivate yourself if you want to study at this level.


Currently many universities have many scholarship programs for graduate students. If you are confident enough in your ability to apply for a scholarship of the school. Find out how and conditions to get a scholarship from your school.

If not, you need to reconsider your financial ability. Because studying masters will lose a large amount of money to invest if you are really serious about it.

A course can take up to a hundred million dong so you need to determine and prepare this money. Will you borrow or get help from your family? If you have to borrow, how long is your family’s ability to pay and with what financial resources? Remember, that is just the tuition fee, not the cost of living.

No matter which industry you choose, you’ll be more challenged than college. But if you are determined, you can absolutely receive a worthy reward such as knowledge, experience, relationships with like-minded people and future open job opportunities.

Good Luck

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