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Friends Now have prepared a very powerful article for you so that you can sell products online.

How To Sell Products Online Successfully

Choosing products to sell online will always be something that makes you hesitate.

You should sell a single product or should sell many different products to meet the needs of the niche market.

Not to mention, there are hundreds of online stores with good reputations so you have to find products that can compete. This must be a difficult problem, puzzling your ability to choose.

7 steps to choose an online sales product

1. Find Potential Keywords

Strictly speaking, find out what people are interested in for the next six months to a year. The market I target is Finland where I am studying and living.

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Here 3 years I discovered that Finns love handmade products (handmade products) for 3 reasons:

  • They really want to own products designed just for them. They especially believe that handmade products will be of good quality thanks to the meticulousness of the people who make them, although the cost will be high.
  • They also love the colorful, unique designs because of the cold and dark nature of the weather all year round.
  • Many people believe that giving gifts to friends and relatives expresses respect

After taking note of these points, I decided to sell handmade products here. But what to sell when there are hundreds of items to choose from. The product has to be unique, it always needs creativity and I can easily do it.

This made me decide to do a little investigation for my friends to see “What products are they willing to pay for?”

The result is beyond my judgment, not clothes or shoes, they need handmade jewelry more than anything. Someone is willing to spend 2 million or more for a beautiful and unique product.

They are also quite excited when I recommend products that will be made from malleable zinc and can be ordered to your liking.

The initial step completed, I decided to sell handmade jewelry.

2. Name Interesting Brands

I thought that if I finished choosing the product, my friend and I would relax a bit because we had the orientation to do what we could sell.

But the reality is that it is a headache when we need to choose a brand that is easy to read, easy to remember, unique style and especially easy to search by search engines like Google.

There are dozens of “answers” to be selected, but almost none of the best solution to meet the above requirements.

The options that were considered optimal had been taken away by another domain (link to the website) or the domain was too expensive for our student pocket.

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Thinking about giving up and trying to choose a name, my friend suggested that we choose our “rice” name to order for the store. Not to mention, each daughter has her own Pandora box (the box of Zeus, which holds many secrets in the world).

To put it as Nananbox (the third “n” means possessive in Finnish). With this name, we hope to bring fancy products designed by us. Every time “open the box” customers will be surprised about the product.

3. Identify and Resolve Customer Concerns

The first two steps completely answered my questions about customer preferences.

However, I still need to know what makes customers wonder when they buy their products. In my questionnaire above, I also asked questions about their thoughts when buying handmade products.

The results I get the most are:

  • Transport costs and transit time
  • How to preserve the product after buying

In Finland, there is no store selling handmade zinc jewelry, which makes shipping very time-consuming. Not to mention they will miss some big occasion by waiting.

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Understand this situation, I immediately find out the best, most reasonable delivery methods that not only customers receive the goods early but we save costs.

In addition to the courier form, the post office is our No. 1 choice because it only takes 1 to 2 days to ship the goods in Finland, the price is also very reasonable.

As for the second concern, we also delve into the properties of zinc in terms of brightness, shelf life, and storage. Then write clear meticulous instructions for each product to help customers preserve the product best.

4. Choose According To Your Preference

I always believe that: ” You have to love to be successful “. By this time, you will put 100% of the energy, time and passion to bring the best results.

Before I do anything, I always ask myself if I like them, can I do it? This is no exception when I decided to open this shop.

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Since childhood, I have been interested in making meticulous, creative, beautiful and exotic crafts, so I’m not interested in knowing that Finland is a potential market to satisfy my passion.

I like it, so I spent a lot of time learning how to do it, how to preserve it to create the best quality product.

Of course, it is inevitable to make mistakes when trying the first step but this choice for me is an interesting experience.

5. Find Niche Markets

Of course, women will be my target when selling this product. However, if so, it will be difficult to focus on making products that best meet the needs.

I decided to do another survey to assess the interest of each age for the product (the age in this survey is 25 to 60).

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After 2 weeks, I got a result, with about 70% of customers between the ages of 25 and 45, they share a hobby with handmade and creative.

Then I started running Facebook ads for this audience with these keywords:

  • Age range: 25 – 45
  • Region: Oulu and Helsinki (2 major cities in Finland)
  • Hobbies: handmade, creative

As a result, I gained more engagement with customers on Facebook. They start to learn about the product and order.

6. Rate Your Experience

When starting a business, you need to assess your own experience: management ability, marketing ability, sales ability, etc.

From passion, you can identify business items, but not enough, you still need to actively accumulate a lot of knowledge and experience about the products that you intend to sell online.

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It can be said that if you want to have the knowledge, you must learn, observe, exchange and listen, but in order to gain experience, it takes to get new.

I do not encourage you to start an immediate business to get experience, but go to work in that field.

For example, if you want to start a career in the food and beverage industry, you can apply for a job and join a variety of positions to fully experience the career you pursue.

Only practical experience can help you once again confirm that you are suitable or not before starting a business. And that helps you survive long.

7. Summary of Recent Trends

This seems simple but very necessary.

It will help you have a reasonable business idea, reduce the risk that may occur at the lowest level due to products that do not match the tastes or trends of consumers.

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People who know the recent trends and keep up with the current trends, the future is always the one who is easy to succeed in selling online and understand their customers.