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SEO And PPC Which Option Is Effective For Brands

There are many strategies to invest in online marketing as well as e-commerce websites, in which, each brand, each website will have its own theory and ways to get high traffic. Best.

Fortunately, most of today’s online marketing investment strategies are focused on two main ideas.

  • Creating a website to get people to visit or optimizing search engine SEO or reaching out to customers.
  • Potential customers to get their attention – Pay Per Click advertising (PPC).

So which one is best suited for the brand? When to invest in paid PPC advertising, when to focus on SEO tactics to answer the questions that customers are looking for?

SEO – Naturally Attracts Traffic

SEO is the development of ideas to get potential customers right on your website, businesses will “be” found by customers passively.

Developing a website designed and able to appear naturally at the top of the search results page is a great way to build trust with new and potential customers.

They search and find you without advertising or in other words, you are the solution they find to solve the problem they are having.

Perhaps the brand has taken the time to build a blog full of useful information that prospects will find extremely valuable with the problems they are having.

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Subsequently, these efforts will pay off: marketers prioritize developing blog strategies that are 13 times more likely to get ROI than others.

Non-paid search results will have a higher clickthrough rate (CTR) and a higher CTR will in turn help increase the rankings on the search engine results page.

It also means that building a website in the form of navigation through SEO is an undeniable way to improve clickthrough rates.

However, SEO is a job that needs time investment, careful planning in the long term, sustainability, cost savings and efficiency, though it is a very long time after focusing on promoting SEO.

At the same time, this form also brings a very high return on investment ROI.

PPC – Target With incredible Concentration

If consumers put almost complete trust in unpaid search results and if SEO is very effective at setting a record for clicks and leads, then why does every company Invest in paid PPC advertising? What can PPC bring about that SEO cannot?

PPC ads have all the control over the information that consumers want to see as well as where to appear on search pages.

Usually, there will be four paid ads at the top of the search page and three ads at the top of the search engine results page.

When paying for PPC advertising, you ensure that your potential consumers will see your results first.

In addition, with PPC advertising, the brand can control the ads displayed to people searching for companies similar to their brand, competing to have full control over what their ads will address.

In addition, there is more space for message delivery and makes the brand easily visible. You also have the opportunity to conduct A / B testing and find out what customers really want.

This is a great way to develop a new marketing strategy when it is possible to receive immediate feedback from consumers about what is working, what is not working.

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And most importantly, only those who are interested in your products or services will see ads and you only pay for the clicks you receive.

If you’re selling a product, you can also opt for intuitive shopping advertising ads to give prospective customers a better idea of ​​what your company does and connect with consumers. a whole new way.

And yet, PPC is also effective because it allows full budget control – set a fixed limit and spend within that level.

PPC advertising also allows you to view data and have direct information to assess the optimal success/need of the ad, thereby having the basis and strategy to improve your marketing efforts.

Is SEO or PPC Suitable?

Deciding when businesses should pay for PPC advertising or invest resources for articles, links promoting SEO is a very personal decision that depends entirely on the type of business and long-term goals, short of the brand.

If you are a small business, serving a community not too far from the store, you can benefit from focusing on SEO development to promote visibility and to the top of search results.

Because 72% of consumers who conducted a search for a store near their area (within an 8km radius) stopped by the store.

If your business is in the field of e-commerce, you should consider reaching out to more distant audiences to get wider attention.

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Especially when you may be competing with larger companies or famous online retailers to promote your brand. To do this, you should consider adding a PPC roadmap besides SEO development.

You are in need of potential customers now? Or do you have a short-term promotion or need to expand your business?

You feel stuck in your marketing strategies or need to find new information from customers about what works and what needs adjusting?

At this point, PPC can be a useful way to drive traffic to your website, increase awareness and receive marketing data.

Combine Both SEO and PPC To Make a Difference

It’s true that you don’t have to choose between SEO or PPC, instead, you can combine the two to do something very unique in the branding process.

What are the benefits of using both strategies? The data collected from PPC advertising can be used to develop SEO strategies based on what the effectiveness of PPC advertising is.

In this way, PPC is a great way to test keyword strategies before investing them in SEO strategies.

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You can invest in SEO to continue playing the game for the long term, creating a website with content that is self-sustaining, driving traffic.

You can also use PPC ads to spread more instant information like promotions to more customers.

Finally, the SEO team and the PPC ad group should sit down to discuss and create a balanced marketing strategy that combines SEO and PPC strategies to truly breakthrough. competitors.