Men’s salon is one of the most successful business opportunities in the millennial era.

The presence of men’s salon is a solution to the needs of the appearance of Adam to always look neat.

Keep in mind that the main service provided by men’s salon is different from traditional barbers, although the context is the same haircut.

Men’s Salon Business

The difference lies in the style of haircuts because each men’s salon has a unique haircut.

In addition to haircuts, services provided at men’s salon include shaving, cream bath, and massage sessions after the haircut. Also, there is also a men’s salon that serves hair coloring.

Well, if you are interested in running a men’s salon business, then here are tips you need to pay attention to!

1. Equip Yourself With Skills

The first tip you should do is equip yourself with the expertise to cut and shave. Because at the beginning of the business, to reduce the cost of expenses.

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Of course, you have to start serving your customers. You can improve your skills by taking courses or practicing alone with the help of others around you.

2. Recruit Experienced Barber

When your business has begun to be crowded with visitors, then this is the time for you to expand by recruiting employees.

However, so that the quality of your men’s salon service is maintained and minimizes business risks caused by human error.

Make sure you recruit an experienced barber and if necessary conduct a practical test to ensure the ability of the barber you are recruiting.

3. Finding a Strategic Location

Next, you need to find a strategic business location. There are several ways to choose a strategic business location.

One of which is to make sure that the location you use to do business is near the center of the crowd or a lot of people pass by, and is in an environment with adequate purchasing power.

4. Business Location Decoration

After you have managed to find a strategic business location, then it’s time for you to decorate your business location.

So that customers who come feel at home visiting your men’s salon.

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You can build a comfortable atmosphere by turning on the radio or playing music using the music player.

You can also add the use of air conditioners and air freshener.

5. Purchase Equipment and Tools

Before starting a men’s salon business, make sure you have prepared several funds as your capital.

One form of the use of capital funds is to purchase equipment and equipment that you will later need for operational activities.

Make sure you adjust the amount of equipment and equipment to be purchased with the amount of capital and service plans that you will provide in the men’s salon.

6. Promotion activities

Next, you need to do promotional activities. There are various good ways of promotion that you can do.

But you can start by promoting your business to the people closest to you like your family and friends.

7. Offering Direct Services

One of the most effective marketing methods is using verbal. To encourage customers to be willing to spend more money at your men’s salon, it is better if you build a conversation with the customer.

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In the middle of the conversation, you can slip the promotion of other services that you provide. For example, while shaving customers’ hair, you can also offer a cream bath.

8. Promotion or Membership Prices

There are various ways you can do so that customers come back to your men’s salon. One of them is by giving discounts on certain services.

Or, you can also offer a membership that offers a free discount or bonus service after several services. For example, with your membership card giving a free haircut bonus after 8 haircuts.

However, make sure the price of the promo or bonus service that you provide does not make you lose or cannot return the capital.

9. Business Profit Analysis

Every business needs profit analysis. The main purpose of doing profit analysis is to assess whether the business you are running is worth continuing or not.

Some points that you need to consider when analyzing business profits are prospects, community response, and how much time you need to return on investment.

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You also need to do a business profit potential analysis before starting a business to determine.

Whether with the funds you have now it is better to do the men’s salon business independently or several types of franchises that are currently booming.

10. Always Update the Latest Trends

To maintain the quality of men’s salon services, you need to update the latest hairstyle trends.

This update activity also, of course, involves an update on your expertise. With the new trend updates, it is hoped that your men’s salon will be able to attract more customers.

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Those are 10 successful tips to run a men’s salon business you need to know. Are you interested in starting a men’s salon business? Hope this article helps!