Recipes and Experience of Homestay Business From Korean and Japanese

Annie is a person with great business philosophy and management experience. After she and her three families came to Vancouver, they quickly built a family development plan. Annie’s husband went out to find work and suffered the family’s economic expenses. Annie temporarily took care of her 8-year-old son and took care of the housework.

Soon Annie adapted to life in Canada, after adapting to the money that Annie thought of doing something, did not affect child care and did not affect some economic regulations. business here.

Annie’s friends suggested they go to Annie’s motel and introduce international students to stay. Annie is a serious person. After listening to her friends’ suggestions, she did not immediately start working on a homestay model, instead she asked the departments, lawyers, accountants, etc. to confirm that she be eligible to operate and have legal income before officially starting a homestay.


Annie has learned from the information that there are two ways to operate Homestay, one is to register for a homestay in BC two, to be a small business yourself.

If you participate in BC homestay registration, you should consider carefully the advantages and disadvantages. The biggest drawback is that it is not possible for international students to stay, Annie says that is the biggest reason she does not want to participate in this type.

Her home is located near a number of schools so her location is very good. It only takes 15 minutes to walk from her home to RE Mountain High School. Such a convenient position makes it impossible for her not to find a way to make a living.

Her friend’s experiences are also for her to work more freely. Anyway, everything is handled according to the corresponding regulations. Of course, she also hopes to achieve certain benefits.

After more than half a year of operation, Annie believes that the most important thing to do in this business is to meet the right place and build clear rules. This rule is not only for homestay owners but also on both sides.

When guests come to stay, the two sides have a clear rule, and it will be easier to get along later. For example, she always stated that students in the house should not smoke in her house. If there is any violation, please automatically move out.

She once received a boy and said he was not allowed to smoke. She saw him smoking in the bedroom and felt a strange smell. He insisted that he didn’t know what the smoke was. Annie felt that this boy was dishonest, always having the attitude of “I spend money, you have to serve me”.

For example, after the boy checked in to the homestay, Annie said that under the same roof, some things needed to be considerate and work together. Everyone should try to avoid crowded time and remember to open the exhaust fan when bathing. But this boy never remembered opening a fan and sometimes the bathing time was more than an hour, so Annie didn’t have hot water to wash the dishes.

Finally Annie did not hesitate to invite him out of her home. Annie came to the conclusion that, among young people, girls are more sensitive than boys. She should only accept female students, although at first she wanted to accept men because she thought the boys could play with her son.


Currently living in Annie’s house is a girl from Japan, also introduced by a friend. This girl is 16 years old, after coming to Vancouver, she entered RE Mountain secondary school. Annie became her landlord and guardian.

The procedure to become a guardian in Canada is not too complicated, just bring your identification to a lawyer’s office to get a guardianship certificate. After becoming the guardian of that girl Annie will be informed about that girl’s schooling and studying status, this is an urge for this girl.

Annie said: “Once I became a guardian for her, she had no chance to skip school. Even if she is 10 minutes late, the school will immediately notify me, let alone escaping from school. ”

Annie had heard her friends say that a Korean boy came here to study. After coming here to study, he lived for the first time in a family introduced by the school. After that, because of playing, he moved to live with his friends to play games all day without going to school. After two years his schooling situation slipped unimaginably.

Before that girl signed up, Annie also signed a lease with her. So far the girl has lived in the family for more than half a year and the two are very compatible. In addition, Annie told the girl that signing a contract does not mean that all terms cannot be changed. If she feels that some areas need to change she can immediately ask and then discuss whether to change.

The purpose of the contract is not to limit each other, but to communicate more easily and emphasize the need to pay attention and consider each other’s feelings.


Once that girl had to return to Japan. She asked Annie if she could take her to Vancouver airport. At the same time Annie had a day off and Annie didn’t ask that girl to pay for her car’s gas. Then the girl came home and brought local specialties as a gift to Annie. So both sides feel satisfied about the enemy, interact very well.

Shortly after the girl returned to Annie’s house, on the day of her mother’s arrival, the girl specially bought a small gift and greeting card for Annie, on the card she thanked Annie for her concern. she Annie was happy after receiving it, although this small gift was not worth much, but showing that girl’s sophistication and concern for her Annie was also very happy.

On the contrary, Annie sent a card and a lovely birthday cake to the girl on her birthday. Such interactions are really beyond the terms of the contract.

Summary of experience when operating Homestay business, Annie said: the homestay form is not only a business but also home care. The most important thing is getting along. International students living in Annie’s home are regarded as her children and international students also consider Annie as their temporary parent.

Annie believes that this form of business not only earns her income but also helps international students to have unforgettable experiences in their study abroad life. Both parties have more experience in life to become better later.

This is Annie’s homestay business experience, and do you want to start a homestay business like Annie? Refer and find out the experience of those who are doing this business for a successful start.


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