When you are a small-scale retailer, is the competition from strong competitors such as big store chains branded very uncomfortable?

What do you – a single and small business store – do when a large chain or franchise becomes a direct competitor to you?

From the outset, your business orientation is specializing in non-trendy but selling products (such as cosmetics, fashion brands, gaming consoles, specialty foods and so on).

Then one day big companies like Nguyen Kim, Big C, Coop Mart, FPT, NinoMaxx chain decided that they would trade the same products as yours with hot promotions with hot girls. stand by the shelves to advise on the product.

How to continue the business and maintain its dominance in the already narrow market segment?

Your first reaction might be to lower the price to compete with the big shops, but this is like fighting eggs.

You cannot compete on price with giants. Forget it and forget it. Keep calm, if you don’t know, specific retail stores like you always have unique advantages that big guys don’t have.

Marketing Strategies For Retail Stores

Here is a list of “tactics” you can do to retain old customers and even increase sales when you are forced to compete with a large chain store, or very large to the national scale.

1. Connect Social Networks With Customers

Large chain stores and franchise stores are often very weak in communicating directly with customers in the local community where they have stores.

You will make a difference by communicating more with customers in your market segment through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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Talk to customers like the most sincere friends. This is certainly EXTREMELY difficult to deploy in chains, but not at all for you.

2. Create A Blog (Article on Your Website) Directing Content To Target Customers.

If big companies have blogs, they won’t (and can’t) spend time focusing on any particular customer, simply because they are big so their customers are a lot and completely different.

Just by regularly blogging about topics your customers are interested in, you will increase the number of search results about your store online. Let customers know that they always have MORE information when using the products and services you provide.

3. Support / Sponsor Big or Small Events Related To Your Field.

Large chain stores will respond slowly, especially when sponsoring or supporting local events.

Remember that you are an entity in your own market, always paying attention to what is happening in the area around you.

Join organizations, units in the supply chain with the same interests, the same potential customers as you (of course, not directly compete for products).

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When regularly supporting/sponsoring events in “business locations”, your brand will be more popular.

Being popular means being able to survive and grow your business.

4. Always Be Proud of Your Difference

Do not disparage competitors – even in front of employees or customers.

Point out the difference in the products and services you offer by telling things positively about you, rather than “processing” negative stories about your “Big” opponent.

5. Take Advantage of Stature: Small But Flexible

In most cases, everything you see on the shelves of a large store or chain store must be approved by one or several managers.

Big apparatus always has a cumbersome process and administrative procedures.

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As for you, you can sell whatever you see fit to your customers, even desirable products and services that you don’t currently have.

Meet almost completely the needs of customers, then you are afraid of something.

Think, customers will choose a place that satisfies them or like to go to the luxurious shops located in the bustling expensive commercial area? The answer is simpler than ever.

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