Starting a business is always the dream of many people. However, to get success when starting a business is another story. Not that you want to do business right away, it’s a process that you must do. Just like when you grow flowers, you must first know what kind of flowers you grow, what your favorite is.

Then you have to choose the right plant for the environment. Next is to take care of watering, fertilizing … It is a long journey, through them you will see the beautiful flowers. Business is the same, like flowers, you have to go through those stages to achieve success.

Requirements For Small Business

It is often said that steps to starting a small business, but now, 9 steps show the full steps of starting a business. The steps to a successful startup that you need to pay attention when starting from scratch to build a basic Startup model are:

1. Research Advantages, Strengths, or Disadvantages

In the startup process, this is the first step you need to take. You need to know what strengths you have in doing business.

Usually, it will be judged based on qualifications, competence, experience, financial ability, relationships … If you have those, you will be very easy to build a Startup. If you are not self-assessing and want to be objective, ask others to comment on you.


He is someone whose hobby is curious. This stimulated the exploration of his personal computer passion seriously. Besides, he is the person who has eyes sensitive to the times and all problems. Thanks to that, he is known as a person with high vision. He has the ability to unite all resources to grow the business.


Although he is known for his good vision, sometimes it is a double-edged sword for him. According to many expert comments, sometimes in one case, Bill Gates is dominated by emotional factors that obscure reason. He often personalizes his battles in the marketplace by doing any level to defeat his opponents.

2. Find Suitable Business Ideas

Currently, she has a lot of good ideas for you to make your business passionate. There are many questions that arise, such as starting a business now? You can choose your favorite gadgets, or have the inventors of a new product to serve the needs of customers also become a good business idea.

But sometimes in so many of those ideas, you have to choose the right business ideas. Do not let you fall into the state of choosing a product or business service too far, the idea of ​​great scale while you are just a small startup, it is very likely to fail.

To choose the right business idea, you must use a specific evaluation method and select a business idea.

  • First:- List your business ideas.
  • After that, assessing by the point-of-payment method with criteria such as knowledge of the business industry, experience in the business field, skills of yourself, market and customer skills, originality, and creation of ideas.
  • Finally, put out the risks that you may face when choosing that idea.

3. Develop Preliminary Plans

To form an actual business you have to build them on a draft first. All ideas from general analysis, to detailed planning, must be presented on paper for editing until a perfect draft.

4. Adjustment Schemes And Plans.

After building the initial model, in the diagram of startup steps, you will enter the editing stage. Continue to work out the best solutions to complete the common model.

5. Build-in details

After completing the ribs, you will have to start going into details. At this stage, you will have many more headaches. Because you have to consider that the details must match the main circuit you have set out.

From the general model to detail, all have to match. This is called the stage where you have to choose and build a viable project. In this project, you have to solve all problems from model, strategy, tactics … all issues related to the content and project implementation plan.

6. Concentrate on Resources

To start a business successfully, you must prepare the knowledge, finance, human resources, office, location … Depending on each project, idea, model that you choose to build and arrange appropriate resources. Helping business apparatuses to perform without bulky and smoothly.

That is why the world-famous billionaire Bill Gates is always concerned about human resources issues. He always recruited the smartest people in the computer field. He always makes sure that his company always has the best people in the industry, to be able to compete with businesses in the same field.

7. Project Implementation Phase

After you have finished preparing everything on paper, this will be the time to build your reality. Maybe, although you carefully prepared on paper, when done is a different story. The reality will be very different from the theory, many problems will arise and force you to solve.

Right now you can be frustrated but think about the process you are prepared to motivate yourself to strive for. It is like you build a house, you prepare the design, materials … and when everything is ready, you continue to build them.

A house can be a grade 4, a high-rise building depends on the finances and interests of the owner. And business, too, your project will depend on the model, time, difficulty, financial of each project you choose.

8. Run The Project Test

This is the stage where you have to be extremely focused to accurately evaluate the project in reality. You will run internal testing before officially commercializing.

9. Run The Project Officially

After the stage of preparation and actual testing, if no problems arise, then you can be confident for the project to run officially. Depending on the difficulty, level of implementation … you can shorten the distance of steps taken to startups.

An example of running a Bill Gates project to help him keep his name on the list of the richest people in the world for the past 20 years and show no signs of stopping. His secret is the ability to run many different projects or build businesses including small businesses.

The diagram of startup steps can vary according to your own ideas, projects, and abilities. To succeed, you must consume a lot of energy. Therefore, prepare yourself for certain conditions when deciding to start a business.