SEO has become a trend and plays an important role in the marketing strategy of most brands, if not a core element of the business strategy.

Of course, there are many ways to increase website traffic: display advertising, social advertising and so on. However, SEO is still appreciated by experts in terms of effectiveness, feasibility, and cost when investing for natural growth.

In fact, the latest research from shows that Google Search “contributed” to 50% of the readers on the website in the past year.

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However, to really get the most out of SEO, it’s important to keep an eye on and adapt to the latest updates from Google, which are always “decent”.

Meanwhile, all websites are “treated” fairly and appear in the same way that was instructed by Google to website administrators.

So how to maintain the ranking after the constant and unpredictable changes of Google?

SEO Strategy

To partly answer questions as well as help the brand understand more deeply about how to cooperate with “Google sister”, Swiftblogging will introduce 4 SEO-making strategies that we think will be extremely helpful and easy to apply because of Any brand.

1. For Impressive SEO Results, Start With The Basic Steps

It sounds simple, but detecting and concentrating from small changes to moving towards changing the overall SEO strategy can make a lasting impression over time.

For example, Google My Business page traffic almost doubled when the team launched a case study campaign that featured a basic idea of ​​implementing a basic idea effectively.

Such as limiting duplicate content on the site through identify canonical tags.

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Of course, not every change will have a breakthrough but in the process of implementation, Google’s website has recorded strong natural traffic growth after making some simple changes on SEO.

If you are having trouble identifying what is really the problem your website may encounter, Google Search Console is a free, effective tool to get started.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Changes, Take Chances

Search features have always been developed to show the content that best suits users and keep up with changes in their behavior.

For example, more than 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices, which is why Google Search is quickly launching platforms like AMP and PWA.

You may be overwhelmed at first by changes from Google, but the more you seize the opportunity, dig deeper and learn, the more SEO results improve.

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With Swiftblogging similar, in 2017 we focused on updating Google Search Console, implementing AMP with all the posts and quickly processing AMP arises on some URLs.

The number of searches subsequently increased to 200 % and always maintain the first position in the search results with keywords like “customer service” or “marketing automation”.

3. Minimize Content Duplication

Creating multiple websites in the form of the enclosure ( targeting customers or geographies) and the content of the websites is not so different can be a plan that many brands are choosing.

However, when developing a large number of websites with almost duplicate content, little investment to compete with different marketing goals, the results are not really different.

Because duplicate content is not only confusing for users but also for search engines. Therefore, creating a website with impressive content, investment and understanding of customers instead of many microsites is the best way to stabilize the growth of natural search over time.

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Google Retail, after checking its effectiveness, decided to focus resources as well as reorient the content for a website instead of struggling to find the direction (which is very difficult) with six different websites.

In fact, this proved to be the right decision when within 10 months, the number of Registered clicks increased by 40% and up to 20% of new visitors.

Therefore, although the performance and coverage are quite important, a successful SEO strategy should start from exploiting the enterprise’s website ecosystem.

3. Application in SEO strategy

Not all tests are true for all brands, especially in a very competitive field like SEO, despite continuous improvement.

However, Swiftblogging believes that, with the changes derived from experience and customer understanding in the process of doing SEO, the 3 shared above will partly help you to build a flexible SEO strategy.

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Works to adapt to new changes, strong enough to deliver strong results and adaptable to all areas.

According to Sean O’Keefe, a Google search engine expert

Google Search is one of Google’s core businesses, with the most traffic in the world. Therefore, Google quite prioritizes resources for optimizing search engines to suit users; provide helpful SEO tips as well as deal harshly with websites that use tricks to get to the Top.